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    I'm Roy had a few impreza's classic's just bought my first newage I'm from Leeds I'm a scaffolder. and hoping to do some shows with you guys.
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    Thanks very much guys im delighted with the car its my first newage all I do is clean it 😁 hoping to do some shows with all of you this year
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    Thanks for the help, all taken on board hopefully find the right one soon
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    Welcome Kyle,. Good history and well looked after is more important than mileage I would say. Opinions suggest the 2 litre motor ( blob) is more reliable than the 2.5 in the hawk, but that's a big generalisation. Hawks are a touch newer so it's down to individual cars. Drive both before you decide what power characteristics suits you. Money spent well on good maintenance ( like tensioners along with / at Cambelt time) carries more weight for me than money spent on mods, unless you want those particular mods. Get the undertray off and check the crossbeam under the rad for rust,. Often the first place to start. Good luck with your search. take your time. Cheers
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    Thanks for the reply, trying to do as much research as possible before going for one, been looking out for standard ones, not a great deal of them out there but will keep looking, will also look out for the struts, seen a good example last week but it had quite a bit of blue smoke which put me off
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    Welcome. Best to look out for a standard car (perhaps with highly regarded Prodrive Performance Pack), decent service history, especially timing belt replacement if appropriate. You can always carry put some mods once the proud owner. Knocking struts are a known problem...
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    Hi Floz Ticket arrived thanks. Hope the sun shines, should be a good day. safe journey to everyone. Dave 33dne
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    Guess we have to be on our best behaviour.
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    Tickets booked.
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    Put me down for this
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    I would be well pissed off of my neigbour shit all over my car 😂😂😂sounds like he needs a good kick in the spuds oops i mis-read the tree is at fauly chop the bloody thing down😁
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    Need to get some better pics done weather not helping tho! Ones at home but used a filter sorry bout that and other is at work! Does anyone know how many of these models were actually built? Also best brake upgrades I’ve heard either Brembo or STI callipers are good upgrades?
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    Hello All, Ever since I've owned my subaru the ABS seems to cut in very early making stopping times longer not shorter. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. The tyres are ditch finders but I'm used to driving a drift bmw with ditch finders on and that stops incredibly well in comparison. When the ABS works on the legacy it hardly pushes you forward out of your seat. Is there a fuse i can pull to disable the ABS? for testing. Cheers, Tony
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    Hi Kyle If your looking for a hawk, I would recommend getting the early 06 if your lucky enough to get one. Your wallet will thank you. As road tax on the later registered models went up well over the £500 mark. Whereas the earlier models were half that. Strange though, same engine/same emissions.
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    Hi mate ye it's a rb320
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    I agree with you all. Should we take a lead from the French and organise all SIDC members to drive down to Westminster, block all access to Parliament, wave some banners, light some tyres and kidnap Philip Hammond? (Only joking just in case MI5 looking in)...
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    Top bloke,regrettably lost touch over the last few years. RIP KIP
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    Hello Anthony, welcome aboard. Still feel the 2000 turbos were amazing. Raw performance and without all of the unwanted and unneeded electronic kit of the latest STIs.
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    Welcome Anthony. There are lots of good shows & runs to choose from in the events calendar. +1 for some pics of your Scooby!
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    Problem is that with the 2015MY STI, if the battery is disconected/goes flat after two weeks holiday, I loose all of the settings, which are very longwinded and not entirely logical to reinstate. Shall stick with my CTEK charger being connected while away! (Don's excellent suggestion). John
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    I live on the Isle of Man....plenty of space to ope nit up and use the power! I have a dual mapped setup so a choice of 360 or 280bhp. I can't remember the last time I bothered to put it in high boost...... That should tell you the reality of spending a fortune to get extra ponies to enable you to reach the next queue at the red lights 1 second quicker....
