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    Hi all, The car I have now is a 2005 Hawkeye, JDM 2.1 stroker, wide arch conversion. Since I purchased it about two months ago it’s been at RCM being worked on. Almost a full under chassis resto. Nitron R3 shocks, Alcon six pots. I still need to do some work to the car to get it right. It wasn’t in the best state. Previous work wasn’t done to a great standard. I intend to keep it for the foreseeable so I’ve spent at least double what the cars worth. This is the 3rd Impreza I’ve owned, a classic uk2000 (I regret selling that), a blobeye WRX STI styling kit 280bhp (a lovely car but not an STI) and this Hawkeye. once it’s done to how I want it I’ll do a full post.
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