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  1. What's your reason for wanting one? These are not required on a Subaru and are generally a waste of money. Just drive for 2 - 3 mins at low boost before turning off and all will be fine.
  2. Not much scoobies - but had a cracking day on track (V5 RA - V555STE) Hopefully be more for the next track day. Ali.
  3. Battery will still need replacing - if it gets to the stage of chirping the alarm then the battery will have been dischrged so much that it will never fully recharge.
  4. Most mount it on to the passenger seat front bolts via a bar or bracket. Not much point of putting it in the boot if you need it in a hurry!! This is what I have fitted : http://www.jjcraceandrally.com/rally/hand-held-extinguishers/jjc-1-75ltr-hand-held-rallying-afff-extinguishant-fire-extinguisher
  5. Yep - awesome brakes. Been using these since 2008. Seem to last a good bit longer too.
  6. Best to do as much as possible at one time as you will need a full geometry setup each time and this will soon mount up.
  7. I have been running with BC coilovers on my MY05 STI for about 3 years now and have had no problems. I had went through 2 sets of OE struts in the first 3 years. I would not say they are the "best" coilovers you could buy, but for the price i.e. value for money you cannot beat them. I have the 6/5 spring rate (6 front/5 rear)and on the softest setting they are about the same as OE shocks/springs, about 5 clicks hard is about the same as OE shocks/prodrive springs. The coilovers have 30 clicks soft to hard so plenty of scope to firm things up. Would advise to get the extended adjusters for the rears if you go this route. Also I know of a low mileage set of BC's for sale for New Age STI with 114.3 PCD if that is the age of your car (MY05 - MY07 STI) if you are interested. (not mine by the way)
  8. Won't fit. 97 is a phase 1.5 engine and 99 - 00 is a phase 2 engine. looms will be totally different and ecu's will have a different plug arrangement.
  9. Yep, the fit no probs. I have Brembos on th V5 RA and the PFF7's fit fine.
  10. Who is the member on here that works for Ian Grieve Subaru in Falkirk? Need some info please about a car you have.
  11. 1. Frenchy x 2 2. Warrior08 x 2 3. Rig-Pig x 1 4. Matty WR1 x 1 5. scooby222 x 1 6. ScoUK x 1 7. subarucraig x1 8. cruz104 9. stum450n 10. marko72 11. Gus the Bus x1 12. Vimmy x1 13. amccan10 x1 14. Smiffy852 x1 15. StrikE x 2 please 16. scoobro x1 17. Kevin x1 18. DaveyLWRX 19. ali37 x 1 20.
  12. I have a pulse extraction system ready to fit and it also has the springs missing. I have a possible source for the springs but need to check spring length with a mates car who also has the same system fitted. Downside is that it will probably be the end of November before I can get this checked as am offshore then on holiday.
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