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  1. tidgy

    How To Cover This?

    there all like that, just a gap left, no idea why, but its normal to have it.
  2. tidgy

    Trackday Helmets

    was thinking of this cos i'd use it for quad biking as well http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-...erg-justissimo/
  3. What do they need to be? as in regs wise would a decent motorbike helmet be up to the job? looking at doing a few events next year (scoobyshootout for one) and don't want to buy one and find its not suitable.
  4. pmsl, if you listen right at the end you can hear the drivers start to kick off about his car lol
  5. tidgy

    Hamilton On Top-gear

    hamilton 44.7 - stigs 44.4 sounds bad, untill you add it was a wet track that the vxr8 had also dropped diff oil around , and stig reackons about 4 seconds a lap quicker in the dry?
  6. tidgy

    2.5 400 Bhp Impreza Engine

    sc450 would be a nice engine tehe
  7. tidgy

    Uk Turbo

    i got about 10-12 norm on mine lol, but i can get from nottingham to bristol on 20.11 litres, not sure what that works out as but its about 160miles
  8. tidgy

    Alonso Quits Mclaren

    good ridance to bad rubbish, he spent the first half of the season moaning about not getting preferential treatment thent he second half moaning about not getting fair treatment. he was outclassed in everyway on the racetrack.
  9. tidgy

    Texaco Super Unleaded

    personaly i'd only use vpower or tesco 99 in a turbo'd car, especialy if its not standard. and also bear in mind if yours has been mapped you need to use the same fuel or higher ron than it was mapped on