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  1. there all like that, just a gap left, no idea why, but its normal to have it.
  2. tidgy

    Chat Thread 4

    me too mate, was crying liek a schoool girl when i found out. only had the furrball for a year but love him to bit, even if i do want to skin him alive at times lol
  3. tidgy

    Chat Thread 4

    lol, gettting your moneys worth then lol found out last monday charlies got early liver desease, looks like gonna have anywhere from 3 months to max 3 more years with the purrball
  4. tidgy

    Chat Thread 4

    lol, just not been on here for a while. aww poor thing, never has a quiet day does he bless him
  5. tidgy

    Chat Thread 4

    whats up with pooch steve?
  6. makes a change lol, hadn't realised it clashed, shame realy, was one of the best bits, anyone know the results?
  7. hehe managed it without even trying
  8. think the limited numbers bit came from me in a way, i said there was only 400 or 500 up for sale, not realising it was just the initial batch, sorry for causing the confusion
  9. mmm, interesting. have to say i don't agree with most folks, wasn't overly impressed, thought last years was better. track action last year seem to be much better, no time attack cars, which always are very impressive, this year, and the drifting didn't seem as good as last year. only noticed a couple of quick cars (in the grand scheme of things) namley the white and black evo, guesing the white car that seemed to be out every track session was norris. where'd all the time attack cars disapear to?
  10. i'll be joining m5 at clevedon exit (20 or 21 on m5) you gonna be on time this time ed?
  11. lol also shock loadings can be a big issue, so if your thinking of doing any off the light action then you wanna seriously be thinking about a very strong box
  12. its not power that kilsl box's its the torque. i stripped my 3rd gear at 260bhp 280ftlb, might have been getting a bit long in the tooth, but i was giving it death on the isle of mann tt course if you doing alot of track days then ppg gea***t might be the best option. its not the power that will kill it on track, its the heavy handling, and the ocasional missed gear change will spit out the cogs no problem, so paying more now might be a saving in the long run. as sugested your options are recon the box - prob wont last 6 speed - dicks around with the ratios, still not gonna get change from best part of 2 grand but will be up to the job 5 or 6 speed ppg, straight or helical cut - def do the job and strong enough for what ever abuse you wanna give it, but will set you back best part of 3.5 for a the kit (2k) building, and uprated clutch plus fitting. the sti box's are stronger than the uk box's, but not by much, as far as im aware the type r box's are just sti box's with dccd so wont be a big improvment. all in all i think if your doing track days then you need to throw some dollar at it
  13. we got any confirmed date, costs etc? also interested in noise limits. will have the antilag and launch control setup by then all being well
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