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    I'm Roy had a few impreza's classic's just bought my first newage I'm from Leeds I'm a scaffolder. and hoping to do some shows with you guys.
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    139,000 and a little bit more as ive took into account the many trips to V-ATE
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    Thanks very much guys im delighted with the car its my first newage all I do is clean it 😁 hoping to do some shows with all of you this year
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    Thanks for the help, all taken on board hopefully find the right one soon
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    Welcome Kyle,. Good history and well looked after is more important than mileage I would say. Opinions suggest the 2 litre motor ( blob) is more reliable than the 2.5 in the hawk, but that's a big generalisation. Hawks are a touch newer so it's down to individual cars. Drive both before you decide what power characteristics suits you. Money spent well on good maintenance ( like tensioners along with / at Cambelt time) carries more weight for me than money spent on mods, unless you want those particular mods. Get the undertray off and check the crossbeam under the rad for rust,. Often the first place to start. Good luck with your search. take your time. Cheers
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    Thanks for the reply, trying to do as much research as possible before going for one, been looking out for standard ones, not a great deal of them out there but will keep looking, will also look out for the struts, seen a good example last week but it had quite a bit of blue smoke which put me off
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    Welcome. Best to look out for a standard car (perhaps with highly regarded Prodrive Performance Pack), decent service history, especially timing belt replacement if appropriate. You can always carry put some mods once the proud owner. Knocking struts are a known problem...
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    Hi all. I havnt been on here for a good few years now since i had an early m reg silver wrx which i went to japfest in with the group and then a p reg sti type r in sonic blue , both of which died after i had to sell , the wrx died under a couple of tonnes of scaffolding and the type r , p 927 yae was stripped and broken But after about 4 years away i have now moved back to what i love in the form of a legacy b4 rsk s-edition , may or may not be a keeper as its an auto but we will see in about 6 weeks when she gets to the uk !! I loom forward to chatting with you all
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    I cant disagree with either of the above, so just throwing Sky insurance into the mix as its a good idea to get a couple of quotes.
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    Well since the start of the year ive been collecting coins and found my favourite isle of man 20p what a cracker
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    I would be well pissed off of my neigbour shit all over my car 😂😂😂sounds like he needs a good kick in the spuds oops i mis-read the tree is at fauly chop the bloody thing down😁
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    Need to get some better pics done weather not helping tho! Ones at home but used a filter sorry bout that and other is at work! Does anyone know how many of these models were actually built? Also best brake upgrades I’ve heard either Brembo or STI callipers are good upgrades?
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    Cheers geez got the dab230 fitted finally also got wheels and full service booked in!
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    So, STi went into Quenbys (ex Subaru main dealers) on Thursday, struts removed, top mount bearings replaced (failed at only 22,500 miles and possibly caused by incorrect fitting of new Eibachs?), springs refitted properly and knocking gone. Fortunately, it appears that the struts are undamaged. Quenbys have kindly provided photographic evidence, including shots of damage and subsequent rust caused by the struts/springs fouling the inner wings. They even treated the damage with underseal. If any members are within a reasonable distance from Baldock, Herts and out of warranty, I cannot recommend highly enough. The battle now commences to get my money back from Cambridge Subaru. If they are unwilling to agree, my motor legal protection insurer will be involved...
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    135432 miles whats a cleaning kit???? tony
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    Incredibly I have agreed a total renewal premium of £371.06 with Admiral for comprehensive, protected NCD, £350 excess for the WRX STI (mods disclosed) and the Merc C350 AMG coupe! It appears that they do take account of long term conviction and claims history. Me no convictions for 54 years, last and only minor claim 1990 sliding into a snow drift and Carol, no claims or convictions over 49 years. One benefit of being oldies!!
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    ccrien, I agree with you entirely - these big screen infortainment systems are no different to using a mobile phone while driving, a total distraction. And people ask why we suffer so many pile ups on our motorways. What I like about our latest model STI is that you can't even program the satnav unless you are stationary. Personally, rarely even turn on the radio, prefer to concentrate on driving, a decision that has kept me accident and conviction free for 54 years!!
