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    You could always go for the "well used" disc look: ( 6 months under the sea as a lobster pot anchor, LOL)
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    Hi guys i am a old member back to the forum , at the moment i dont have a car but i am looking for a cs400 . If anyone has one for sale or knows of one that might be for sale can you please let me know . Cheers to all . Thanks Lewis.
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    Hi To all sidc members and furum members Have a good Christmas and all The very best for 2020! And enjoy your scoobies Dave 33dne
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    Im not good with this modern tech stuff ( the emoji film was bad!). But if i could send you all Christmas cards I would,. So I also agree. Have a great new year.
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    Mainly been fiddling to get the interior out for the last couple of evenings and now starting on the mammoth task of removing all the wiring.....
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    Thanks guys. Shell stripping has been put off this weekend in order to get some paint on the parts that were blasted (see pic!). All the bushes were left in for blasting/paint as theyโ€™re all getting replaced anyway. Brakes calipers are also in a bit of a state so will need to properly sort them out if anyone knows of somewhere worth sending them for fresh paint? Iโ€™ll turn this in to a bit of a project thread as I go! Dipping is booked for Feb 5th so plenty needing to be done before then! Currently thinking against the full cage, but at the same time I kinda feel like I should while I have the opportunity, so that will take a bit more thought.
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    Prototype.... cyber Geoff .... ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Hi all... Based in the isle of man and stoked to be part of the group. Drive a gc8 import wrx as a daily.
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    Matthew Welcome to the SIDC ๐Ÿ‘ tony
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    Cheers Will and if you look closely you may see Nessy ๐Ÿ™„
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