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    Hello everyone, after some period of inactivity and being Subaru-less for 4 years, I am now back to the fold with a 2008 Impreza 20th anniversary. I've previously owned a 2007 WRX wagon, a 2006 Forester STi and a 2004 Forester STi. I am looking forward to seeing you in the forthcoming meetings.
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    Hi all, after originally joining in 2005 with my UK wagon which I had for 3 years, sold to a squaddie came from Germany, had a few other cars before buying a silver wrx, sold that to a guy from swindon.. A year later in 2011, I bought a 1999 prodrive forester, and like a madman I sold that in summer 2012😪 I regretted ever selling the fozzy, tried to contact the guy to offer to buy it back.... Had no contact with him.... I watched it online regarding MOT's ect, checking with total car check for any info I could get. Done this for 7 years!!, untill mid July when it can up 15 mins away on EBay out of the blue. Anyway ... Long story short... Arranged a viewing, test drive, still had the SIDC stickers in rear windows!, same guy owned it, px to a trader, offered 1200 to his 1500, eventually accepted, gave £500 deposit...thought I wasnt ever getting it back!!!... Looking a little worse for wear, it needs some loving. Couldnt bear the thought of it getting in wrong hands, its had thousands spent on it, very unique, and sentimental to myself 😀. Welcome home green fozzy!,
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    So yesterday a young lad from lydd cleared me out of most of my stuff on ebay Wheels and tyres ,rear brembos , whiteline arb , and some rear discs I had laying about . Later on that evening I also sold a golf buggy within ten mins of advertising he picked it up this morning , while he was at mine I sold him my other golf buggy as well that wasn't advertised . (this is a good financial start to my rotated turbo project) Now im watching a F16 at Eastbourne air show and its shaking my windows , with a large Gin and tonic👍
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    hardly Floz. ive had the same old parts for sale for months ,just my lucky day should I buy a lottery ticket ? if I win big ill get all my sidc buddies a good mod or two , just say I do win big what does everyone want ? any mod just name it !
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    From one forester owner to another you have my respect , good luck and hope to see you at few events.
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    Well that's a challenge . I think you should post the said big central turbo so we can all have a drool over it.
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    Looks like an American Pro-Mod as seen on street outlaws👍 I love Drag racing .
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    Ok I suppose you want the Arrow Rods, Arrow Crank, and omega pistons to go with that block . if I win millions ……. consider it yours 👍
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    It would appear to be a SF Forester of some description, resprayed in WR Blue Mica with a Blobeye STI hood scoop, Bugeye headlights and a customised/aftermarket front bumper. Those are some awesome Scoobs Floz!
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    Hi everyone, Just to say 'Hi' and that after 20 years since last owning my first Impreza ('98 - S Plate - Red Turbo 2000 Saloon) I've returned to owning the car that brings a big smile to my face... After much research and luck I've found something quite special (well to me anyway!!) 2004 WRX Wagon in WRS Blue PPP with certificate 1st owner had the car for 14 years - garaged the whole time! A few tasteful mods done by the 1st owner: 18" Pro Drive Wheels Adjustable Coil Over Shocks (BC Racing) VF34 Turbo (with remap for running on 99) Since buying I have had the car fully undersealed (Mercosol Treatment) and full detail by Spirit Detailing of Aylesbury, highly recommended! I hope to be at Simply Japanese next Sunday so hope to meet up with a few of you there. Cheers, Rich
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    Hi Tony what could the differences be on the jdm
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    I fitted impreza suspension to it, some purple kyb adjustables with tein springs, and some 2005 sti rears.... Has since been fitted with coilovers and fully poly bushed,
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    Cheers guys, certainly didn't want to lose a second chance with this fozzy, although high miles and needing some work but they are such a versatile vehicle. Its for keeps now, ive also got a Jag and my little Pug van for work so getting tight!, I know i did the right thing... Makes me smile when look out the window😀 Will try and post a pic up, from when I had it in 2012... Looks a bit sad at the mo lol
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    £280 less 10%discretionary/ "trade" discount??
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