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    Hello Scooby People, I have recently dived into the world of Subaru ownership. After overcoming the temptation to buy one of the abundant dirt cheap saab aero estates, I have purchased a Subaru Legacy R Spec.B (UKDM) for a very "reasonable" price. "Why have you put reasonable in quotation marks?" I hear you ask. Well, there are some issues I knew about when I bought the car and there are some that I have found in the last few days of ownership, so it may end up being a money pit Issues I know about: Front O/S inner CV boot in two pieces, CV grease everywhere! Rear N/S wheel bearing play/noise Gear shifter is a wobbly mess Slight pull to the N/S under initial braking (suspect bushes) Cruise control didn't work (already fixed see; issues i didn't know about) The handle that lifts up the boot floor is broken The rear wiper doesn't return to a position, when you switch it off it just stops where it is Whine from auxiliaries Exhaust has a rattle (might be something else, comes from middle under the car at about 3krpm) Issues I didn't know about: The CEL was on, the cluster had been taken apart and had black elecy tape put over it so it didn't light up The CRUISE light had had the same treatment as above. Big ol' rust hole Now, I know you are thinking what an idiot for buying a car without checking the CEL, but let me prepare you for me being even more of an idiot: I noticed the CEL didn't light up on ignition but i liked the car so much that i told myself that "maybe these cars don't have it come on when you turn the ignition on", which is stupid. Don't do what i did kids, check the CEL. I've taken apart the dash and pulled off all the tape and reset the CEL and so far no codes, this also made the cruise control work again so fingers crossed. The code it had stored was P0056, so potential for the O2 sensor to need replacement but I was happy that was the only one when it could have been far worse. Hopefully the bodgey scam artist who added the tape (might not of been the previous owner as it came from auction) hasnt bodged anything else. So plans are (in no order): Repair the rust hole Replace CV Boot (ordered) Change suspension bushes, full poly-bush kit (ordered) Change gear linkage bushes <- anyone know of any good 6 speed kits??? Give it a service; Oil, Filters, Aux belt/tensioners etc Check timing chain tension (if i can work out how?) Work out how wipers set their park position? Tint the rear windows (nothing drastic, 40%?) referb the curbed wheels I'm going to be searching around for solutions to the problems I have listed above, if anyone wants to save me some button clicks and tell me where I can find anything relevant that would be excellent! Anyone who read all that, well done. Cheers, Tony
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    My car is rarely used too now. I have a nice little 10,000mAh LiION battery that can charge my phone and iPad, or jump the car. It can start a dead flat car too. Very impressive little thing. I take it away with me. Has to go hand baggage anyway, so perfect to wake the car up. I should plug a solar apck into it to be fair as it's outside facing south in my car park spot....
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    As previously said, I have been leaving the alarm unset while on holidays, although garaged, not an ideal arrangement. With the CTEK I can carefuĺy close the bonnet, set the alarm and rest in peace!
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    Would watch it again if they brought back Tony Mason!
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    Don, you should start charging for you excellent advice. Thank you!
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    Oooh mate its a bloody minefield mite just cut the original one in half and see what happens😂😂
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    Hi Tony, thanks for that. I bought the car the way it stands now, however I spoke with the previous owner today again and asked if there was any signs of something wrong. He said that when he was letting the clutch out it would judder. I spoke with the guys at scoobyclinic today and they think that the clutch release bearing and the friction plate could be at fault. I'm hoping thats the problem. Fingers crossed. I'm going to take off the gearbox at the weekend and have a look. I had a look at the model number and it's Gc8c48d and the transmission type is Ty752vb4aa. I'm not sure if the gearbox has been changed before or not though. Will check the code on the box at the weekend. Thanks again for taking the time to explain things to me again, much appreciated Stuart
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    Thank you very much mate. I had a look on the tag on the suspension strut and got the gearbox code. I will get the old box off just incase that has been changed at some point in its life. I had a quick look on eBay for a gearbox with the code on the tag and only one came up for £700. Would that price be reasonable or not. Engine wise I have receipts for the STI 8 engine and what was done at that point, but nothing else. Really appreciate you taking the time to explain to me mate.
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    Tickets ordered and Chippenham booked x2.
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    Tickets ordered and paid
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    Tickets ordered and paid
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    booked, looking forward to this.
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    Ticket purchased ☺ cheers Floz
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    Would you be able to book some time the day of the show?
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    That'll the first ? LOL Tonu
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    Oooh go on then ill have one
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    hahaha, mine too. will just have to use large font to fill the page.
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    Spec sheet lol guess mine will be a short one
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    Got it! I'll write something up, throw in a photo, and shoot you the email as soon as I'm done. Thanks, @scoobiefloz!!
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    Could I see what you made to get an idea of what I should be sending you?
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    any ideas on when tickets will be sent out
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    This is the comment I just got Bryn Howel Hotel has no availability for your travel dates on Hotels.com next closest hotel is 2.2miles away and charging £200. I will keep checking, if I cant get anything reasonably priced, I will have to opt out
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    Ill hopefully be rocking up bout six dependent on copius amounts of costa coffee due to being shafted at work
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