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  1. I've just had a message from Mel, Simon's Funeral is to be held at Kirkcaldy Crematorium on Friday at 13:30hrs.
  2. Aye, sounds about right... wasn't that the same run that we noticed that Kenn was missing some wheel nuts too...? (also in Banchory)
  3. Might be best to wait till someone finds the original route card, and making from that...? I know a few of us have it kicking around...
  4. Lewis, were you not on the run out that we did a good while ago, possibly when I was still RO, thought you were there that evening, we took that road...
  5. Hi Guys, I've been chatting with Higgy's Fiancé Mel, She's been onto the 2 threads here, and she's been pretty overwhelmed by the stuff you've been saying about him, and the memories and photos that you've been posting. Mel is asking that you keep posting your photos and stories on here, so they can collect them and put them into a life journal, book of memories, sort of thing, so that she has something to show their child when they are a little older. I believe her daughter is going through saving stuff from here, so if you could put up whatever you have, they would really appreciate this. Me
  6. Like a Scene from Crimewatch!!!! One where they blank the faces to protect the guilty!!!
  7. If I was on land long enough to make it along to the run, the you are ALWAYS welcome to ride in with me.
  8. Awesome... I'll take a look, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I may even have an original map... or perhaps Grant might have one?
  9. How about, the same route from the 2007 Run. Perth, Glenshee, Braemar, Alford (Including "The Bridge"), The lecht, Tomintoul. lets face it, it's the one that started the fling off, and the one that got us all talking about the pic. if your going to do a run like that, then that's the one do do IMHO...
  10. Davie, was it you that took the pictures??? I've been trying to remember for ages who it was, as I keep finding the video in various places on my computers, and can't stop my self re-watching it every now and then... http://vimeo.com/11135102
  11. Just found out, and Totally gutted to hear. He was an amazing character who really put a lot of fun into the events we attended, and I couldn't have imagined those times without him. Mad as a box of frogs! Got a lot of memories. RIP Higgy
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