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  1. Thanks to all who chipped-in with a response to help. Cheers
  2. Cheers for that. Used them in the past. Unfortunately the base plate from their jack stuck to the underside of my car. Didn't notice until i was on my way home when the plate finally dislodged and bounced between the road and the underside of my car! Only minor underseal damage, but what p155ed me off was the guys total lack of concern when i phoned to tell him what had happened.
  3. Hi all Looking for new quality tyres for my classic prior to winter. Any recommendations on where to try in/arround East Kilbride or Glasgow area? Don't want damaged alloys! Cheers.
  4. Cheers for that tip mate....I did feel like a bit of a crim! Will be better placed next time round.
  5. Hi all Just to give you all a reminder that in certain situations your immobiliser cannot be deactivated by the fob control, hence your car remains 'dead' Not sure which signals effect it's operation, but it happened to my car yesterday. Luckily I changed the immobiliser keypad PIN recently and got out of a fix that way. It's worth noting that the ignition key does not need to be inserted or turned so that all of the dash lights are illuminated before you key in the PIN number. If you attempt to enter the PIN with the dash lights illuminted it will not mobilise the system. You need to enter the pin, which in my case triggered the alarm. Re enter the PIN to silence the alarm and mobilise the system, then you can turn the ignition key to start the car. Cheers.
  6. You'll need to do a combination of both of these adjustments to do it properly. Adjust at the hubs first. i.e. remove rubber bung and adjust the nothched adjuster wheel upwards until it tightens, then back it off a few nothes to ensure that the shoes are not binding. Once you've done that at both sides you can then carry out the adjustment at the handbrake lever. Cheers.
  7. I suppose I'd expect 400 to 500 to be about right. Good luck.
  8. I can recommend these guys http://www.gearboxservices.com Based in Rutherglen They do everything from HGV's to mini's Cheers
  9. Hi all Fitted a magnex centre section and back box to my classic my2000 on Tuesday night. After fitting I obviously wanted to hear the results...and very good it was to hear the burble........if maybe a tad louder that I had anticipated[]. Only problem was that the engine took a while longer than usual to fire. It turned over ok but took a good 5 seconds or so to catch. It's done it once again since then. Anything to do with the new exhast? (I wouldn't have thought so but will happily receive your thoughts) Or, is it something that may be on its way out and completely let me down when i'm in the miidle of nowhere? Cheers.
  10. The flip side is........................have a look at the number of scoobs for sale with 100K+ miles on the clock. A fair few around. Regular servicing and don't cane it constantly................... should go a long way toward keeping a healthy motor. Cheers.
  11. Hi. Thx for offer but, like yourself, i'm not looking to cut into the rear shelf. Cheers.
  12. Hi all. Looking to upgrade the speakers in my MY2000 classic. Any recommendations as to which are best? Looking for something that'll fit in the existing locations without any cutting/fettling. Cheers,
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