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  2. Pete britton

    Supercar Fest

    Me too
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  4. Little test fit of the spoiler stabilisers, still not sure, will paint them up and have another look 🤔
  5. ScoobieFloz

    Peak District Run

    Here is the meeting point for the run. I will be there from 09:30 and we aim to leave at 10:00.
  6. Mmmmm mite just do that the classic has a induction kit on and im thinking wether its better to go back to standard airbox ia there a difference between a jdm airbox and a uk one
  7. Give it try, if it runs like crap simply swap it back
  8. Looks bob on mr floz never seen THE ONE so clean 🤣🤣👍👍mite fit the cosworth induction kit to THE REX and hope the engine is happy witj the new mod
  9. OK with the weather being soo nice I know you have all been giving the scoob some love, what you all been up to? The 1 finally got a clean 😳 and some love was given to the side skirts and splitter and a few items in the engine bay. Now just the rear of the car to go with some new stiffys and might even clean the exhaust.
  10. Earlier
  11. I know what yr saying love the noise of the classic and its got the odd squeak and groan but that just adds to the character
  12. I think my classic Prodrive RB5 was probably the most raw and exhilarating of our many Subarus. Noisy, uncomfortable but somehow perfect...
  13. No mate not now sorry, Mrs will be 8months pregnant so don’t really want to risk being that far away with it being so close to her due date. 😏 hope everyone has a good day. I’ll hopefully see you after baby’s here 🤘
  14. There is something special about the raw power in a classic, as mine is running over 300bhp it currently leaves me with a big juicy smile every time😁 also being just about 1200kg makes it that bit more special. Also the smell of the interior ummmmmm😁👍
  15. So the race has been stopped due to very wet conditions 😕 but the BRZ did manage to get up to 4th before the stoppage. Hopefully they’ll be back out soon, can’t wait to watch some great on board footage. The race was ended due to the severe weather so Subaru finish the 1st race in 4th position. Only scoring 4 points due to half points being awarded due to the early finish.
  16. Its a beast ive no proof but previous owner says its got well over 300bhp and when planted my right foot into the carpet it bloody took off and the result was a massive smile from ear to ear you gotta love a classic 🤣🤣
  17. O yes joff that looks great love the rear lights...👍 looking fwd to catching up with everyone this year as it seems like ages since I've had a good run in my classic😞
  18. Name is down, still coming?
  19. Qualifying Result Subaru will start 9th in tomorrows race with a qualifying lap time of 1:25.6, which was 0.7 seconds slower than the pole position time of the Honda NSX. Link for live stream of Super GT Round 1 at Okayama International Circuit.
  20. Well spent this saturday morning down at coventry motor meseum for breakfast club loads of cracking motors knocking about from the likes of truimph,volkswagen,rolls royce,jaguar,and a few older cars so i rocked up in my new addition and kept the jap flag flying great weather great coffe and cake plus loads of iconic cars all in all cracking morning out
  21. Ooooh sweepy indicators mmmmm now theres a thought 😂
  22. Subaru, with the “Subaru BRZ GT300” race car, will compete in the GT300 class of the SUPER GT Series again this year. The SUPER GT series is widely regarded as Japan’s top motorsports category. As in previous years, Takuto Iguchi and Hideki Yamauchi will be driving for the team. The 2019 race car received refinements including improved endurance reliability and thermal efficiency in Subaru’s signature Boxer engine, optimized balance between chassis design and aerodynamics as well as improved roadholding performance. The Super GT Calendar is: Round 1 - 13/14 April - Okayama International Circuit Round 2 - 3/4 May - Fuji Speedway Round 3 - 25/26 May - Suzuka Circuit Round 4 - 29/30 June - Chang International Circuit (Thailand) Round 5 - 3/4 August - Fuji Speedway Round 6 - 7/8 September - Autopolis Round 7 - 21/22 September - Sportsland SUGO Round 8 - 2/3 November - Twin Ring Motegi
  23. Wow this thread needs a little revitalisation 😜 side note: Welcome to SIDC Mick02wr1
  24. 1)scoobycatt 2)cheftitch 3)greenmachine 4)chunkb 5)jay_dm 6)STi BLK 7)shepbomb 8)ScoobieFloz -Nottingham is close to Yorkshire 🙂 9)Mick02wr1
  25. It was only a matter of time until this happened, oh well time to purchase one of the new ones 😂
  26. The side grilles on the 2018 WRX STI front bumper do have holes in them But are arranged to force the air up and over the wheel well liner - ideal for a cold air feed as the airbox sits directly above this area Earlier models had the foglights/DRL's and indicators in this area and the mounting brackets are still part of the bumper. Below with the cover off,. gives a view of the inside of the wheel well liner. View from wheel arch side - it would be possible to insert brake cooling duct through the liner
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