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    Hi John I have a multi car policy with Aviva and it has been going up by 10% every year, I have just phoned Admiral to see if they would insure my WRX Sti ppp, they told me that they didn’t insure cars with increased performance, any chance you could give me a contact number. Thanks Jim
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    Welcome Kyle. All very good advice above. If you want a Hawkeye WRX with the EJ205 you could also have a look into the import route. Japanese examples tend to be less likely to suffer from rust & generally have lower mileage. Another benefit would be even cheaper road tax than UK Blobs & early 06 Hawks. £255 a year vs £315 a year currently. Couple of specs & brochures for JDM Hawks JDM WRX Hawk specs: http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/catalog/SUBARU__IMPREZA/10034669/ JDM WRX Hawk brochure March 2006: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2006.03 impreza WRX/2006.03 impreza WRX.html JDM WRX Hawk brochure November 2006: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2006.11 imprezaWRX/2006.11 imprezaWRX.html JDM WRX Hawk WR-Limited specs: http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/catalog/SUBARU__IMPREZA/10029166/ JDM WRX Hawk WR-Limited brochure: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2005.8 impreza WRX WR-Limited 2005/2005.8 impreza WRX WR-Limited 2005.html The UK has some cracking special editions to keep a look out for too. Blobeye WRX 300 (PPP as standard) brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Tg7ZPMAwxqUGNuSDhDSFFLTlU/view Blobeye & Hawkeye WRX SL. Comes with heated leather seats + sunroof as standard & the option of the Prodrive Performance Pack. When looking for the PPP, always ask to see the certificate of authenticity as some owners never applied the silver sticker of authenticity to the car, preferring to keep it with the rest of the paper work. If the sticker is on the car, its generally located on the inner frame when you open the driver’s door, although I’ve seen them in various places ranging from the engine bay to the top of the driver’s sun visor… Here is a picture of things to look out for on a PPP equipped WRX, although it may have had additional modifications since the PPP was fitted. I believe the silicone intercooler Y-pipe was available in both blue & red. Prodrive recommend that 18’’ wheels & tyres are to be fitted to PPP equipped WRX's, so you may find a nice set of Prodrive or STI alloys fitted on the car too! A very rare option included the Prodrive 330mm Alcon Brake Conversion Kit as seen on the Subaru Impreza P1. I have not seen many Subaru's with this option fitted. Blobeye WRX PPP brochure: https://impreza.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2003-WRX-PPP-Brochure.pdf Hawkeye WRX PPP brochure: https://impreza.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2006-WRX-PPP-Brochure.pdf Hawkeye WRX GB270 (PPP as standard) brochure (Higher road tax of £540): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Tg7ZPMAwxqeUdXVjZTYklMSWc/view
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    Hello All, Ever since I've owned my subaru the ABS seems to cut in very early making stopping times longer not shorter. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. The tyres are ditch finders but I'm used to driving a drift bmw with ditch finders on and that stops incredibly well in comparison. When the ABS works on the legacy it hardly pushes you forward out of your seat. Is there a fuse i can pull to disable the ABS? for testing. Cheers, Tony
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    all good advice. check oil & water check engine light, airbag and abs lights must be on with ign and go off once started. treat Any £10 fix comment with pinch of salt. if that cheap would already been fixed 1. test cold start up, rattles and smoke. 2. test drive 10 to 20 test hot start smoke 3. slowly drive full lock to lock in 1st and reverse, clunking jumping 4. check oil n water again 5. look for an anal enthusiasts car also agree Johns post the WRX 2.5ltr not a Big issue tony
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    Hi Kyle If your looking for a hawk, I would recommend getting the early 06 if your lucky enough to get one. Your wallet will thank you. As road tax on the later registered models went up well over the £500 mark. Whereas the earlier models were half that. Strange though, same engine/same emissions.
