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  1. Welcome.. And wow it really is quite on here compared to 2007/08 when I had my last Subaru a 2.5 STI. What happened? Did everyone grow up and get boring? I was recently looking at a new 2015 STI but could not quite pull the trigger as it was not different enough to my last one so ended up buying a 2004 Porsche 911 C4S instead. Its awesome and I never want to not have a Porsche now but I still look at Scoobys and think dam man should I get another? A nice RB320 would be the ultimate in my eyes but not many about with low enough miles to be that perfect garage queen keeper at the moment.
  2. Can feel the tumble weed blowing across the screen. Anyway been and driven the new STI now and liked it a lot. Did not realise there quite as new as I thought so no 2013 models kicking around lol..... I have seen a couple of pre registered ones online but not in the colour I am after so I am now thinking of buying a new one. Never owned a new car before so if I do it needs to be right and worth keeping a good few years. Move into our new house in April all been well so my plan is to demolish the garage and build a new one over the summer then get my new toy to go in it. Hopefully a Met Grey brand spanker STI Watch this space.
  3. Hey Been a few years now since I had my Hawkeye and thought I was done with Imprezas after they launched that hatchback thing I bought an Evo X Last year, 2010 X FQ330 and have to say its was the most capable car I have ever owned. Ill probably be flogged for saying it outweighed the Impreza 10 fold in drive capability BUT it was not as much fun. The impreza even though I could not corner as fast or aggressive as the EVO it was far more rewarding to drive. I always felt like I had to drive my Hawkeye. It would give me tons and tons of grip and handling and power and stability. But I was always aware of it running out and the possibility of hitting a dry stone wall or spinning off the track. The EVO you just could not crash it unless you purposely drove it into something. For that reason it was boring. Anyway I am looking for my next toy now and I really want to get something to keep a good few years. I tend to trade my cars a lot as I buy them cash. If I finance something I keep it as theres no money if I sell it. Sounds a bit odd maybe but I know what I am like. So I am after a dealer car for that reason. I am thinking about a new/ish 2013/14 Impreza STI. There are not many for sale but the ones that are have low miles been new so I guess I wont have to many issues finding a decent condition one. It will come down to colour and 3k miles over 6k miles etc. Just thought it would be worth saying hello on here and ask what people think of them and is there anything I should be looking for in terms of spec or condition or issues etc?? anything relevant to buying one. Thanks in advance and I hope to post a picture soon. For now heres my EVO from the dark side ;-)
  4. Hi all looking to take my car on the ring this week while i am over in amsterdam but i dont have any of my paperwork (Logbook) MOT insurance with me its still all in the UK, do they care about this or do you just pay the entry fee and crack on? or do you need any info first.
  5. hehe, I did the same to my STI on the aftermarket spoiler I bought. been pimping around in the Range Rover for 9 months now and its the best thing I have ever owned (except my heart still miss's the STI) watch this space though as I am thinking of an RB320 as a 2nd motor come summer.
  6. Been powering thru autotrader, just seems annoying that I sold a mod'd 2006 STi for £13500 and to buy back a standard one will cost me £14k upwards! on the other note there are some awesome looking FQ-340's for 15k ish and they have FMIC as standard which is nice, the interior is not quite as good as the Scooby, but the Range Rover is like a posh house so not sure I am too fussed about that, I do prefer the look of the Scooby and love the no door tops on it,,, but I remember the Evo having much better handleing when I test drove one last year. think I should write a list of pro's and con's for both and count up.
  7. I am needing a boys toy again,,, the Range Rover is awesome, but its just no good for weekend blasts to unwind! Had a 2003 WRX and a 2006 2.5 STI,,,,, both awesome cars, tuned the STI upto 340bhp and 380ft lb's but still never thought it was quick enough apart from on the right roads where you can use the power and brakes to there ability which was much higher than mine! so, wondering do I get an EVO FQ-series or stick with what I know and get another Scooby?
  8. he also sad sad people wear blue subaru jackets! i do both!!! must be double sad! hehe I am an airline pilot,, so no need for the porka for BJ's, the girls on board are more than willing! although I was down as Porsche today looking at swapping the Range Rover! hehe.
  9. I am thinking more like the single young man I am,,, the scooby will beat me to 60 in that in a race,, but i recon picking up chicks in each car i will win to 60 BJ's! lol.
  10. lol,, the Scooby is not a 40k car! you would need your head looking at if you paid that for one £40k however will buy you a used car just like this.
  11. Well its been 11months with the 2.5 STI and decided to buy something more practical, after all there shocking on juice and tyres So here it is lol,, dont think that will be much cheaper having a 4.4 V8 Engine Decided I need something thats got silly cumfort and toy levels, will be on the look out for a classic shape Scooby in about 6months though I think, always prefered the look of the classic and as its going to be a 2nd car will just buy exactly what I want as I bought the 2006 because I wanted a newish car, has been awesome though and will miss it. so if you keep getting scooby waves from a Range Rover up north you know who it is.
  12. its def a scooby, it broke! lol my bad, i stand corrected, to be honest I dont move round the site all that much, tend to stick to the general section.
  13. Ok, I watched the new STI on the Greek Rally tonight on Dave and thought it looked pretty well. Expected to come on here and see a massive thread about it starting with the tital put on channel XXX NOW! but there seems to not be a single thing about it! is this really a site for Subaru enthusiasts or does everyone drive a ford focus now what with the fuel price hikes and all.
  14. Think one of mine was a fluke! but I am still winning hehe.
  15. Just been to ASDA late night shopping and on my list was refills for those plug in Ambi pure air freshener jobbies, my house seemed to have one in every socked when I moved in because it was the show house on my estate so figured I would save some money and buy a multipack of the refills Seems there only available as singles and cost £3.98 each! Fairly steep I thought, then I noticed next to them was the actual unit with the refill included for £3.48?? Checked it out with staff to make sure I was not reading it wrong but I wasn’t, it really is cheaper to buy the whole thing than just the refills, and there not even on offer! so we are been financially encouraged to throw things away and destroy the environment it seems! Surely companies should be fined for this. Rant over!
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