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  1. Haha just seen the video your right it does look like that box face
  2. Hello this is totally weird lol but ive been thinking about terzo 228 as well, it was me that bought it off alan and sold it to john from aberdeen, I typed terzo 228 into google and found an add on gumtree dundee, a guy is hunting her down as he wants her back after buying off john then getting hit on the side and selling to a guy from dundee who fixed her and sold her on. I would love to find out where it is and her condition.
  3. allright alan i didnt even think when i was reading the thread, yes i have sold the car it is now in aberdeen somewhere, had to sell as boating season starting and car wasnt being used much but what i did use of her was excellent loved the car to bits and regret selling but boat comes first. so what are you going to tow? there is ways around it as you probably allready know if you read about it on the net you can tow a combined car and trailer weight up to 3.5 tonnes as long as the trailer doesnt exceed the cars unladen weight. i tried so hard to find out about this and i actually wouldve probably got away with it as my boat and trailer weighs 1200kg but if i was to add fuel and gear etc things got complicated so i decided to just do the test . I can now to a combined weight of 7.5 tonnes and i dont think i will ever reach that but you never know
  4. best bet is to phone chris he really was the cheapest i found, you will need a couple of lessons as it is back to basics im afraid feeding the wheel mirror checks reversing with the trailer emergency stop within the test centre and a hitch and un hitch scenario, it is a bit of a pain as ive been driving for 12 years now and have all the habits while driving lol.
  5. this wouldnt be the alan i bought it from would it?
  6. ive just passed my test and used a guy in stirling, I did it with a friend and it was around £700 for the 2 of us he gives you a discount if there is 2 people and basically he took me and my mate out and we took it in turns to drive, he uses a nissan xtrail with a box trailer not too big either just enough to legally test. We had 2 lessons starting at 8 in the morning till 4pm saturday then sunday was the same then test was next day on the monday in the morning. The test is done separately and the test routes are livingston, broxburn, bathgate, and a few other places around that area. His name is chris and the company is called icu training here is there website http://www.icudrivertraining.co.uk/page8.html hope this helps you
  7. i have put the car on ebay if anyone is interested in a project feel free to bid or make me an offer or if anybody can come up with a cheap enough engine contact me thanks
  8. drove the car last night and on my way home five minutes from my drive i hear a loud knocking from front so i pull over and its only the engine knocking away, i suspect big end bearings, its quiet on tickover and as soon as i rev it its knocking its t**s off. had a look on ebay but older engines on there and a few out of my price range, is there anybody local have an engine or interested in doing a rebuild. or may just sell the car the way it is as i am getting married next year and could be doing with spending the money on that. car is impreza uk99 s reg turbo
  9. no such luck so are you around here from then on or still over there as for my car well keep it that way but if i spot you ill flash lol i am a lazy sod so no just chillin for just now hows those new parts doin are they fitted yet
  10. youve gotta love the horn im doing good my thumb is getting better, how you doin gus seen your spoiler and flaps looks the business cheers for the comment im quite proud of my vid now
  11. thanks folks it was a good day everyone is so friendly, hello every one that i met on the day, i was the guy with the sore thumb and the hooter with scooba and his dad by the way. the song in the video is love for sale do you feel so right ,a great little old skool dance track
  12. hi folks just put this together its not great but hope you like it anyways cmon the hooter haha http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v431/lun...aerally2007.flv
  13. check this outi dont know if anyone has seen it but i was impressed =
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