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  4. Part code: 91031U - Part Number: "Door mirror unit kit-left" 91029FG170 (Used my VIN to confirm all bells and whistles version) Most parts sites show this as "no longer available" - looks like breakers yard, unless Subaru UK has one in stock somewhere............... not cheap when new https://partsouq.com/en/search/all?q=91029FG170
  5. Don My Passenger Door mirror motor clutch is @@@@ motor works permanently but not driving Wheres the cheapest to get a new replacement Folding heated adjustable etc in no hurry as cut cable to motor also not bothered about colour coded as the cover is ok.
  6. Thanks Don πŸ‘ I think prodrive left the resonator in on some models only tanking our 2nd Cat. But not 100% on that If you have box that looks like a squashed water bottle then that’s the resonator tony
  7. I think what Tony is trying to show is On this diagram it's item 32 This is an expansion box which for MY10 onwards was replaced on some models with just a resonator. As the UK wrx-s is a PPP'd (Prodrive Performance Package) car it may already have the 2nd cat removed and have a Prodrive backbox ??? so the next logical step would be to replace the centre pipe with a straight through. https://www.haywardandscott.com/subaru/impreza-turbo-08-onwards/08-impreza-centre-pipe-single-exit.html
  8. https://www.subarupartsamerica.com/parts/2008/SUBARU/Impreza/WRX STI/?siteid=216122&vehicleid=204487&section=EXHAUST SYSTEM&group=&subgroup=&component=&searchText=&startRow=11&maxRow=10 item 12 itermediate pipe
  9. This one is mine! 20190707_113710 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr Was slightly disappointed when I realised I had driven nearly 600 miles only to find I wasnt the only red 5 door Subaru at the show... 20190707_124037 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_124024 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr So, er Hi! If you have nothing better to do have a look thru my gallery on flickr at the other jems at the show, LOL!
  10. 20190707_140407 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140342 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140220 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140158 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_135919 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_124612 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_123714 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_123724 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_114308 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr
  11. Hi all! I've lurked for a few months now but not had anything to post until now! Done a bit of international driving in my Subaru to Gemert in the south east corner of the Netherlands from Scotland to the annual Japan classic sunday. Here are the Subs I spotted... 20190707_143641 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_143621 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140932 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140813 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140820 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140733 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr 20190707_140702 by deeelux deeelux, on Flickr
  12. Hi all I've got a WRX-S Hatchback and was wondering if anyone can verify if it's the middle silencer that makes the car so quiet also any local club/meets to the rickmansworth area? Much appreciated Karl
  13. Most impressive thing is that the rain just runs off both my cars, normally after the rain it looks like half the Sahara desert has landed on the cars. No longer, just give a quick wipe over with microfibre cloth then, and clean and shiny again. Just as well as taking the Alfa to car show on Sunday at Glamis Castle and as it is black every blemish shows.
  14. STImulation

    Supercar Fest

    Are you going to this @Pete britton?
  15. Nice video. @@@@@@@@ TGV and 340R map
  16. Only if you were going for big power (they would need to be mapped out and fuelling adjusted to suit). Tony probably has a different take on them 🀨
  17. Thanks me don so according to that video remove the butterfly valves seems a lot of aggro to me will it make a difference power wise or are the gains not worth all the taking things apart πŸ€”
  18. Oh ok ive never heard of them so if they restrict the engine i assume they can be removed
  19. Whats a TGV i thought it was a bloody fast french train or am i being a tit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  20. price depends on model year . οΏ‘40 more your heads have TGV fitted
  21. You could give the DJI PHANTOM a quick scrub up 😁😁
  22. Can they do my car its looking a bit shabby after being parked under a tree pigeon snot pigeon shit and sticky stuff that i can only assume is pigeon love juice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh well guess its a visit to the multicultural car wash on the way home friday nite
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  24. I noticed they do that now , the close up pic looks like flocking or flocked . Do we get discounts at icp ?
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