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  1. marky.t.s

    badbaz vs the Nordschleife

    Top job Baz,good pics as well,Dave(Corsa)? where can we see the rest?
  2. marky.t.s

    Team Monkfish Racing

    hi mate,it's the EXIT of the chicane.
  3. marky.t.s

    More Ally Pally Pics

    oooops...... i just had a sex wee............
  4. marky.t.s

    Team Monkfish Racing

    great thread indeed,btw i found a pic of you i took at Knockhill ,sorry it's a bit late................
  5. marky.t.s

    Red Mica Roll Call!

    i spotted this one at Prodrive last week,very tidy indeed. ....
  6. marky.t.s

    Impreza Coupé

    a fast hairdresser...........
  7. it will still be on eurosport i would imagine,the coverage on Dave will be the same basically as they have to buy it from the official FIA producers,they then add in there own commentry or presenters if required.
  8. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07088.JPG

    Sqiuggle trying to" worry" the sheep!!!!! or mibbies not
  9. marky.t.s

    Uk Turbo

    mine is bog-standard as well mate.
  10. marky.t.s

    wee october run '07

    a good wee run with some great weather for october
  11. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07007.JPG

    ello..ello..ello...whats all this then???....move along now...nothing to see here folks!!
  12. marky.t.s

    sidc wee october run 07038.JPG

    What....no V-Power???
  13. marky.t.s

    Stolen !

    i had chrome ones with subaru logo on,got them in greece for 3 eu on holiday,had them on for 3 months then took a trip to scarborough ,parked right outside the leisure centre with cctv ,staff and customers standing outside having a ciggy and still some wee scally had them off after just 2 hrs in england,nice one ,2 bmx's with metal dusties.
  14. marky.t.s

    True Grip

    nah mate,theres nowt much happens up here eh?