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  1. Cel Help Please

    Its all a learning curve mate.
  2. Cel Help Please

    Hi mate, your best bet is to plug in the two black plugs under the steering wheel,looking up from the pedals. Turn on ur ignition and the CEL light should do a series of flashes,(long ones,short ones)if you get a list of the fault codes these flashes will tell you the stored fault. Brian.
  3. Who Is In Fife

    Hi mate to be honest there is loads of silver classics down Rosyth way so it could be someone else, but yeah i,ll defo wave. Is it a turbo you drive? Brian.
  4. Who Is In Fife

    Hi Nick, Come from Cowdenbeath, Girlfriend stays in Rosyth tho. You from Rosyth? Brian.
  5. Who Is In Fife

    Hi guys, I am also from Fife, drive a silver WRX classic with dark gold wheels. Why do some scooby drivers look at you weird when you wave to them? Happens to me all the time.
  6. Car Hesitation

    Why would not filling the oil filter before fitting to car cause hesitation?
  7. Colin Mcrae - Thoughts And Memories

    Thoughts go out to the families involved,still cant believe this is true! R.I.P COLIN & JOHNNY.
  8. Helicopter Crash

    Cant believe it! World of motorsport has lost a legend,
  9. Brakes (happy Granby??)

    I have a stopper fitted to my classic and didnt notice a difference.
  10. Will try get some photos up if a can find any of dads old scooby which ZEN now use on time attack. lot different from the original white with the gold alloys.
  11. Hey Squirrel, It,s my mate few doors down from me who owns the RS2000, He done crazy amounts of work to get it back to A1 condition, I done M.O.T on it and you could eat your dinner off the underside, No expense was spared. Brian.
  12. Promo video of the new WRX

    Looks more like something to take your granny shopping in!
  13. Promo video of the new WRX

    Doesn't even look sporty anymore.[N]
  14. Any Mechanics about??

    Get someone to put car (not running) in 4th gear with brake on and use long socket bar to slacken pulley bolt.
  15. Time Attack 2007 > Knockhill > 28th July ( Saturday)

    Hi Guys, my dad used to own the ZEN performance scooby M104 FUG, Andy Forrest originally bought it, Completely different motor now though.