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    Hi guys, getting bit too old and life is too short to polish cars any more, has to be an easier way. Found this online and got from local Halfords, only £16.00. Easy application apparently, spray wax on then rinse off and wipe down with microfibre cloth. Wash & clean car, spray on wax then dry with microfibre cloth to lay down foundation layer, as my car was already clean and used Williams Waterless Wax went straight to spraying on wax then rinsing off with my garden hose. Was amazed at how the water just bobbled on the surface and easy to come off with just a wipe down with microfibre. There are other products on market eg. Auto Finesse, Autoglym etc and only went with Maguiar's as reduced from £20 to £16 online. I am really sceptical re hype surrounding products, but have been suitably impressed, having now treated both my cars and got good results.
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