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  1. Hi anybody know where I can buy some body panels for my impreza classic 1993 subaru I need 2 sills & 2 front wings
  2. Thank-You, I have just posted in correct section now. Jim
  3. Hi all seem to be having a great deal of trouble with my daughters 1996 subaru impreza since the day she brought it. The problem is that it will not boost properly, will only boost up to 0.5 bar even with the Z4 after flooring the throtle in third gear almost like it wants to go but it's being held back all the time. It's had all new pipes, my old turbo off my scooby(known to work ok),new turbo control unit complete(left hand side under bonnet)have tried Z4 & U8 plus my Z4 ECU no difference in performance. Also had a new maf sensor, new air box with filter. any help would be good thanks Jim
  4. Hi This is the first Scooby i've had i know this is going to sound funny But! what is the difference between the classic or newage ? Jim
  5. Hi all [H] Just wanting to rack some brains again, just purchased a Scooby and having a bit of a problem, the electric motor that drives the near side door window is ok going down but is very slow going up and just before reaching the top it stops leaving about a 2mm gap. This is alright in the summer but right now it's blinking cold and water comes in if you forget to close it by pulling it up by hand whilst holding the up button. Have checked the usual things ie. The battery is charging and all other windows work ok up & down. Any help would be gratefully received Regards Jim
  6. Hi can any one tell me the best place to buy a workshop manual for my scooby online shop or scooby dealer Regards Jim
  7. Hi I've just joined this forum and would like to say hello to you all [] I've just got my first Scooby and think it's great fun look forward to talking & meeting you all Regards Jim
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