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  1. dont forget the mr2 needs to be in the race
  2. that is a tommorow job once ive fixed the helicopter for the 4th time
  3. will bez an awesome car steve just need to pay someone thousands a month to clean it
  4. had a party last night at skullfudges house http://www.houston-imports.com/forums/show...ad.php?t=486637
  5. ok may be worth you bringin to me then
  6. sounds like when they changed the coolant they have either not bleed the system through correctly took it for a spin an its over heated an they brought it back an topped it up thinkin it is ok or they did not bother road testing it an when your friend has started his journey home he has noticed it getting hot due to an air lock but has also done the head gasket due to overheating ??????? if you understand that ????
  7. i new you would give up on the brake pipes mate lol do you want me to come over an help you with them
  8. im definately wanting a go so dont break it before
  9. sorry hugh gad to miss this one mate had to go out sat with baby back to see my family at the zoo
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