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  1. How Low Can You Go?

    OK it's not a grey Skoda Fabia But as my daughter (5) would say it's not bright blue, with goldy wheels and a sticky up bit ... she has recently informed me that she wants a red ferrari and is partial to 911's she must stop reading my EVO's over my shoulder. Avalyn.
  2. How Low Can You Go?

    It really just goes from Westhill to work, work to gym, work to Westhill etc It really is a fantastic machine, much, much prefer it to the Impreza I had before but that's maybe because I'm now older and want the stealth look whilst still having the ooomph. My daughter wants me to keep it, she's only 5 but loves when I put my foot down We move in 3 weeks into town so it will sit on a driveway until the weekends hence the sale I would have thought their would have been some folk in Aberdeen/Up North wanting an immaculate example without heading all the way down south like I did. As I said I'm in no rush, if someone wants it but needs to sell theirs first I'm happy to take a deposit, consider it sold and wait for them to sell Avalyn.
  3. How Low Can You Go?

    No not yet It was on fleabay but didn't meet it's reserve (about 1.5K short) and is now on Autotrader .. I'm in no rush to sell it either really, car planet have really knocked the STi market out of kilter with their cheap deals but I still think mine is well priced considering it's been well looked after, remapped for UK fuel from day 1 and has the proven 330/330 peformance pack from Powerstation. Most of the other Sti's (not car planet) on Litchfields/Autotrader/Pistonheads are on at 22K,21K etc so I don't think asking £20K ovno is too bad (but I may be in lala land I guess ) I was hoping the fact it's pretty rare in Scotland would tempt someone looking for a change from an Impreza and not having to travel too far would tempt someone to have a look at it but no joy as yet. I guess it's a pretty small market for modded Jap Forester STi's up here. I'm giving it 3 weeks then I'll just keep it till next year. Avalyn.
  4. How Low Can You Go?

    Gus, Cool looking motor you have there buddy Looks like your on your way to turning it into an individual version of this ... It's my 06 Litchfields STi with 330/330 performance pack ... the 2nd pic should give you an idea of the standard tints (although I'm not sure what % they are) and STi ride height (looks a bit higher than yours). Don't see many of them about, I believe there are now 3 up here in Aberdeen (1 black, 1 blue, 1 white) although I haven't seen the others. Cracking cars Pity I'm getting rid of mine so quick Avalyn.
  5. Brian Downie Cars

    I've been round a few times, he is a grumpy sod. Cars seem overpriced too. Does seem to know his stuff though just wish he didn't have permanent PMT Seems to be good on the servicing front though .. Avalyn.
  6. Looking For A Jdm

    If you fancy a change of model you could always have a look at my JDM Forester STi. It's a black STi from Litchfields with the performance pack from Powerstation .. currently running 330 BHP/330 lb/ft. It's on Scoobynet/E-bay/Pistonheads if you were interested. The car is in Aberdeen. Avalyn. P.S Sorry for my 1st post being a sale thing
  7. So The Forester Project Begins

    Hello folks .. just registered and saw this .... have you seen Bartops Foz over on Scoobynet or Subaru Forester.org, it's a 2.5XT with a huge amount of mods. Maybe just give you more ideas of what you want to spend heaps of money on I have a MY06 - 330/300 Litchfield Foz STi, had 2 WRX wagons (lightly modded before) and prefer the Foz. The 2.5 has much more thump and it's defo a sleeper. It's a fantastic motor. Looks like I may be selling it on though as we're moving into town (Aberdeen) and I will be able walk to work. Will pick up a wee hot hatch, doesn't seem much point in having the big black monster sitting up the drive 5 days a week. Anyway good luck with your Foz projects, well cool Avalyn.