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  1. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07088.JPG

    Sqiuggle trying to" worry" the sheep!!!!! or mibbies not
  2. marky.t.s

    wee october run '07

    a good wee run with some great weather for october
  3. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07007.JPG

    ello..ello..ello...whats all this then???....move along now...nothing to see here folks!!
  4. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07038.JPG

    What....no V-Power???
  5. marky.t.s


    ah,memories,seems such a long time ago now,so Imy have you and Grant got any plans for a september run yet??