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  1. Any None Impreza Owners On Here

    Got an 02 plate forester turbo s a 53 plate 990 cc corsa and a 60 plate peugeot partner Neil
  2. 4 Pot Seals

    Cheers mate Neil
  3. 4 Pot Seals

    If your selling them mate I need the metal rings aswell! Who's bigg red Lewis? Neil
  4. 4 Pot Seals

    Not yet Boab! Got a week off work so just being too lazy for my own good got 4 cars at the mo to keep going so my poor impreza is last on the list!! Neil
  5. 4 Pot Seals

    I'm after a set of 4 pot seals I ordered a set on eBay but they failed to appear got cash back thru PayPal so I'm stuck at the mo with no seals to get the car back on the road is there anywhere I can get them ordered and delivered next day? Do you think my local Subaru dealers can get then in? Cheers Neil
  6. Happy Birthday!

    Cheers guys its currently sitting at 145,000 miles roughly still going waiting on tyres for it Neil
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Plans at the moment stripped out caged up wide arched flat wrapped!! Neil
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Well I've had my impreza for 7 years now but today it turns 20!! Hopefully have it for another few years yet its under a wee transformation at the mo due to having a van now and the wife's forester to play with I can get stuck in about it! Again happy birthday scooby! Neil
  9. Power Steering Pump Fluid Run Dry

    Andy you'll know if its leaking cause 1. It will stink 2.loads of smoke from the fluid dripping onto the manifold and burning off! And finally 3. Your drive will be covered in the stuff! Had a nightmare with this recently all finally fixed thinks its maybe not been topped up enough ! Neil
  10. Garage/ Workshop

    Hi I'm looking to see if anybody knows of a garage or unit for rent looking close to livingston but can travel no problem for storage and working on the car and bike ideally for 6 months to a year minimum Cheers Neil
  11. Track Car

    Cheers johnny I'm going to do all the jobs that don't cost any money first skint at the mo trying to get a holiday booked in the next few weeks so keeping cash for that mrs moaning as usual! Lots of bits to come off and get cleaned up arches to free of rust etc etc Neil
  12. Track Car

    Thanks rich Interior wise I'm going to strip as much as I can but as you say try and have a slight comfort level carpets will go but think ill devise a mat system for non track days door cards I'm going to replace them with plastic or fibre glass going to build a cage too plan to try and have the seats as low as possible too fixed position no runners Going to go round the car tonight and get pics of everything for a before and after and get it weighed this weekend Ill do a thread when I get all the stuff sorted! Neil
  13. Knockhill Today With Pics Added

    This is my plan for next year with my son being 17 soon he'll have to muck in with jobs if he wants a shot!! Neil
  14. Track Car

    Cheers Davie I'm hoping I get a few good deals like that myself although i got s cracking desl on a set of sesrs recently!! your build defo helps inspire but the minefield of info on brakes on the net doesn't help me choose! Sticking with the 4 pots for now so discs pads braided hoses and new fluid first then coilovers tyres and go from there Going to weight the car first then weigh everything Ive stripped out! Neil
  15. Track Car

    Yeah that's the route Im going major diet for me and the car then upgrade what i can when I can afford it! Neil