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    Road Tax Proposals

    http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Ownin..._10012524 I read that as £205 for this year for my car... Thus only increase of £20 or so... Still think paying for mileage is fairer... ;-) Cheers Dan
  2. dan_staite

    Road Tax Proposals

    Now the dust has settled, lets follow this up shall we ;-) As I stated I'd be happy with pay by mile ;-) This is thin edge of large wedge for performance and hence high Emissions cars imo. Why should I be charged for owning a high emissions car if I created less co2 that most low emission cars whos lazy owners use them everyday to go to work and back thus clogging up the roads [] This was my point in the first place. I have heard they are going up again to £500 next year, Still against pay by mile charges? Cheers Dan
  3. Any room left? i'm keen if i can fit it in around racing... <edit> I can. Me and My current GF... Cheers Dan
  4. I'm such a child.... It has a few mods ;-) Enjoy:
  5. dan_staite

    BSC Prodrive Tour

    Looking forward to this... Got the day off work. [] Am: Training on bike pm: prodrive... Coolio Dan
  6. dan_staite

    Mug Shot Thread......

    hello all... Some great shots. Moi: Taken in Thailand in 2005.... or more recent.
  7. dan_staite

    Road Tax Proposals

    Who says it'll be cheaper.............my experience is that that they'll use it for a price increase! and you're only considering the short term....................what if your circumstances change? A two fold increase would be ok provided that the roads are less congested and better maintained. I always plan my life around riding everywere on the bike and have done for years so thats not likely to change. The thing about the above text I dont like is the speed monitoring so I would object anyway based on that. But a tax on usage and also done against time, i.e commute time people get cained is goodo for me as it will deter people from 1 person travel to work in cars on onto public transport and bikes. Thanks Dan
  8. dan_staite

    BSC Prodrive Tour

    Wimpy, I touch goats mate.
  9. dan_staite

    Road Tax Proposals

    I'm in favour of a pay as you go road tax. I personnaly do about 3K a year so it might be cheaper for me :-) No so keen on the speed monitoring though as most of that 3K is *cough* pretty pacey. Wonder how it works with tracks? Shame they cant use exisiting tracker thats fitted to the car. That gives GPS cords only I thunk. You need an extra Satelite to do speed from memory. I think a pay what you use type of road tax is long overdue. High emmisions cars doing big mileage should be tax'd more than my gran in her low emmisions low mileage super mini. My £0.02 worth. Cheers Dan
  11. Thanks for the flash, I think I tuned my wipers on my mistake, been driving the import alot recently [] I was in the Silver Wagon []
  12. dan_staite

    white classic in ELY

    I am []
  13. My wagon, I got it for xmas [] Thanks Santa.. Amazing car... Can anyone point me in the direction of a good roof rack. Cheers Dan