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    Turbo Timer

    What's your reason for wanting one? These are not required on a Subaru and are generally a waste of money. Just drive for 2 - 3 mins at low boost before turning off and all will be fine.
  2. ali37

    Strange Battery Going Flat.

    Battery will still need replacing - if it gets to the stage of chirping the alarm then the battery will have been dischrged so much that it will never fully recharge.
  3. ali37

    Fire Extinguishers

    Most mount it on to the passenger seat front bolts via a bar or bracket. Not much point of putting it in the boot if you need it in a hurry!! This is what I have fitted : http://www.jjcraceandrally.com/rally/hand-held-extinguishers/jjc-1-75ltr-hand-held-rallying-afff-extinguishant-fire-extinguisher
  4. Yep - awesome brakes. Been using these since 2008. Seem to last a good bit longer too.
  5. ali37

    ecu swap?

    Won't fit. 97 is a phase 1.5 engine and 99 - 00 is a phase 2 engine. looms will be totally different and ecu's will have a different plug arrangement.
  6. ali37

    Prodrive pff7's

    Yep, the fit no probs. I have Brembos on th V5 RA and the PFF7's fit fine.
  7. 1. Frenchy x 2 2. Warrior08 x 2 3. Rig-Pig x 1 4. Matty WR1 x 1 5. scooby222 x 1 6. ScoUK x 1 7. subarucraig x1 8. cruz104 9. stum450n 10. marko72 11. Gus the Bus x1 12. Vimmy x1 13. amccan10 x1 14. Smiffy852 x1 15. StrikE x 2 please 16. scoobro x1 17. Kevin x1 18. DaveyLWRX 19. ali37 x 1 20.
  8. ali37

    2012 Calendar Poll

    Nordscheleife 1st August 2011
  9. I have a pulse extraction system ready to fit and it also has the springs missing. I have a possible source for the springs but need to check spring length with a mates car who also has the same system fitted. Downside is that it will probably be the end of November before I can get this checked as am offshore then on holiday.
  10. Nice write up Baz. We are already talking about getting next years trip arranged.
  11. ali37

    New STi Saloon

    Details of new engine here
  12. In the process of doing this at the moment. Getting newage brembo brakes with PF pads etc., complete whiteline makeover with AST coilovers and upping the power to about 360bhp. Shown here with road wheels on.
  13. ali37


    06 WRX wheels will fit - 100 PCD 06 STI wheels won't fit - 114.5 PCD All 03 bugeyes are 100 PCD
  14. ali37

    Another Noob

    Save you money, you can get better gains than the Prodrive pack for less cash. On a WRX looking for about 300bhp ish you will need roughly the following : Full decat (downpipe - 2 cats & up-pipe 1 cat) £200 - £300 ish STI top mount intercooler - £150 ish VF35 turbo - £300 ish 255lph fuel pump £90 STI 550cc injectors £250 ish ecutek remap £500 green panel filter £40 Think that is about all required. Ali
  15. ali37

    Another Noob

    Hiya, Will give you a wave if I see you about in Aberdeen. Most of us from Aberdeen hang out over at www.aberdeenscoobies.co.uk as well as here. Drop in and say hello. Can reccommend some places in the Aberdeen area for powdercoating your wheels if required. Ali