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  2. Europe’s biggest Japanese car show is back at Silverstone Circuit for 2020. Experience non-stop high-speed performance Japanese track action including spectacular drifting displays, a huge retail village and over 4,000 of Europe’s best Japanese cars on display from the UK’s thriving club scene. Firmly established as Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, Japfest is the premier event for the serious enthusiast with all day edge-of-the-seat track action; this show never ceases to amaze. Discussion thread and ticket info here
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  4. Welcome to the SIDC I 100% agree to your choices, and should get you a Hawk STi or Hawk STi for that money. And on plus side it,s not your first Subaru "Rodeo" Although you will notice that JDMs prices are holding very well, which brings its own problems. I spent 5 months helping a local friend get a reasonable JDM Hawk. with any 15 year old performance car plenty of nails and Sheds are out there. Even obvious UK cars and not so, being sold as JDM,s. Some people didn,t know what they previously bought and so were conned. Others blatant rogues. JDMs that are mint enthusiasts cars are so rare and demand big bucks. There are a few reputable dealers out there and a very well known Rouge with new name. Perhaps concider a Fresh import but again car age against you, see what Auction code is has. I,m probably going against my normal adivise, as say get a mint, enthusiasts low millage UK as long as properly forged. it may be better choice than a rough JDM. best of luck Tony Tony
  5. t5nyw

    Rallyday - 20th June

    i am away @@@@@. They are going to miss T5NYW on the Track Tony
  6. Well i have got the correct intake. But I've also got a spare bonnet. I could go super sleeper with this bonnet and delete the scoop altogether. What does the panel think.?
  7. And to match the new hole, a custom made, offset, hulk sized, second bonnet scoop? looking good though.
  8. Sure theres a hole cutter somewhere?
  9. Thanks Don maybe I can trace the problem through the wiring.
  10. Might have ordered the wrong inlet pipe 🤣
  11. Oh I forgot to say I've increased injector size to 950cc from 800cc and will be enlarging the front to rear fuel line to-8. Some more pics
  12. Interestingly I've been experiencing some clutch bounce it's an act xtreme clutch rated to 640 ftlbs its been amazing 55k odd I've done at close to 4/500 hp. So I think the decision has been made to pull the motor and refresh it, do the cams and fit the vernier pully and change the clutch. But this is roughly what it will look like
  13. Well I've been busy I ve had to alter the turbo side boost by changing the orientation of the tube and adding a 12 mm wide pie cut. The rest of the install went well, don't know what I was worrying about
  14. And still looks tremendous, just goes to show if look them they will look after you!
  15. Pleased as punch with the forester, passed 200k miles last week, and still fully fit for purpose:
  16. Last week
  17. Yes I cleaned the valve and throttle body aswell. is their a wireing diagram of this part of the system so I can trace back from the icv.
  18. Very much doubt it, if the symptom is when youre stopped or with clutch depressed. Try Don's suggestion in case the dealer didnt do this?
  19. Thanks for coming back to me on this, maindealer said they checked, cleaned everything they could think of even swapped the ecu over just in case something had been maped in. Dealer seamed to think its something between ecu and icv .maybe another sensor ??? do you think it might be the speed sensor that's on the gearbox???
  20. Just when cold, or all the time? they can often be like that when cold and as you say, when dipping the clutch just before changing down approaching a junction for example, for a couple of miles max, but should be " normal" when warmed up. Sorry, dont have an answer but a few things to consider: if aircon is on, try with it switched off? The aircon on increases the idle speed slightly, is battery holding a decent charge, or top up with a charger and see if its any better? And try with little electrical load ( no lights, rear screen etc), see if its any better? if its worse when cold, try getting it to 3-4000 rpm just briefly with a bit throttle and pulling in a low gear after going half a mile or so, might " switch off" this feature ( until next cold start up). Also, See if you can drop the revs, if you blip the throttle while in neutral just before changing down. Hopefully its the feature built in to help reduce emissions when the motor is cold, but if its also happening when the engine is hot, likely to be a sensor needs replacement, but determining which one is the hard part: exhaust sensor, temperature or somethng else in the fuel/ air system??? good luck.
  21. As it's a N/A you may need to clean the idle air control valve. Vid below is for a N/A legacy but exactly the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzNiEajOrSA
  22. My 2005 gx wagon seems to rev high when you come to stop at a junction or if you travel along at normal speed [any speed] and dip clutch it will rise to 2000 revs and hold there until you change down again. I have taken the car to a dealer to put on their machine and cannot find anything.any help on this would be grateful.
  23. Hi folks, I'm looking to invest in an Impreza to replace my recently sold MK1 Golf GTI as an occasional (sunny Sunday drive). I have a budget of £15k (possibly a little more) and intend to keep the car long term. I've previously owned and ran daily a blob STI UK (2003 model) and an RB320. I sold the the blob STI in 2009 and the RB in 2012. Doing some research, the 2.5 sounds problematic (potentially) and I want to be in the lower tax band, so I've pretty much ruled out another RB, or UK hawkeye for those reasons......I've narrowed my search to JDM hawk or spec C due to having the 2.0, the lower tax and seem to be corrosion free compared to STI UK models.....looking for some expert opinion on what models are available and thought what better place to come than SIDC? Apreacite your comments folks 👍
  24. The Don

