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  1. cullenmin

    Ken Block At It Again!

    I want that fiesta for my runaround haha Excellent vid
  2. cullenmin

    Happy Birthday Tommo9375

    Happy Birthday Graeme
  3. cullenmin

    Scooby Sold

    I sold a MY00 Uk Turbo for a Tommi Mak Evo 6. Lasted 4 months then I sold the Tommi for my V4 Type R. Yes the evo was a really nice car but it just wasnt quite the same as a scoob Rich
  4. cullenmin

    Look What I Found In My Boot Today

    Thats quite possible over a period of time, and you know how much rain/snow/sleet we have had over the last few months Rich
  5. cullenmin

    Happy Birthday Dale

    And stuck offshore
  6. cullenmin

    Happy Birthday Dale

    Is that it???? Well we wont bother next year then
  7. cullenmin

    Happy Birthday Dale

    Happy Birthday manny
  8. cullenmin

    Subaru V5c Document

    Mine says "Impreza R" for the model and it is a type R. All depends what info dvla are given at first registration I would think
  9. cullenmin

    Hi All

    Hi Jon, I didnt know you were havin so much trouble with the scoob, thats unlucky mate. Good luck getting it fixed up and it'll be cool to have another type R on the forum. Merry christmas Rich
  10. cullenmin

    ~ The Random Photo Thread ~

    Virgin snow there wayne
  11. cullenmin

    Congratulations To Irish Al & Lyndsey

    Congratulations, hope all is well Rich
  12. cullenmin

    Lucky Escape For Photographer.

    Thats very lucky, pure dediction to getting the closest crash shot
  13. cullenmin

    Made My Own Advent Calender

    Quality advent calender, I've had that sent to me 3 times in the last few days
  14. cullenmin

    Does Anyone Have A Cleaner?

    Don't think I'd make much of a living doing that