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  1. You would think that but i never learn and still do and say wot i want but wot the hell, its the only forum i know that wont allow any swearing on it.
  2. Lol!!! gotta laugh and agree with professor coz it has been a good read hats off to all taking part up there and putting in some good times and i mind when he used to go up in his old red 525 bemmer and always broke it but put in some good times then and ask me to tow him home!!! then he got his first liner the stunning black r34 gtr i had pleasure of driving this monster of car up to knockhill and the fun i had in that beats any scooby i ever drove, but it came close to mine!!!! cheers dude for the pleasure. I thought this was a free forum where you can say wot you wanted with in reasons i should know as i lost count on amount of times i've been barred from here for saying wot i think and wanted but i never held back!!!! if you spend silly amounts of money on an engine build you want it to take a good heavy kicking and last not go bang, every car is the same you play hard it WILL go bang, i know as my scooby engine went bang due to the sh*te oil pump fitted to subaru.
  3. gotta ask who are you talking about?? me or him, coz i dont care if mine looks stinking at end of day its for fun and trackdays not everyday use on roads
  4. cheers neil!! yes already been done myself and tosh32 done it end of 2008 with my nice mint 555sti wagon that wouldnt sell so only thing to do was make the hondaroo which is an out and out trak car and for poor fun, currently gettin engine rebuild after i fecked it last time out, and lack of cash means not done anythin to it yet part from buy new blocks!!! yes blocks dunno wot to use yet!! but will see soon might even throw a supercharger on it too!!! if i can find one big enough!!! cant find a pic as yet coz all old posts have been removed!! but think 4hero has some pics!!!here is 1 i found thats before paintin and finishin off!!, car is 555blue with the 555 graphics only changed the 555 to 666 so folk know its me!!!! click my link for pics My link My link My link thanks 4hero for great pics
  5. hahahaha!! it can be done!!! i have a honda civic which has full impreza runnin gear!! and lot less weight!!!, i know a guy that has a 206 with the flat 4 in it too!! cars lookin good and should be a fun build.
  6. i would say fedrals and dont laugh but try fullruns too as i have them on the hondaroo and it sticks to the track, where as it is mincing the toyos!!!
  7. Was it done through the council or polis??? most of time you need v5 and photo id but if it through polis then you need mot proof of insurance aswell and it will cost more than £180 there will be specialist charges and storage charge on it too but only if car was lifted by polis
  8. there was no scatter from mine or toshes car classic head lights are crap as standard anyway and they were not crystal ones, and i have the hid kit out my classic in my shogun now and they work great
  9. I know of 2 cars that had HID kits in them and one of those cars was mine and we had no problems with them at all. only thing need ed is for head light beam to be adjusted
  10. if you cant hear pump then i would say your pump is gubbed!!!! go for a walbro 255, but take pump out and test it first
  11. TBH i would not waste my money buying another scoob as they're not holding their value i bought my 95 555sti wagon for 4500 fresh import with 30000miles on the clock put a futher 6500 in to it tried sellin it for 4500 and got nothing so i chopped said car up scoobs are worthless now
  12. very nice flat front example, not many good clean ones left now but the ones that are around are sellin for crazy money coz thanks to my cousin buying a black coner he has got me lookig at mk1 and 2 rs again, must resist, but i would prob loose licence if i get one as sideways on every corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. it mostly wot i have seen and some inside info as i have seen the rovers a few times mostly when there is some high up nugget up here that needs protecting or escorted
  14. there is 3 black range rovers and they are mainly used for royal/pm or other important folk transport and will be seen with few bikes and traffic cars around then. they do have the focus and evo not sure bout the subaru but they do get a lot of cars in that they just go out for wee mess around in as they try change the cars around once folk start to remember the reg of them
  15. yip wonder how well it would go round knockers!!!!! but i would most def be having shot of it poss coz i'm daft and mad enough to give it a try!!!! now wheres my bank card gone?????
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