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  1. thefastone

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    And now the problems begin... Top guy for sorting this out mate.
  2. thefastone

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    Spot on, thank you kindly.
  3. thefastone

    Custom Mats Group Buy

    OK, so I see Monday Morning, but I've not been on the forum for a few weeks... Am I too late, or have I just sneaked in last minute? Cheers, Dale. 1 - Warrior08 - Full set - Newage - Black with pink WRX logo. (Derbyshire) (WRX) 2 - Ryan@Indigo-GT - Full Set - Classic - Black with Pink Type R logo (Gwent) 3 - scoobygaaz1 - Full set - Classic - Red with Black Impreza Turbo logo - (Devon) 4 - cpd full set - 2006 Hawkeye WRX. Car is WR Blue so guess mats should be blue or black with WRX logo (Buckinghamshire) 5 - Scooby_my99 - Full set for Classic. Carpet colour = Navy Blue; Edge and Logo colour = Grey; Logo = 'Prodrive' (see attachment) - (Grangemouth) 6 - Andy - Full set - GB270 - black with GB270 logo. (Central Scotland) 7 - Frenchy - boot carpet - Newage - Black with Pink Sti Type UK logo (Cambridgeshire) £25.00 8 - Spec T - full set in black with WRX Spec T logo in silver grey down the side if possible? MY2006 Hawkeye WRX saloon. (Devon) 9 - Van Diesel - full set in black with GB270 logo. Hawkeye Wagon (Cambridgeshire) 10 - Lewisscoob - full set - classic saloon - black with silver typeRA logo as per Phils set with a red outline - Aberdeen 11 - Marko72 - Boot mat - To match up to existing WR Blue mats. 12 - ScoUK - Full set - Newage - Black with red IMPREZA logo down side 13 - Major - Boot Carpet - Newage - Black with Pink STi Type JDM logo (West Sussex) (Same price as Frenchy ????) 14 - Paul555sti - Full set in Black - Newage - With white Sti type UK logo. 15 - weedman - Front mats only - Newage - Black with GB270 logo (Glasgow) 16 - dougieboy - im looking for a full set of mats for my 2006 hawkeye wrx, black with impreza wrx logo in blue. carluke.ml8 17 WUZ - Full set - Newage (inc Bootmat) - Black with BHP Developments logo (if possible) 18 - spenno - Full set - Newage - Black with STI and Type UK logo in pink (Dundee) 19 - smike - Full set - Newage - black/dark grey with pink STI Type UK logo (Reading) 20 - 733tCaptSteady - Full set in Black - Hawkeye - With Blue Sti and Type UK logo. (Worcester) 21 - simmydigit - Hawkeye front mats only - Black with GB270 logo (West Yorkshire)could also collect from Glasgow or Ayshire if postage easier! 22 - JamieR85 - Hawkeye Saloon full mat set - Black with GB270 Logo 23 - Cruz104 - Full set World Rally Blue with pink sti logo and yellow outside edges for a blob eye wrx sti 24 Bigred rob full set black with gb270 logo down the side 25 - H 5CBY - Full set - red with WRX logo - classic 26- stevspecb add my order for a full set in WR blue with WRX Logo- blobeye saloon 27 - thefastone - Black set (no boot) with STi Logos (For Classic)(Aberdeen - Can be Delivered with lewis and Wuz to save costs?)
  4. thefastone

    A request from the BBC

    Haha! Yeah good call! You never know, my only concern is that you don't see that many bug eyes on the go these days, but I hope that we can find someone to help out.
  5. Hi Folks, actually, it's not quite that Glamorous, but it is fairly important. The BBC's Crimewatch show has been in touch with us this morning, they are looking to do a reconstruction of an armed robbery that happened recently involving an Impreza as the getaway car. As such they are appealing for any members, preferably as close to the Hinckley area near Leicester as possible. The Car that they are hoping to find is a 2001 silver 4 door Impreza WRX saloon, with gold alloys. They are looking to do the reconstruction next Wednesday (18th May) and would need the car for approximately half a day. If you are able to help, or if you know someone who can, then you please get in touch, and you could hopefully help to catch the bad guys! The contact if you wish to email direct, is Charlotte Loving, and her Email is: charlotte.loving@bbc.co.uk Failing that if you have any other questions then I can ask for you. Cheers, Dale.
  6. thefastone


