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  1. Has Anyone Heard?

    Sad news RIP Higgy
  2. Rrrrallye - Sunday 19th June 2011!

    I won't be there this year, i'm away to the British Superbikes that day. Hope you's have a great day & a good turn out.
  3. Series Mcrae with BC Coilovers

    I agree with you Al about modifying Ltd Edition Impreza's, but the intention was always to improve the handling with out compromising the look. It handles like a pig compared to the Wagon! So hopefully all the changes to the handlng will be for the better. Thanks for the advice on the settings i'll certainly bee having a play around with it, the BC's came with the rear extenders for the settings aswell. Dave, a meet in Inverness sounds good at some point maybe a wee run over to Ullapool for the day
  4. #130 hasn't been out of the garage much this year so far but it had to go for it's MOT & failed due to excess corrosion around the inside of the rear arches(Both sides) & an advisory was the rear shocker was leaking. So knowing that the rear would need to get stripped out to get the welding work done i thought, to hell with it i'm going to buy myself some Coilovers! The handling has never been as good as the Wagon so it's something i've always wanted to get sorted out, i've still got the Anti-Roll Bars front & rear to purchase & i've still got to get the 4-wheel alignment to get done. I'm going away away offshore tomorrow so that'll be done when i come home again & get the bloody thing re-tested so i can go out & play!!! Here's the rusty bits! Here's a pic of how it sat before And here's how it's sitting now. I'm happy with it but just need to have a play with it, can anyone recommend settings for it?
  5. Huge Thanks Craigdmcd

    That'll sound awesome! #130 has the Blitz Nur Spec & it was originally from the turbo back but I put on a sports cat. I tried running it with the bung out once but the whole inside was vibrating with noise!! I've just got the ARB's, Anti-lift kit & drop links to go now.
  6. Huge Thanks Craigdmcd

    Excellent news John, was it the Blitz Nur Spec thats on it? #130 is getting treated to BC Coilovers at the moment!
  7. impreza sport help needed

    Calipers on Subaru's are pretty renowned for being sticky. Worth a check.
  8. Project ; WRX RA

    Nice Project, i've driven that car it was really quick. Tommo's old one, I'm looking forward to see what you do with it.
  9. Scottish Bike show

    Went last year & it was a huge dissapointment, so i won't be going down this time. Pity because i used to go regular & it was a much bigger event & lots of bargains to be had.
  10. Old n New

    Didn't realise you bought an RS Bobby, they both look great!
  11. Calling all classics....

    Here's my Series Mcrae And my WRX Wagon
  12. Recommend a helmet

    That looks the same as my Lid. It's very comfy,not to heavy & noise isn't to bad either at 60mph (if it is that one)
  13. Change the colour or sell RB 320 Wheels ?

    If it's an RB320 you have, DON'T TOUCH IT!!! I like the way Limited Editions come out of the Showroom, but each to there own.
  14. What Bike Do You Ride

    This my 1200 Bandit. My Bro's old R1 His new GSXR 750
  15. Moray Meet - Elgin

    Sorry, I won't be along got to much to do & very little time to do it!