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  1. Sorry to hear that mate. Hope it gets sorted soon. I would go to Steve at Bredhurst Body Shop on Blind Ln, his number is 01634 264 753‎
  2. Merry Xmas to everyone have a goodun..
  3. I wish that i had that kinda of money... would bought it in a heart beat
  4. Try A Plan on 0845 071 1234 (import dept) or Adrian Flux sorry don't have their number
  5. Gutted for you... at least you will be waited on over Christams
  6. Here you go http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&sour...mp;t=h&z=17
  7. Not long now Dean I bet you are counting down the hours
  8. I'll put this up on the other forums KS and SES
  9. I've just pick a message about my car, from BT fleet management. They are annoyed that Subaru don't have any rear bumpers for my car and are having to ship one from Japan. Also its like double the price. It should be ready next week tho'
  10. Seeing that Bobsta and others wanted to do a Tunnel Run. Sunday 27th is looking the best day to do it, as the 28th is a Bank Holiday . Granby is going to organise the route Meeting at the The Wharf at 8pm leaving around 8.30pm So the list 1) Jamessti
  11. How about Sunday the 27th? The next day (28th) is a Bank Hol
  12. All together now Aaaarrrhhhh
  13. Got mine a secondhand TMIC off a newage, its a Scooby Clinic design. Just need to find out whether it will fit.
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