    Rallyday - 20th June

    Members discussion and Club ticket purchase info Here.. Jimmy McRae will drive the Subaru Impreza 555 used by his son Colin in 1996 as part of Prodrive’s extended display at Rallyday in June. The car is one of the most historic Subarus around – N1 WRC – is the car McRae used for his final victory in an Impreza 555 on the Catalunya Rally in 1996. From 1997, Subaru and the World Rally Championship switched its attentions to the World Rally Cars. Five-time British Rally Champion Jimmy is a Rallyday regular, but this summer’s event will be even more special with a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Colin’s 1995 World Rally Championship planned. British firm Prodrive has prepared some of the world’s finest rally cars, winning multiple world championships along the way. For the first time, the Banbury-based firm partners Rallyday with an extraordinary display of machinery from throughout its history in the sport. Prodrive chairman David Richards said: “It is great to see how Rallyday has remained true to its roots and, over the last two decades, grown to become the biggest annual celebration of rallying in this country. “We’re bringing some of our most iconic rally cars from the last 35 years and I am sure they will be in very good company.” The cars coming to Castle Combe on June 20 are: - 1984 Porsche 911 SC RS – Saeed Al-Hajri’s Middle East Rally Championship car - 1986 MG Metro 6R4 – driven by Jimmy McRae in the 1986 British Open Championship - 1996 Subaru Impreza 555 – driven by Colin McRae in 1996 - 2000 Subaru Impreza WRC99 – driven to victory on the Safari Rally by Richard Burns - 2011 Mini John Cooper Works – driven by Dani Sordo on the 2011 Rally GB - The identity of the sixth car is being kept under wraps by Prodrive – but the promise is of something very special for Rallyday fans from around the world.
  25. With everything JDM on show why not join us at Castle Combe and have your Subaru on our Club Stand. Featuring: Track sessions Club stands Drift displays Show and Shine Trade village Passenger rides Much more! Join the family friendly group that's been one of the leading Subaru Clubs for over 20 years. Members discussion and Club ticket purchase info Here..
  26. until
    Click here to access the discussion thread 45 places are allocated for this session. Tickets are available in the club shop - https://forums.sidc.co.uk/store/product/78-knockhill-track-session-march/ SIDC returns to Knockhill on 21st March 2020 as part of their regular weekend track events at the iconic Scottish race track. This 1st and last event of the year will run from 9am to 1pm. The event will run on an open pit lane format, meaning you can join the track at any time you wish for as long as you wish. SIDC enforce a strict driving etiquette on track, to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable place to drive your pride and joy at all times. Aggressive and inconsiderate driving will not be tolerated. Driver attitude and behaviour on track is much more important than the make and model of car you drive. Also included is free instruction from a resident Knockhill instructor, who will go out as a passenger (or driver if you prefer) and give you expert guidance on improving your driving around the track. Both first timers and regular track drivers can benefit tremendously from expert instruction. The event is open to drivers of all makes and models of car, but note that the vast majority of cars on track are very well maintained and driven high performance models. There is no charge for additional drivers, and passengers (front seat only). The event is open to both SIDC members and non-members. Please supply full details of your car when booking (make/model/registration number & colour). Drivers should arrive at the circuit no later than 8:15am for registration and mandatory drivers briefing. A full information pack will be emailed to all drivers 2 or 3 days before the event. Please ensure you have read and understood the Track Day cancellation policy
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