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  1. ya know.. you CAN take the roof off an Exige ...not sure why though.. if you want a "convertible" get an Elise....
  2. Excellent.. either one will wee all over our standard series 1 Elise anyway ... the orange is suitably subtle, at least it's no Krypton Green...!!
  3. OOoooOOOOOoooooo does that mean the Exige won you over??? if so , which one
  4. ah.. the Lotus position.... still hoping to take our Elise on track sometime.... sooo much fun (in a totally different way to the scoob)
  5. Heya, yup, all going really well, thanks hun ... you???
  6. no idea the first 3 were in 03, 04, and 05....I don't think there has been a "Southern" one since
  7. Result many thanks to I8GTMF for these (and some others)... though if anyone has any others, I'd still like to see them.. C
  8. HI, I'm doing fine thanks.... you ??? C
  9. gosh, yeah.. was about the same time I joined too ... (same month at least) I'm doing really good thanks... life has settled down nicely and with the Afla GTV and the Elise on the drive way..... every drive is fun.... How are you ?
  10. thanks ..... I hardly recognise any of the usernames, so I knew this was a long shot :S
  11. Seems like a lifetime ago for me.... but I lost all the pics of the car in "elf wagon" mode...
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