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  1. I would be up for this, the original McRae Gathering was a truly great occasion. Not sure if this would be relevant but I think I saw the other day that the world record set at the original McRae Gathering was broken by some Scoobies in Russia. They used 1241 Subarus to spell out Subaru Team Russia. If you got the numbers, would you want to get it back?
  2. wallis

    Colin Mcrae

    BBC TV Website agrees with that. Scheduled for Sunday January 27th at 10.00pm. BBC2 and BBC2 HD. They are repeating the 1st episode with Stirling Moss this Sunday at 9.00pm
  3. wallis

    Colin Mcrae

    It should have been the episode shown on 28th Dec. Looking at other sites I gather the BBC pulled it citing "contractual problems" and showed Jackie Stewart episode instead. I haven't seen it but I gather Sir Chris Hoy said on Twitter that he didn't know why the programme was not shown on the 28th. I don't know how to confirm the above but currently the BBC TV website does not say when the 3rd episode will be shown but the Racing Legends series is still shown as having three episodes with episode three still to be aired.
  4. wallis

    Rallyday 2011

    Hi Grant, I was at Rallyday, my car parked on the SIDC stand, we spoke towards the end of the day and I was genuinely upset when you told me of your experience earlier. Being shy I hadn't spoken to many of the other members, only those parked in the spaces nearest my car but everyone I spoke to was friendly. I have to say that, especially after all your and Imy's work on the McRae Gathering (a truly great experience and wonderful tribute to a most amazing man) and the McRae Vision stand, I hold you both in high esteem and would be upset that you let this one man tarnish your links with the club. I hope I will see you again in the future and that you will reconsider your decision to leave SIDC. Simon
  5. As a fairly inactive member of the club can I say that I am worried that this looks worryingly like we all hate each other because of where we hail from. We do need to accept though that the club is a democracy and we don't always get what we want or necessarily what we think is right. I have genuine sympathy for Shescooby, who has done stirling work throughout my four years of membership and who I will admit to voting for. BUT I would also like to congratulate the winners of the vote, they put forward their vision of the club and more people voted for them. I intendto remain a member and look forward to supporting the new committee in much the same way (i.e. fairly inactively) as I did the last. Please lets not turn this into a regional them and us. Life is too short.
  6. I am going heading North from Maesteg, South Wales.
  7. wallis

    Subaru Decals

    I also bought mine from scoobykits, really good service. I have just had to have mine partially replaced due to accident damge and I was only charged for the bits I needed. Great Job.
  8. wallis

    Vinyl Stickers?

    I bought mine over the web from scoobykits in Poole. As below.
  9. I'll look forward to that. It will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the car.
  10. wallis

    Driver Ages!

    44 now, 41 when I bought it. don't understand what took me so long.
  11. wallis

    Wobbley Wheel

    The cars mica blue with SWRT Logos. Sort of sad but I love it.
  12. wallis

    Wobbley Wheel

    Hi, I'm booked into the Wobbley Wheel on Saturday night. So there will be at least one other Scooby there.