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  1. oi you cheeky feker hope you rip your front bumper off on my wall again next time your visiting :icon_fU:
  2. did you not hear me say i will have them off you Tel???
  3. didn't i do well,and no i wasn't drooling and no i wouldn't try to steal it..you cheeks gits..
  4. she's out again this eve your's needs a propper run out,instead of that 32.5 mph limit
  5. OI fraggle back at ya..... your's lives under a sheet n never gets used when did you last see any mud or rust on mine you cheeky S.O.B?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. Oh bugger!! RIP BOB you inspired us all..
  7. hmmm,Tel in a Cossie...can't see it myself you mean you've still not sorted the droppers n brakes on yours...good god,get em done n then road trip to powerstation for a full geo setup like mine has
  8. cheaper to replace than rebuild......have you got a few grand i can borrow for a rebuild then????
  9. no can do Tel..got a dodgy box in the motor at the mo,feking thing is whining and grinding,awaiting a replacement to arrive due to the seller saying it was a spot on unit..plus she's drinking fuel,need a map tweek but have no cash for that as i spent out on the box!!..
  10. as i keep saying Tel,gimme a shout n i'll sort it...
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