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  1. dazzlers82

    Driver Ages!

    26 bought my scooby when i was 24
  2. dazzlers82

    Ariel Pic Of Mcrae Spelling

    awesome an was glad to be part of that an i can just see my car in the l
  3. dazzlers82

    Where To Get More Power For 05 Sti Ppp

    he also fitted my apexi power fc an mapped when i first got the scoob highly recomend him top bloke who knows his stuff
  4. dazzlers82

    Show Me Your Slammed Scooby.

    that sits nicely stu did you get them from the group buy on snet????
  5. dazzlers82

    New Ice Install

    did you build it yourself granby ????????
  6. dazzlers82

    Hello From A Newbie

    hello an welcome mate
  7. dazzlers82

    Boost Misfire Problem!

    what boost pressure does it hit when it starts to miss????
  8. looks a lot tidier now mate
  9. dazzlers82

    New Ice Install

    nice an tidy mate looks good
  10. dazzlers82

    My Poor Car

    what me never
  11. dazzlers82

    My Poor Car

    mm me to well hopefully
  12. dazzlers82

    My Poor Car

    will do mate its all bein sent away i should have it all back friday when i get back from leicster as away in loughborough at the moment
  13. dazzlers82

    My Poor Car

    having it all flocked mate an i cant wait to get it all back ,thought id have it all done dash,door cards,steering whell,a pillars, b pillars, gauge pod, an some other bits being flocked blue