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    Hi Guys I haven't posted here for a few years I am pleased to see Scooby Floz is leading the club well Anyway it was a honour to attend Chris's funneral he gave much of his time at various shows judging the Show and Shines for the SIDC The SIDC was mentioned in the Eulogy as it was a big part of Chris's Life RIP Big Man Phil Stephens
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    One of our most enjoyable allrounders was a 2006MY WRX 2.5 with Prodrive PP and Prodrive spring kit (owned for 10 years). Bags of power and torque - 5 speed box, in my opinion, perfect rather than current STI's too close 6 speeder. If struts prove to be a problem, KYB superior gas struts can no doubt be sourced from an independent supplier at a decent cost. Don't think of Subaru prices!
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    It can only go up in value. Look after it! After three classics, incuding a RB5 PPP, a blob eye, a hawk and current WRX STI, quite like Subaru!
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    Hi mate ye it's a rb320
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    https://www.facebook.com/staffordshiredetailing/videos/404119443705438/ I used to have a 1999 turbo 2000 with a load of prodrive parts back in 2001. I've recently bought this 2009 spec c hatch. It's just had an 120 hour professional detail by j g a Staffordshire detailed valeting. I plan to keep it long term, I'm interested in taking it to a few shows in the summer when the weather is fit to get it out of storage.
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    Hey friends, I would really welcome any serious thoughts or comments to my post on Friday!!! Thanks. Are you there Don?
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    Sadly, it's that time of year again. V11 received today demanding £540 from my diminishing funds. STI covers about 4,000 miles a year - some may not agree, but isn't it time VED was abolished and replaced with extra fuel duty (or at least a discount on V- Power!!).
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    I agree with you all. Should we take a lead from the French and organise all SIDC members to drive down to Westminster, block all access to Parliament, wave some banners, light some tyres and kidnap Philip Hammond? (Only joking just in case MI5 looking in)...
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    So, new Enduroline 75Ah/650CCA battery from Tanya fitted today and initial impression very positive. Tanya have recommended using the CTEK charger whenever the STI is unlikely to be used for a few days... This is the third battery on my March 2014 (2015MY ) STI. Hope new one will last for at least 3 years! Meantime, little used Merc C350 7 year old battery fires it up still as if new...
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    Top bloke,regrettably lost touch over the last few years. RIP KIP
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    Hello Anthony, welcome aboard. Still feel the 2000 turbos were amazing. Raw performance and without all of the unwanted and unneeded electronic kit of the latest STIs.
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    Had my subaru for about 3 months now I would like to come to some shows this year I have got a impreza gf8 uk2000 turbo.. Thanks
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    Welcome Anthony. There are lots of good shows & runs to choose from in the events calendar. +1 for some pics of your Scooby!
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    That does look nice .... 😎
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    Thanks ccrien, I am fairly certain that the current STi quick rack is hydraulic, rather than electric. Oddly enough, before you posted, I had decided to seek a second opinion and the car will go to ex. Subaru dealership, Quenbys of Baldock. They still have two of their original Subaru technicians, who have been with the firm for many years and they still service and repair loyal Subaru owners' cars.
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    Strange for the rack to go before the much more likely droplinks, track rod ends or even rack bushes? Think I read somewhere that the early electric driven racks on some models ( recentish legacy or forester??) suffered from a water leak that led to deterioration but I have no idea if that's the type of rack in your STi or whether that would cause the knocking ( sure Don would know). But if the knocking is sourced from the steering rack, I would describe the cause as a faulty rack rather than a worn rack, after so few miles and its age, and if I were in your shoes I would be looking for a second opinion. As well as assurances that the droplinks and all steering ancillary parts, bushes etc are fine, before considering replacing the rack.
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    As previously said, I have been leaving the alarm unset while on holidays, although garaged, not an ideal arrangement. With the CTEK I can carefuĺy close the bonnet, set the alarm and rest in peace!
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    Fantastic! I guess my man possesses a multimeter and I will let you know the outcome - you may have saved me some serious money, but no doubt if I need a new sensor(s), Subaru price will be rediculous, as always!!
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