    Very nice mate! Will probably see you about town, if you see a tatty mica Red Classic with SIDC stickers running about the town, then gimme a wave! Welcome to the foum, Hopefully see you at a meet soon!
  7. thefastone

    Looking to Buy another Scooby

    Think the offical line is that you CAN use 95RON, but the higher number is preferred... Sure that by law it has to be able to run on 95 in the UK... (Standard cars) I think if you go onto the lower grade fuel I would be less inclined to push it out on the road though, with the lower octane, the burn temp is a little higher, and there is a little more chance of knocking... Although, as said, should be OK if you get it mapped for 95, but then would resetting the ECU, and letting it learn not do the trick? Sure if I'm talking crap I'll be corrected like...
  8. thefastone


    Yeah, as with anything, you need to check the small print on the flyer mate... Again though, I do hope that this is something that we should be looking into Kenny...
  9. thefastone


    Which is fine if you live south of the border, that protection is not available outside england and Wales at the moment unfortunitly... Great to see all your thoughts on this guys, keep em coming!
  10. thefastone

    Locked thread!

    Remember, that we were not on the committee before the vote, this is the point I was trying to make, I can't answer for the old committee, only for what we know. I've asked to see said email. End of the day, I haven't done anything to you guys only stood to do a task, with the fresh eyes that it needs. Please, by all means explain what exactly it is that we have taken away. But please, not here, email me your number and we can talk, things are much easier to deal with this way. And I don't see why this all needs to be done in front of everyone like this. No one wins when things happen like this... dale@sidc.co.uk Cheers, Dale.
  11. thefastone

    Locked thread!

    OK then, answers. Firstly, I've NO idea where this question of a 3 way vote has come from, in fact, none of us had heard ANYTHING about it untill Kaz brought it up, so my guess is that it was simply crossed wires and/or miscommunication on her part. That happens, It's easy done. But as an aside, there was no 3rd way to vote. There was 2 options, either Kaz, or Glyn & myself. There was no 3rd option, and there never was. Members voted and the rest is history. Secondly, the locking of the thread, to be honest I was going to lock it earlier, for exactly the same reasons as Rob, and as Andy said, it was a rock and a hard place decision. It's done now, whether that's right or wrong, I don't know, I have my own opinions on it that I'll keep to myself, but I certainly don't see it being a feature of how the management is going to be running anything... Just not how we roll... I am glad though, that there are some voices of reason in the crowd, like has been said, whether you voted for us or not, please give us a chance before you put us down so quickly, all that any of us want to do is to take the club forward, but we need your help to do it. 3 posts, OK, I'll explain that one. originally, we were putting our names down for club secretary, the Glyn suggested that perhaps we should take on membership secretary, as it was do-able by working together, really, we live not too far apart, and it wouldn't be unrealistic for us to do the work between us. Taking on the 3rd post of RO Cordinator came about because we felt that really, that fit in very well with the Club Secretary post. It really was that simple. Effectively it is being absorbed into the Club secretary post, because realistically, it's who should be doing it anyway. And finally, are we really talking us and them again? Seriously, its one of those things that by just talking about it, you are letting it live, please let sleeping dogs lie. THERE IS NO US AND THEM, ONLY SIDC!!! (The NATIONAL club - that means all of us TOGETHER) Just for the record also, and because we've been bashed openly for this a couple of times already, so far today, we have asked for Karen's number TWICE, so that we can get the handover sorted. We got no reponse both times. We also called the main SIDC number early on tonight after Glyn finished work, to sort the handover. It rang out, but there was a post later telling us that its being ignored. We are trying to get things sorted, even if you cannot see it in the open forum... I have appealed for Karen and Dave to be reasonable. We physically cannot get to them to collect anything whilst the weather makes the journey treacherous like it is. My fear is that it is only the members who will suffer because of this. Sorry it's long winded, I'm not known for short uninformative posts unfortunitly. Thanks for your support. Dale.
  12. thefastone

