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  1. Gordon are you on drugs??? No one has lost sight of that. We are all adults with families and totally get the big picture here. I would suggest that this being a Subaru site and not pretending to anything else your post is largely redundant!
  2. Having seen the car in the flesh John I know why you are so chuffed Bloody awsome mate!
  3. Just doing my bit for the environment Davie :-)
  4. That sounds just the ticket!
  5. Congratulations guys!
  6. There is also a clue in our club name. Subaru International DRIVERS Club Not just an owners club but a club who goes out and drves together.
  7. At the AGM it was discussed that less emphasis should be put on FB to bring more comments back on the forum and make the place look/feel like a car club. Whilst social media is of great use for banter etc and despite there already being a FB page the danger of another page being set up could only cause more tumble weed at the mother ship. Diversity is good, divisivness is potentially catastrphic for a club already on its knees Another prob with social media is the lack of guidelines and the potential to offend and therefore more animosity and ANOTHER page/splinter group appearing. We all need to rediscover the meaning of the word Club. Noun; My opinion only troops Kevan
  8. Very nice buddy. 2 scoobs for me too.
  9. Backshift for me chaps, bummer.
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