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    Hello everyone, after some period of inactivity and being Subaru-less for 4 years, I am now back to the fold with a 2008 Impreza 20th anniversary. I've previously owned a 2007 WRX wagon, a 2006 Forester STi and a 2004 Forester STi. I am looking forward to seeing you in the forthcoming meetings.
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    Well that's a challenge . I think you should post the said big central turbo so we can all have a drool over it.
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    Looks like an American Pro-Mod as seen on street outlaws👍 I love Drag racing .
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    Ok I suppose you want the Arrow Rods, Arrow Crank, and omega pistons to go with that block . if I win millions ……. consider it yours 👍
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    It would appear to be a SF Forester of some description, resprayed in WR Blue Mica with a Blobeye STI hood scoop, Bugeye headlights and a customised/aftermarket front bumper. Those are some awesome Scoobs Floz!
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    hardly Floz. ive had the same old parts for sale for months ,just my lucky day should I buy a lottery ticket ? if I win big ill get all my sidc buddies a good mod or two , just say I do win big what does everyone want ? any mod just name it !
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