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  1. Scoobtastic

    Red switch center console?

    could be for a flamer kit,check the exhaust system for a spark plug etc..
  2. Scoobtastic

    wind noise

    mirrors on classics can cause noise but as stated above the window seals will do the same,i cured mine by pulling seal out,soaking in hot soapy water and refitting not had any issues since
  3. Scoobtastic

    I got a problem

    could be an earthing issue,would be wise to check fuses aswell
  4. Scoobtastic

    Scooby fuel

    Darren..tbh i'd not use 95 without an addative,ie octain booster..my personal preferenc is Plutoline,will up the 95 ron nicely and when added to v-power,takes it just over the 100ron mark,handy for the rollin road shoot outs
  5. Scoobtastic

    PPP ecu, interchangeable?

    it's not that simple fella,whatever ECU you fit to your motor,it will need mapping according to your mods..probably better off just mapping your ECU..
  6. Scoobtastic

    High idle and strange running

    no worries fella irrc,the main stealer price is iro £130+ vat
  7. Scoobtastic

    High idle and strange running

    02 could well be one of the problems mine had 3 patten part ones all failing within 6 months..will casue all sorts of problems,hence i went for O/E part and job done,also check the coolant temp sensor,situated below the alternator,if that's failed it waon't always show a code..hth 02 :- http://www.worldcarparts.co.uk/CarParts/tabid/144/CategoryID/264/Default.aspx Temp sensor :- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Subaru-impreza-turbo-classic-engine-water-temp-sensor-/320669429611?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa9632f6b
  8. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    well done simone........ a few adjustments and all should be good...
  9. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    almost there Simone,keep it goin
  10. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    stop teasing us Simone n put up more new pics.....lol
  11. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    Simone is telling the truth chaps so retract the comments!!
  12. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    lookin good so far Simone,take her somewhere that gonna show how photogenic she is when shes completed....
  13. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    kin swines......thats bang out of order!!!
  14. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    nice one simone....
  15. Scoobtastic

    Engine Fun

    nearly there then??