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  1. Let Lynda (my wife) out by her self last time , she did better yesterday Wee car was going well Engine mods are exhaust and filter, suspension Koni's with uprated ARB on the rear, Carbotech XP8's brake pads, was on full slicks until Lynda managed to melt my front's down to the canvas, so ended up with slicks on the front and 888's on the rear which will probably be the way i run it from now on as it really let you steer the car on the throttle the way you should be able to! Cheers for the kind comments
  2. Cheers John for a great day out, much appreciated.....looking forward to the next one already Any more pics of my Pug feel free to post them up
  3. Excellent pic Neil, think that one will be getting framed That was my wife Lynda who was taking part in the morning for her first trackday. She was doing really well building up confendece lap after lap with the odd controlled drift . Near the end i went to sign on for the SIDC afternoon and she went out for one final play going faster and faster into Duffius, and then the rain came I was standing in the pit lane watching her going into duffius and then the red flag went out, it was one of those ones where you just knew it had to be her The bolts holding up the mat against the tyres left a nice score most the way along the side just below the bump strip, hoping most of it will T-Cut out! Will need to get her back out soon as she really enjoyed it up to that point Anyone got any pics of my car from the afternoon p.s. Big thanks to john for a great day
  4. Some great pics there but not one of my black S3 [] Cheers John had a great day even through i manged to boil my brake fluid, hopefully get myself booked onto anther one soon. Mike
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