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    The cool kids say …. Pics or its not true.
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    Cheers pal Hi Will and cheers bud. Tyres are cheap ass kieser something or others. They came on the Prodrive forged rims when I bought the car and have only used them in the so called Scottish summer this year; they're completely crap. They'll soon be replaced with Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3's for next year. I've just got to take my ITC gold rims that have Wintraxs on to Rimtech in for a colour change to maybe a dark anthracite or gun metal as I can't stand gold rims so they're ready for winter. Andy.
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    Well I never knew that Subaru means to unite and that the Subaru business was created by joining 5 companies and looking to a cluster of 6 stars in the Taurus constellation called Pléiades. So interesting! Look at the constellation to see the resemblance to the Subaru logo! D
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    My baby’s back from the paint shop! Bonnet, roof, side and front skirts resprayed! Plus lots of other bits!
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    Hi everyone, just got my dream car after wanting one since I was 11, 20 years later and I’ve got one, Subaru WRX STI, amazing car, so I’ve just joined up on here with other like minded people, good to be part of this group and hope to get to some meets with you all.
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    Still raining but this is a pre this year spray piC. Lockheed and t5nyw! 😍😍 L
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    I've got the fuse cubby pocket, Just let me know what you need and I can send it over to you. Obviously you can pay postage 😉 Andy.
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    Yes the Scotsmen has won again....
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    Sounds like a challenge to me …… Tony
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    127.5% error in max speed is a bit more than eu regs allow! But 900 feet is still deeper than the North Sea unless you go bit more then 25 mile plus out, East of the Farne Deeps up ( a bit north of ) here and you would have needed a funny gas for you and the scooby to breath.
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    Nice day will be along soon, dont risk it in the rain
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    Yeah whatever, hahaha, she snuggling in the garage 🤪🤪
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    Little beads of rain adds to the shine 👍
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    Hahaha will do when it stops bloody raining! She tucked up in garage atmo under her duvet lol
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    And where you been to get - 900 feet below sea level? Amsterdam isnt even that low!
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    Wow, where did yo get it remapped?
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    Agreed more pictures 👍
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    Nice Hawk . more pics please
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    Hi All Thought I'd come over to here from SF.org to see what the craic is. Some of you may know me as highland forry (oh I wish I didn't choose that name). Daily driver is my04 FSTi Andy.
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    Cheers Will and if you look closely you may see Nessy 🙄
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    It was perfectly fine. Definitely could of pushed more haha
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    Welcome! Hope you are enjoying your new toy! My baby is just back from the paint shop!
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    Nice! Welcome.
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    Hi Andy ,welcome and very nice to see you over here a very sensible migration . What tyres do you have fitted they look very knobbly.
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    I bought a jdm folding mirror from ebay .. due to turn up tomorrow , the plug and wiring looks identical but we will see . The colour coded cover certainly is not the same but happily I don't need that bit . I thank you again , some of this stuff just isn't possible with out good help.
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    Well nice part 2 Tony 👍 I was going to say I hope you got home safely!!? Also wish I booked a track session now 😫 will be ready for next time..
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    My first session with @Joe Preston a bit boring really as not enough cars
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    I've just done precisely what you have just suggested
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    About fubar even worse, only 3thou of Front brake pads left but only braked 6 times on way home, to come to rest then at petrol stop a very ickle kerb jumped out and knocked off corner of Lip spoiler
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    Nice one ( or two) Tony,. Wonder what your tyres looked like after that?
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    or £ 270 new just hope a second hand one is on Ebay to make a good one out of two. Tony
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    Great day out on Saturday, good old fashioned forest rally feel to the Galloway Hills Rally, with open access to the service area, free access to a couple of the stages and a nice souvenir for the boys courtesy of a real gent, Davd Bogie, who came up for a photo at the finishing ceremony and "presented" them with his ( empty) winners champagne bottle. Jock Armstrong' s Impreza came second in the SRC part of the rally. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-49714396n http://gallowayhillsrally.co.uk/news/
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    Cheers Jeffers,yy Sure you will enjoy your new car: they used to do a fair amount of business/ turnover of WRX and Sti's but unfortunately Alexandra closed down a few years ago. Their mantle seemed to be then picked up by Subaru Newcastle (based in Wingrove Citroen) at the time, but they didnt last long. Was just wondering. We still have a dealer in Northumberland, but what was a small independent and rather specialist outfit where for example you walked straight in to talk part numbers and details to the parts guys in their den, has now moved after being absorbed into what's primarily a big vauxhall chain with typical glassy showroom and a little front parts desk with a bell to ring! Sign of the times.
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