    Fairwell To you all from SHESCOOBY

    Hi ho... I've stood completely out of this conversation untill now, for good reason, but now that it appears to have calmed a little... Karen, I am dissapointed, I asked you a while ago, that should the vote come our way, we might be looking to split the shop off from the membership secretary post, and that we would actually like you to continue running that side of things, should we be able to sort out the franking machine. I also said that I would also have been happy for you to remain on the committee. As far as I am concerend, that remains my stance on the matter. See no one is trying to oust you, no one is trying to stab anyone in the back we just want to move the club forwards, TOGETHER. Nothing has been done underhandedly in this while process, every club member had the right, and the oppertunity to put themselves forward for any of the committee posts, every member had the right, and the oppertunity to vote. I for one am Thankfull for all the hard work that Karen has done over the years, and yes, I am also sorry to see her go IF THIS IS HER CHOICE. Now can we please put this to bed. As I don't think anything else good can come from continuing this thread any longer.
  13. thefastone

    Aberdeen Meet

    Aberdeen monthly meet, perhaps the final local meet of the year as we head into the festive season. Come and join the gang at Zara in Dyce, for a few drinks and something to eat if you fancy it. And of course a catch up with friends! :kerstsmiley: Zara is a bar/Restaurant located in Dyce, Mainly serving Indian food, but also has a reasonable European range too, for anyone who isn't a fan of curry! The Venue also has a large car park, so there's no problem about parking. When you get onto Burnside road, just turn off at the sign for the Travelodge, as they share the same entrance. Zara Burnside Dr Dyce Aberdeen AB21 0HW />http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&q=zara+Aberdeen&fb=1&hq=zara&hnear=Aberdeen,+UK&view=map&cid=2418054245748849742&ved=0CE4QpQY&ei=Vi7pTKTLN8XujgeJsoiPDA&ll=57.200946,-2.173319&spn=0.012902,0.038581&t=h&z=15&iwloc=A See the discussion in the Scottish Events section here: http://forums.sidc.co.uk/topic/152606-aberdeen-meet/ Cheers, Dale.
  14. thefastone

    Night Photoshoot!

    Crackin shots there mate, I love long exposure, and night shooting, so this is really good, I dont tend to play with flashes to often personally, but you can get some really nice effects using them...
  15. thefastone

    Grainte City Rally

    Link to Scottish Scoobies Events thread. Right folks that time of the year again, when the ADMC have been in touch looking for marshals for the Granite City Rally. Details are as follows: The rally is on the 25th April in and around Aberdeen You can register for the training by logging on at ADMC website to register or let me know. Saturday 4th April A 1 day, 9.15am - 4.45pm, multi-option training event at Robert Gordon University’s, Garthdee Campus Aberdeen. This is seen as the key training event and is being delivered by a number of top MSA Trainers Sunday 19th April An additional day event at the Altens Thistle Hotel from 1.30 - 5.00pm. A catch-up event and an opportunity to get allocated a role on the following week’s Granite City Rally. Both events have the full backing of the MSA and will be conducted by Licensed MSA Training Instructors and are free of charge! To book a place on this course online click the link below:http://volunteersinmotorsport.co.uk/tinc?key=nX0K3jBh&formname=aberdeen Further details available from Dave MacKintosh (01224 784780) or dave@newtonhillhr.co.uk Also, if you want more information, I have contact with Linda Brown, who is Chief Marshal again this year. Cheers in Advance folks! Dale.