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  1. scouk

    Subaru Loch-down


    Damn!! Can't believe I only just found out about this event... :'( Hope y'all have a great run!
  2. scouk

    What Is This Rusty Part?

    Possibly best bet is to try breakers yards and get one from a car without front end impact. or.. for purposes of MOT you could remove it.. Old MOT trick of if it's not there they cant fail you on it. Quite a few people have removed this part to save weight! Although not 100% structural to the car, it is part of the frontal crash protection to help pull the engine/gearbox under the car in the event of heavy front impact. So worth replacing from safety point of view. Also looking at the photo worth getting the rust on the chassis treated while your replacing. And get some wax/underseal on there to protect!
  3. scouk

    Gfb Bov

    Got a GFb Stealth FX myself and love the idea it's adjustable.tend to run mine about the same with 75% recirc or more. Still opens to atmos more than enough to make a noise and with enough boost a short high pitched whistle. Bought mine 2nd hand a few years ago and it's never let me down! One you get the initial spring pre-load set (not difficult) it's spot on!
  4. Had to replace mine recently.. Found the cost to get replacements too much, ended up fabricating new ones, surprisingly one even came from an old metal microwave dish. Turned out it was perfect size for the rear disc! Many people run their cars without the plates, but I kinda like to keep them, just to help protect the calipers/pads from debris. FYI - The fronts are bolted on, where as Don rightly pointed out the rears spot welded in place. reccomend giving replacements a good protection as they do collect a lot of dirt which leads to corrosion.
  5. Noticed same issue on my bugeye a few years back.. Just welded/plated/painted it back up. Caught it early enough but it was starting to look pretty rotten down one side.
  6. Could be worth an offer! it's in the best colour after all! And who doesn't want a compact + lightwight scooby!
  7. scouk

    Carbon Vinyl Roof

    Will see how it looks.. Ordered some carbon-fibre stuff from ebay for £30 the other day so not the end of the world if it doesn't work out.. At the moment it's just to try cover off the paintwork on the roof at the moment.. So only seeing it as semi-temporary for now.. satin does look nice tho! Easy enough to change/swap out at a later date.. Much cheaper than resprays that's for sure! Even DIY resprays!
  8. scouk

    Carbon Vinyl Roof

    Cheers. Looking at it should be able to do a quick fix with out removing channels should be able to tuck under. Sadly the roof is just over a meter wide. Saw some bubble free stuff on eBay for around £30 Got experience of vinyl wrapping, so straight forward application ok. Just wondering if I could get away without removing all the seals. Putting mirrorred window film onto large panels of glass and keeping it bubble free, now there's a challenge.
  9. Thinking about wrapping the roof of the Impreza with carbon fibre vinyl Probably not goign to have the time to respray the roof and dont want to fork our a respray... Any tips for anyone who's done it before? Remove all the roof channelling before hand or just try tuck the vinyl under it but by bit then help seal with heatgun/hairdryer? Any suggestions on what vinyl to use? I see there'a ll sorts of buble free/breathable types now.. Cheers!
  10. AFAIK the engine issues were more to do with the STi rather than WRX and it was the STi that had the recall. I 'may' be wrong about this though.. Any work done should be documented.. If not speak to your local dealer nicely and ask them to see if they can check the ECU map for you to confirm if it's had the work done.. P.s. Welcome along to SIDC!
  11. scouk

    Higgy Memorial Cheque

    There were a couple early highland Flings up from central belt to Tomintoul around 2006-2008, but last one met up at Crathie for BBQ in 2008, where it was a joint meet from north, south and east scotland groups coming together as one. Just found the event thread: http://forums.sidc.co.uk/topic/112099-highland-run-blether-format-edited That brings back good memories
  12. scouk

    Club/ Forum Changes Suggestions Etc

    Spot on with all points!
  13. scouk

    Higgy Memorial Cheque

    Could be worth a repeat.. The single BBQ run we had before the full highland fling event was pretty cool! encouraged people from all corners of scotland to converge in one central-ish place. That was a good event to get like minded folks together for a bit of banter. Without worrying about multiple fillups. for the journey