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  1. Cheers for that You done any more to the car lately?
  2. Cheers, I've had a civic type R in the past and that was a fun car for a daily driver, in fact my brother still has it so I get a shot from time to time lol
  3. I might if I have the time, plan was to fit them with new discs and orangestuff pads on tuesday. I hardly use the car on the road now so track pads it is.
  4. Ah Thanks again Arch, I did recall seeing it in one of your threads, just didnt have time to browse through the pages and find it. Dave R and I talked about the subject at knockhill trackday Rich
  5. Davie do you have a pic of your boot? I'm in the process of lightening mine so looking to see how much I can cut away? Cheers Rich
  6. Pull cord fitted for battery kill switch bit close to bonnet but hopefully get away with it. Rear drums painted Rich
  7. Decided to go for the rear brembo brake conversion, sourced some calipers, discs & pads from scoobynet from an 06 plate STI that was breaking so I've started the conversion... Old 2 pots Disc size comparison Fortunately for me, my handbrake is 190mm so the newage discs are a direct fit for my handbrake shoes. The backing plate however has to be removed to let the larger discs fit. So this backing plate can be drilled out and removed. I thought best to clean up the hubs at same time so this is them primered and the backing plate to show what I removed. Primered Calipers stripped and cle
  8. For weight saving and having a fully stripped interior doesn't make it look the best or most comfortable if you drive it daily too. My suggestion for interior would be to remove all the sound deadening beneath your carpets then replace the carpets and trim. That will save you approx. 12kg, then remove your spare wheel, jack and tool kit etc when on track. This way you've shifted some weight but still got the comforts of the interior. Brakes is definitely a must for track, depending on budget uprated discs and track/fast road pads is cheapest, then you should consider a newage brembo caliper u
  9. Nice vid there Adam, shame the box made you retire. Hows the damage to the rear, easily repairable? Rich
  10. Its something that gym folk speak about, not sure why our cars would need ABS Rich
  11. Good stuff Dave, hope to see you at next one, its only took you 3 - 4 years to get the scoob on track Good to hear the guys at RA going that extra mile to help out Rich
  12. Wee vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2EdNA0LwaM&feature=youtu.be Rich
  13. Big Thanks to John S for organising a great trackday once again That rain just wouldnt stay away but got a couple good runs when track was damp/drying. I'll have to check all the go pro footage to see if its any use for a wee vid and post it up. Nice to meet a few new and old faces today. Cheers Rich
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