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  2. Donington Stage Rally

    Saturday night? Will pop over.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Donington Stage Rally

    booked jurys inn
  5. A little video from the Lakes

    A little tip goes a long way great vid btw
  6. Rusty lower radiator panel

    OK to be fair. I should pop it off and powder coat it to be honest while I've got the chance. Edit: loked this morning and it's fine. Just light surface rust, but for £14 I'll replace it anyway.
  7. Last week
  8. Andrex puppy

    Looks like someone has parachuted in to the side of your lorry at the West bank just put my stickers up one in my van hopefully with attract some views....... nice ones
  9. Andrex puppy

    Re-load today was from downham market in deepest darkest norfolk tbought it would be straight forward but NO lol loaded me with waste paper lets just say the machine driver was not the best at loading as you can see from the pic he turned the mighty actros into the bloody andrex puppy, on the plus side the SIDC sticker on my cab was noticed by a very nice young lady in a bugeye wrx which resulted in a nice chat at the snack bar so i told her to swing by the club site and have a nose around so if you have HELLOOOOO
  10. Rusty lower radiator panel

    How's your water pump to oil cooler (modine) pipe??
  11. Rusty lower radiator panel

    He's going at the remaining rust with a miniature sand blasting set before welding all the new panels back on this afternoon. Should be ready to paint tomorrow. Then the fun starts working out which bolt goes where... It'll rest over the weekend and get a full underseal and wax oiling before re-assembly. To be honest, the metal around the front is painfully thin. I know modern cars are designed to implode if a pedestrian is anywhere near, but even this surprised me. As you say, it's in the right place to be sorted.
  12. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Right then. Here's the offending worm's dinner plate. I was right to get it done it seems.... Hate to think what this is going to cost me though...
  13. Power steering pump

    Eurocarparts seem to have a sale at the moment. 40% off car batteries.
  14. A little video from the Lakes

    Next time Tony next time
  15. Donington Stage Rally

    Donny would be better, who wants to come into Nottingham Closer in the morning too.
  16. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Wow well its' in the right place now and with getting those bits sorted she will look amazing again and your be glad your back on the road I'm going to be putting mine in the end of year for a full strip down a body spray started noticing bits on mine are slowly getting eaton away I am lucky it' only just started after 20years it can soon take hold... pics when she' finished good luck
  17. Donington Stage Rally

    Ok shall I stop in notingham or by Donny? tony
  18. A little video from the Lakes

    If you pull the gearstick hard down..............,,,,,,, you will get 2nd gear 😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆
  19. Rusty lower radiator panel

    Had a good look today and really should have ordered a full front panel. Ho Hum. Front edge of roof is showing rust too. Why Subaru have to skimp painting the bloody shells so badly is beyond me.. It's quite dark as a lot of ACF-50 had been applied to the rusty areas when I first saw them to stop it getting any worse. Anyway. In the body shop now so I'll get a few pics of it with the front cut out tomorrow. Can't wait to get it back on the road to be honest. Not driven it for 5 months now.
  20. Random re-load

    Omg that is some place looks like some good old joist cutting in there not sure the 8/2 would hold that baby!!@ flat 4 would sound good that's the only down side of having a twin scroll set up you loose the Barble but gain more top end um!!!!!!????
  21. Random re-load

    It was impressive to think that i took a 65ft truck and trailer underground yesterday will stay with me for ages as for the sound of a flat four in there i agree it would sound out of this world tbh after the cat bucket loader loaded me and sodded off while putting my sheet on it dawned on me how earily quite it was in the mine but bloody warm the mine extends 12kms in every direction WTF
  22. Random re-load

    Now that looks pretty impressive
  23. Power steering pump

    Thats exactly what my counseller says to me when i have my hour session "dont worry about the little voices it will all be ok"
  24. Random re-load

    Imagine the Flat Four rumble under there!!! Btw I still have a warm glow from Sunday .
  25. A little video from the Lakes

    Oh yes. A little lesson in the effects of too higher voltage
  26. Power steering pump

    Just focus on stopping joff's squeal and it will all be ok!
  27. Power steering pump

    It gets worse - forum needs some control from senior SIDC old geezer (70 years young on Friday).
  28. Rusty lower radiator panel

    ICP is always a bit cheaper, granted, but not a lot in it. I got the top and mid stay panels too to be sure. Bumper cross frame and subframe is being powder coated, and the new lower loom brackets are also being powder coated to add more protection.... they're VERY rusty.
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