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  2. Lewis i've ever known 3 "ex-owners" & enthusiast of cs400, as far too costly new. And not as poweful or reliable as claimed. So most have ended up as a "third" car or an investment. IMHO Hope you can find in budget good luck Tony
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  4. Hi guys i am a old member back to the forum , at the moment i dont have a car but i am looking for a cs400 . If anyone has one for sale or knows of one that might be for sale can you please let me know . Cheers to all . Thanks Lewis.
  5. With an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) on the rear wing you won't achieve your goal 😂 Greetings, and welcome to the Forum. I think you meant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Basically the WRXSTI Spec D came with the low level WRX spoiler to keep it discreet and you want to change that for a high level spoiler of some description ?? Original OEM fit Some have fitted the Prodrive wing (uses same mounting holes I believe) Some have gone for the OEM high wing What are you looking for??
  6. Hello! Could anyone help me find the best RPG Fiberglass Trunk Wing Spoiler for my vehicle... trying to keep the car looking discrete, yet tidy!? Thanks, Nick
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  8. Im not good with this modern tech stuff ( the emoji film was bad!). But if i could send you all Christmas cards I would,. So I also agree. Have a great new year.
  9. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everybody at SIDC
  10. Hi To all sidc members and furum members Have a good Christmas and all The very best for 2020! And enjoy your scoobies Dave 33dne
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  13. Ive thought about a half cage before now to keep weight down . looking forward to see what you do with it!
  14. @Lockheed she'll be road legal but as stripped as we can get away with. I think the cage plan is going ahead (as I don't want to be without a cage and without airbags!)
  15. Are you keeping it road legal or a total striptease ?
  16. Mainly been fiddling to get the interior out for the last couple of evenings and now starting on the mammoth task of removing all the wiring.....
  17. You could always go for the "well used" disc look: ( 6 months under the sea as a lobster pot anchor, LOL)
  18. 2x fronts painted, 1x helicoil thread and 2x new disc IIRC......£380 delivered £50 if want groved etc.
  19. Godspeed did a good'un then @t5nyw - what did it cost?
  20. Thanks guys. Shell stripping has been put off this weekend in order to get some paint on the parts that were blasted (see pic!). All the bushes were left in for blasting/paint as they’re all getting replaced anyway. Brakes calipers are also in a bit of a state so will need to properly sort them out if anyone knows of somewhere worth sending them for fresh paint? I’ll turn this in to a bit of a project thread as I go! Dipping is booked for Feb 5th so plenty needing to be done before then! Currently thinking against the full cage, but at the same time I kinda feel like I should while I have the opportunity, so that will take a bit more thought.
  21. lighten will be better than upgrades as makes everthing better. performance friction pads and disks widen the track Tony
  22. Best wishes for the refurb and rebuild. Sounds lke you have ideas in mind and just need moral support to do it, so, poke, poke, go and do it!
  23. Hmm tricky one....🤔 RACECAR......always RACECAR 🤟🤙👍😎
  24. So if anyone is interested, I started stripping my 2009 330s a couple of weeks back to be able to bang some under seal on, as it looked a bit tatty on the ramp. Basically, what I found is some pretty nasty corrosion, which has led me to end up booking the shell in for dipping in Feb. The question is, do I rebuild as stock, or go down the track car route as it’ll have been dipped. It’s only a summer, fun car and doesn’t have much use, so there’s no practicality element needed. It’s already on Ohlins suspension and has a few other choice mods, so really I’m after some poking to work out where to go with it. So, anyone got an opinion?!
  25. Well that's a nice £ 750,00 million start to the project........ €31000 each I'd rather a nice type RA with perspex windows 🤣
  26. Prototype.... cyber Geoff .... 😂
  27. With break resistant windows that break
  28. Weve got better Tonka toys in the garden!
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