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  1. monkip1

    The old girl still hanging in there

    Sadly the classic doesnt have full OBD2 compatability which is crap as my dash commander doesnt pick up the car lol.
  2. The ring is once in a life time experience I was fortunate to be a wing man for a good mate and I want with the MLR to the Ring and the Spa Francorchamps! Both tracks are just mind blowing to be driven around!!! Iv been invited to go again next year but I got a few plans for my car before that happens, Knowing full well the sort of abuse the cars going to take with the drive over and the laps of the ring! Got any more pics?
  3. monkip1

    Scooby fuel

    I was taking the piss mind I know the differance from two stroke and 4 stroke petrol engines Just wondered if he would look like superman flying as he cuts his lawn lol.!
  4. monkip1

    Scooby fuel

    Loved to have had a right laugh on that!
  5. monkip1

    Scooby fuel

    Eco V-power does smell sexy one of the reasons I like to fill up on it, and I have a mate who has a 2 stroke petrol lawn mower, any one think it would cope with half liter of V-power? lol Also on another point, my P1 has a sticker inside the fule cap stating "Super unleaded only" Problem is this can fall in to a number of options, like Esso Supream fules 98ron, Tecos momentum 99ron, Obveously Shell v-power ect, but its happed for shell so i use it. Bailey - Caravans are ok, but a KIA? Seriously???? Next you be saying you prefer Britney to the Foo's, and orange squash as opposed to JD lol.
  6. monkip1

    Scooby fuel

    Every subaru is set up differently, mapped differently, and designed for differnt tolerances. Iv all ways ran as much as possable 99ron min in my car, But when things have been tight iv put in 95ron as a)its cheaper and b)I get more fule, but that was keeping off boost and driving like a granny. When I had my first map, my mapper seen that I had put shite fule in the car as the ECU pulled the timeing to cope. And even thought I had ran 99 ever after the Ecu never pulled the timing back to norm. The timeing was at 13 something something when it can go to max 16?? :S Any way long storie short, id stick to V-power or Momentum. monki.
  7. monkip1

    Subaru Blue Best Polish

    Autoglym HD wax, i find is brilliant for giving a deep shine and is very good at repelling rain water and other stuff. Regards Monki.
  8. monkip1

    Piccies As Promised :-)

    OH MY GOSH! I love the sceanery
  9. monkip1


    Could take off the grapics and leave it naked for a while and see if you prefer it that way or weather or not to slag it up again
  10. monkip1

    Lpg Conversion - P1

    I say if you want LPG go for it! if it helps the back balance why not? No point in moddycolling the P1, they are cars to be driven And quote frankly im fed up wth rising fuel prices even thought our government buys it the cheapest in europe!
  11. monkip1

    Intercooler Spray.

    I got my own rig for a intercooler spray, using the button to spray my headlamp washer jets! lol Excuse the video its 2 years old! Mind you thinking about it the jets are not a mist as I feel they should be but for a halfords jobber im pleased lol.
  12. Looking good bud, How did you find stripping down the manifold? Was it a easy job?
  13. monkip1

    Fuel Price's 2010

    I think a nationall protest is required, and who gives a stuff if it jams up roads (Provided emergency services can get through) And causes major delays, no one else will stand up to the government, and getting ALL CAR CLUBS involved not just subaru owners I think would get national tv recogniton. Yes fuel keeps going up and we are all stupid and bone idle to do anything about it. Look at France for a example. They change there bedsheets to a new type of fabric and thay have national riots and then that forces there governments to act. I know if i just sat on my ass wishing for something to happen it wont. So count me in to join in on any protest as I GARENTEE before me know it we are hitting the £2 per liter mark, when I bet fuel is only the price of around £50p before the governments ****ty tax and then the VAT on top. Thats a point they keep raising the petrol price and yet they are allready getting there stupid 17.5% tax on the fuel. Grrrrr this is a annoying topic lol.
  14. They wouldent be laughing if that car snapped the cables and went shooting off lol.