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  1. james666

    Glasgow City Council Car Impound

    Was it done through the council or polis??? most of time you need v5 and photo id but if it through polis then you need mot proof of insurance aswell and it will cost more than £180 there will be specialist charges and storage charge on it too but only if car was lifted by polis
  2. james666

    L.e.d Bulbs

    there was no scatter from mine or toshes car classic head lights are crap as standard anyway and they were not crystal ones, and i have the hid kit out my classic in my shogun now and they work great
  3. james666

    L.e.d Bulbs

    I know of 2 cars that had HID kits in them and one of those cars was mine and we had no problems with them at all. only thing need ed is for head light beam to be adjusted
  4. james666

    Billyboys Auld Ford

    very nice flat front example, not many good clean ones left now but the ones that are around are sellin for crazy money coz thanks to my cousin buying a black coner he has got me lookig at mk1 and 2 rs again, must resist, but i would prob loose licence if i get one as sideways on every corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. james666

    Strathclydes Finest

    it mostly wot i have seen and some inside info as i have seen the rovers a few times mostly when there is some high up nugget up here that needs protecting or escorted
  6. james666

    Strathclydes Finest

    there is 3 black range rovers and they are mainly used for royal/pm or other important folk transport and will be seen with few bikes and traffic cars around then. they do have the focus and evo not sure bout the subaru but they do get a lot of cars in that they just go out for wee mess around in as they try change the cars around once folk start to remember the reg of them
  7. james666

    Would You Drive This

    yip wonder how well it would go round knockers!!!!! but i would most def be having shot of it poss coz i'm daft and mad enough to give it a try!!!! now wheres my bank card gone?????
  8. lost brain! but whos cares lifes more fun with out it!!!! and dont need it anyway.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My partner in crime or should i say car building.

  10. james666

    Congratulations To Neil (4hero)

    Neil i gave up my scooby before our little one was born and dont regret it 1 little bit!!!! coz in a way i still have it and i will keep that little bit of paper that say i'm legal to drive!!!! plus get more fun out of it now. any heres to many happy days thats to come with your new car and family
  11. james666

    Congratulations To Neil (4hero)

    Congratulations Neil and Kirsten and little Logan!! hope you dont have to many sleepless nites!! and even if you do they aint that bad!!!! wont be long till we see logan in his own lill scoob!! 666jnr just over 5 mnths now and hey i love every minute i spend with him!! just pitty gotta go work and earn some candy to pay bills otherwise would stay with him all day. So a big CONGRATULATIONS to the family from James666 mrs 666 and 666jnr!!
  12. james666

    A Good Towing Vehicle?

    try a mitisbushi shogun! great jeeps and go for the v6 coz they bit better than the diesels these are great off road as i have a swb one m8 has lwb and both are great fun!!!! and very comfy to drive! manual or auto wont matter both drive well
  13. R.I.P Dougie


  14. james666

    Bad News Just Got Worse

    Derek i'm totaly gutted for you mate my Condolences to both families, Dougie was a great genuine peaceful guy i had the pleasure of meetin him several times at knockhill he will be sadly missed. dunno know wot else can say thats not already been said Dougie rest in peace my friend. James666