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  2. Have Secondary Air pump for sale, got as a job lot when got secondary Air Valves, which have been fitted meaning warning light on dash now a thing of the past. The pump came off a 2006 WRX, 40K miles, owner was breaking for spares. have no need for it and just taking up space in cupboard. Collection in the Glasgow Area
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  4. best way although one of those 340R back boxes will oon fall apart inside and rattle!!!! very common fault
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  6. Cheers, that brings on another issue.. the previous owner had the ProR exhaust installed at an independent garage - I actually found pictures of the install on the garages Facebook page.. So it makes me wonder if subaru didn't fit that exhaust, maybe it doesnt have the actual 340 package, and the previous owner just had the exhaust fitted and banged the sticker on..
  7. If it has an unmolested silver sticker above/below the VIN plate on the passenger side lower B pillar then it's a 340R "as supplied" by Subaru UK. ProR performance package certificates only issued when vehicle upgraded after initial purchase. It will be missing it's second cat and will have Pro-R (Scorpion manufactured) back boxes.
  8. Time for my annual checkin to SIDC, working away a lot this year so haven't been very active... Anyway, I have a 340R, or at least what was sold to me as such... Question is, how do I know if it is one? There was no Prodrive/ProR certificate with the car.. The only thing I found is a small silver sticker in the door jamb that states PS- 340.. I'm guessing the answer will be to take it to Subaru to see if it has the 340 map... but aside from that is there any other way to tell?! Cheers.
  9. Sorry, but don't like SUVs. But the Forester is likely to be the best!
  10. Got a 2006 WRX, such fun to drive which have had for 5 years now.. Had to get new clutch fitted (ouch) expensive although car had done 80k miles, but other than that car is so reliable. Been tweaked a bit, suspension lowered, remapped, new fuel pump, carbo fibre wrap on bonnet. cheers, Kenny
  11. They can’t block GPS only mobile GSM It know it’s stolen it knows where it is but no signal find the aerial find the unit A lad had his car stolen, One tracker system tried to charge £200 + for all the calls made to Delhi & premium porn lined using the SiM out of Unit. Tony
  12. So basically trackers are easily blocked and not worth it ?
  13. i wwonder who would ever have the need a portable mobile phone GSM blocker,£80-140 ebay ???? Cant understand where you could ever use it
  14. My thumbs are made of unobtanium .so maybe I get the mechanical option....
  15. Well said Tony. The Stoplock is definitely a good visual deterrent.
  16. cracking job looks like we will be asking mates rates to fix ours
  17. 95% of insurers will NOT give any discount if tracker is fitted and under 25% insist you have one. Which shows the reliabity of them. And not cheap to buy or run. You can buy 1, 2, 3 or lifetime Subs, but if sell the car its, non transferable. one owner and one car deal. lose it all. Only a joy riding moron key jacker would get caught by tracking device that uses GSM a mobile Sim. IMHO. Avoid ALL unless dirt cheap. Tony
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