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  1. cullenmin

    Scooby Sold

    I sold a MY00 Uk Turbo for a Tommi Mak Evo 6. Lasted 4 months then I sold the Tommi for my V4 Type R. Yes the evo was a really nice car but it just wasnt quite the same as a scoob Rich
  2. cullenmin

    Look What I Found In My Boot Today

    Thats quite possible over a period of time, and you know how much rain/snow/sleet we have had over the last few months Rich
  3. cullenmin

    Subaru V5c Document

    Mine says "Impreza R" for the model and it is a type R. All depends what info dvla are given at first registration I would think
  4. cullenmin

    Occasional Cel Flash

    The ecu is located in the passanger footwell, you need to peel back the carpet then unscrew the metal protective cover. The plug for the commander connects into the side of the apexi ecu. Once you have the display on the commander you need to display the knock sensor reading through the monitor menu. Rich
  5. cullenmin

    Occasional Cel Flash

    Do you have the hand held Commander that connects to the apexi ecu? If so then you can display the knock and also set it to display the highest reading. I know my apexi is set to flash the CEL if it measures a knock of 60+ and I have seen this only once whilst driving very hard. Knowing your highest knock reading could identify the reason for the CEL flash or eliminate it. Rich
  6. cullenmin

    Scoobs In Films/tv

    Is outlaw the one with danny dyer in it? Thats the one I was thinking of if it was Rich
  7. cullenmin

    Cads Get 1st Place

    Well Done lads, any pics?
  8. cullenmin

    Getting The 'r' Back .....

    Ouch, sounds like youve had a run of bad luck there mate, heres hoping the carwill be good to you when you get it back. Rich
  9. cullenmin

    Ken Block - Gymkhana Two

    Now thats a cool vid, I'm surprised he didnt end up in the water at one point.......or maybe he did Rich
  10. cullenmin

    The Life Of A Gc8

    Nice project you got going there, keep the updates coming Rich
  11. I'd have the focus out of them, its some machine Rich
  12. The old ones are faster as standard. And old ones usually have a chip, filter and exhaust. These can give many scoobs a good go. Not had any experience with the new civics though Rich
  13. cullenmin

    Type R / P1 Advice

    Find a well looked after type R that has loads of service history by a well known scooby garage and you've cracked it. Type R is faster & cheaper, more hardcore
  14. cullenmin

    Subaru V Fords

    Thats because theres a ford in every second household