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Parts Sales

Looking for a part for your Subaru? You may find it here. Only Members can post new ads.

Click here to view the For Sale Forum Rules


This Forum is for
sales only. Dealers may
sell in this Forum.


Please note the following:
Selling items via this forum is restricted to paid SIDC Members only


Responding to wanted ads is restricted to paid SIDC Members only


What is my car worth posts are restricted to paid SIDC Members only


Selling items for 3rd parties is not permitted. Items offered for sale must belong to you.


Posts or replies notifying people they have a personal message are not permitted as they are totally unnecessary. By the time the seller reads your post they will already have been notified by the Forum system that your personal message is waiting for them. Any posts of this nature will be deleted on sight.


Adverts for items on EBay, Pistonheads or any other website are allowed, but the topic must contain
details and description of the item for sale. A topic containing only a "My car is for sale, see Pistonheads" link to another website is not permitted. Any posts or topics containing only links with no description of the item for sale will be deleted on sight.


Whilst we don't prevent "bumping" topics to bring them back to the top of the Forum list, please do not do so more than once a week. These Forums don't move so fast that "bumping" is necessary any more frequently than that. Excessive "bumping" may see your topic deleted.


When you have sold an item, please help us by editing your original topic and add the word "SOLD" to the end of the topic title or by posting a reply at the end of the topic saying you've had a successful sale. We can then delete the topic and keep the Forum tidy and current.


Thanks for your co-operation :)

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