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  1. Just to echo a similar thread. I too have now registered with an alternative local forum and will use that from now on. AS FMJ has said in another thread I was also just about to do a fairly long update on my own project thread but hey will do that elsewhere now. Shame to see this happening, big thanks to Baz for all the work he has done in the past with the track days at Kames, shame wanted to use them next year when the RA is ready again but hey wont know there happening now. Thanks also to JohnS for support and help over the years and some cracking pictures. Best wishes to everyone who rem
  2. I agree with what FMJ says
  3. Scott thanks think inbox was full.
  4. Need to get a modified rear subframe sandblasted so I can paint it anyone know anywhere in the Glasgow area that would do it fairly cheep?
  5. In my opinion the fun police have moved into SIDC and over regulated it. Its nothing to do with the cost of running these cars or the economy. Take a trip over to 22B and see it thrive as well as scoobynet.
  6. I don't think I have ever been on SS but for me I stopped posting on here as much about a year ago. Very difficult to put my finger on why other than it had very little appeal. I had been a member for a number of years and always tried to help with technical queries as well as using my project thread give others ideas and take feedback from those who were interested. Threads like the one below, as an example, do not do the site or club many favours, I read it and thought oh dear! Maybe I am just getting old but it really didn't seem appropriate. I also disagree with the idea of not being abl
  7. Would think you would still need to fill the gaps where you have joined the sections, wrap would still show that.
  8. I can ask Derek if he is interested in some form of Group buy if there is enough interest. Would think to price a job correctly most places would want to see the item.
  9. No idea I have been using them for years for any body work I need on any of the cars I have had. Just had the fibreglass doors and some other bits painted for the RA work always superb. Derek had mentioned that they now do wrapping as I have a carbon bootlid which needs some TLC and cant be painted so will need to be wrapped not sure on price tho. What spoiler is it profile shows newage wagon? Drop me a PM if you want me to get you some contact details.
  10. Leeson Coachworks in Kilsyth also do wrapping
  11. Sure am STI 6 but will be an STI 6 carbon one on that boot lid next year.
  12. You should have looked at my project thread and the answer is there Still more to come out of mine.
  13. oops not the best spelling there, through is the new throw. Just before the spelling police pick me up
  14. Through the counter weight in the bin, not needed. Its a good feeling to be able to lift your doors with two fingers
  15. Well beyond that John the dust ate in the wheels they need refurbed to sort
  16. It was indeed John and they are still on the road car although a set of PF01 pads and one weekend towing to Golspie caused enough brake dust to eat into the paint finish
  17. I disagree it depends on what you use the car for. The hills and sprints up here the best ratios I have found are the uk new age 5 speed boxes I.e Ty754vnxxx. The lower ratio boxes need more gear changes = lost time. I am using a hawk eye 6 speed at the minute and it's not far away. I wouldn't go to a short ratio box for sprints and definately wouldn't for the bigger circuits.
  18. Aiming for the Kames MLR sprint then the Kames MSA sprint at the end of July cant get enough rounds in now for the Scottish but hope to get to Golspie in Sept as well not sure what else maybe something down south.
  19. Excellent pics as usual John, good to see your still getting out and about.
  20. It is still in its raw stage, the bling and tarting up wont take long but will make all the difference.
  21. Thanks guys it has without doubt been an expensive and time consuming build this time, it has taken much much longer than I anticipated and been the most frustrating experience I have had since starting doing this. It has been a lot harder to move the car on this time than at any other stage but it will hopefully be worth it. The season is well underway so this year is lost in terms of competitive events. Hopefully it will make the MLR sprint at Kames and the MSA Kames event the week after and then use the rest of the year as set up for next year. The only changes planned for next year are eng
  22. Well its been a good few months since I updated this. Progress has been pretty much non existant over the summer due to a combination of work commitments and lack of enthusiasm. Things have progressed, all be it slowly over the winter, and the car is now pretty much mechanically finished bar some tarting up, cleaning and the bling bits to add on at the end. The main job still to do is complete the engine loom and get the car running and mapped. I also need to get the car loom completed and will do that at the same time as installing the engine loom. I have completed the rear diff carrier and a
  23. Gav I need to get the road car across for a 60K service (55 Plate blob WRX ish) could you PM an idea of price - Ta
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