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  1. Cheers Baz,I'll put that route into my sat-nav. @Paul.....done!
  2. No probs Paul,couldn't find anything 'official' just reading between the lines from what's been on other posts regarding meets,shows etc. The Central area hasn't done anything since last year,so I take it that a combined region meet is the way forward. It's a pity though,it was a great wee group of guys,and it was handy,only 10 mins up the road instead of sitting in rush hour traffic on M80-M8 to get to Hillington.
  3. Just a wee question guys,I've not been on here much recently so was wondering if the SIDC Central region is now defunct? It take it Tam And Brian have retired from the joint RO's job? Not read an official post about it,but I take it its no longer represented as a 'regional area' ?
  4. Cheers Peter, aye long time no see indeed! If Chirs' plans of a wee night in yours goes ahead I'm sure I'll pop along.
  5. A couple of snaps from Saturday..............
  6. Good pics Chris,was that yourself that had a blue subaru tammy and a camera? I gave someone and his mrs a polite 'hello' as i was leaving the hairpin,thought I recognised the face from years ago but wasn't sure,didn't want to make an arse of myself,lol. I'll get some pics up later.
  7. Ha! I miss everything! That roundabout is around the corner from my house and I didn't know anything about it!!!
  8. I was trying to email him through his SIDC profile Baz,but 'access denied' lol!
  9. Cheers Matt, had a look on WR1oc i was thinking the username with '197' might have been a clue,but as yet no one has claimed it! I thought maybe some of the local guys up here might know him/car,as I'm sure it was on the SIDC stand at Knockhill Time Attack this year,could be wrong though!
  10. Hi folks,does anyone know if a member by the username 'Scooby197' was the previous owner of WR1 with reg nr. CW 04 HKL? I see its in our favourite used car dealer's in Chapelhall,Airdrie, just wondered how it got their,a trade in,bought at market,any known issues etc, cheers.
  11. Aha,someone on who knows what their talking about! Baz will keep you right,I was just winging it with the last few posts! I was starting to sweat a bit in case you asked any technical questions !!
  12. What would need painting at the air intake snorkel? It's black plastic,hmmm! When I pointed it out the guy looked like be didn't have a clue that it was like that! Yeh,looks like a removable baffle,didnt see any names on the backbox,but it does look like a full system that's been fitted so could have a sports cat,I'm not too clued up on the parts of the standard Sti system,but there is a 2 page thread on here all about it,which might help. As for the wheels,never refurbed a set my self so can't help much on that but I'm sure someone will if you start a "powder coat or paint?" thread,lol!
  13. Yeh mate,looked pretty good,a few wee minor paintwork issues here and there,a wee bit off rust starting to show through at the o/s/f mudflap and a discoloured/blemished area at the l/h/s of the boot,not too bad for the age. I doubt the backbox would through up a CEL mind you,may have had a de-cat down pipe fitted previously. I did notice that the screws and clips were broken of the air intake snorkel,a bit unusual for that to happen so maybe it's been off before if an induction kit of some sort had been fitted before. They had it in the garage/car sales along the road, The Carr Company I think it's called. If your mates a mechanic then yes,get him to check everything for peace of mind. Good to hear it drives well ,have fun..........................but...................................get the bung out and let rip,lol!
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