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  1. went to bristol and back with no problems . Yes its too hot esp at work with all those pigs and no wind its even hotter.
  2. i used 24NM on the knock sensor and it seams strange driving the car without the engine light comming on and loosing power .
  3. yes that plug should work. i used to repair industrial sewing machines that had a oil sump, they had magnets at the bottom to collect any brocken needle heads etc. in 5 mins going to start on the knock sensor and do a oil change. and hours later lol oil and filter changed and the knock sensor which took alot of time since i have never tacken the intercooler off and was trying to rember hour Ian done it b4 lol. was a bit scary since wasnt sure how much force was needed to pull it off.
  4. andy if u want a trial run u can test changing the plugs on mine if u want lol
  5. the knock sensor i am replacing original due to fault 22 code
  6. nuckles are still ok lol. next i was going to do the spark plugs, but after looking and found them i have decied its a tricky job, theres no room at all . going to give them a miss. So next is oil and filter change and at same time going to do knock sensor which i think the torgue setting is 24 NM , can u correct me if i am wrong pls
  7. well just changed the fuel filter took 5 mins . did the air filter in 1 hour . was alot harder to do than i thaught.
  8. thanks will do. i am not that car engined minded person lol. to be honest dont even know where the spark plugs are on this car lol
  9. after all this time have got round to buying a knock sensor. going to give it a try and fit it myself and going to allow 2 days to do it lol. got it cheap £59 new subura part
  10. sorry there will be no clay shooting on the farm, They are closing it the pig farm down so i am out of a job. at least with a tied agi house they cant chuck us out strieght away. 1 of the reason why was the snow. a roof gave way under the weight of it and to redo it. it will cost 85k to 105k and the new regulation that this country is bring in about slurry.
  11. thanks for the offers peeps. yes the road are not passable we live on a big hill miles from nowhere. we got about 4 days of food left. going to see what its like tomorrow
  12. its been a week on snow and as Ian know where we live miles from the nearest shop. we are still snow in and running out of milk etc. even if we could come we cant.
  13. yes we will have to arrange a clay shoot. this gun is alot better than my last 1
  14. Sorry shirley and me cant make this due to short of funds since i just spent £700 on a shotgun
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