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  2. Simply Japanese 2018

    Beaulieu hosts the seventh Simply Japanese event, which is set to provide a great opportunity to admire other’s cars and to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Old or new, heavily modified or straight from the showroom floor, you can expect to see Nissans, Hondas and Subarus amongst the many marques on display. Tickets are now available direct from https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/simply-japanese-2018 Let us know when you have your ticket(s) As with every show we attend refreshments will be provided. People Attending Floz
  3. Soon to be new owner

    Welcome! As an owner of a 2015 WRX STi, you will be making a good decision! Keep in touch for any thoughts and advice.
  4. New Sti owner

    Welcome - is it a widetrack STi?
  5. Newbie from east anglia

    Hi Steve, Welcome to the club. Whereabouts in East Anglia are you?
  6. New A-pillar pods

    I do think thay are good, just I feel your a bit more involved with what' going on and mabe ready a little earlier to any probs that might happen!!! ahhhhhh or not...... treat yourself floz thay look even better at night when the bulbs work
  7. New A-pillar pods

    Must admit, I preferred the genuine Subaru dash top pod and triple gauges as fitted in my previous widetrack STi. Very uncommon (and expensive). Never seen on any other Impreza.
  8. Newbie from east anglia

    Thanks for the welcome, I'll put some picks up when I get it .
  9. Newbie from east anglia

    Hi Steve, welcome to SIDC. I see you are a full member . Your membership pack will be with you soon. We are finalising the calendar for this year so keep an eye out on here for the announcements. I hope you can make it to some of our meets/events.
  10. New A-pillar pods

    I have toyed with the idea of gauges ever since I got the car but I don’t think I want to know what’s going on .
  11. Last week
  12. Newbie from east anglia

    Hi everybody, I take delivery of my third Impreza on Tuesday a 2012 wrx sti saloon in white just thought I'd say hello.
  13. New A-pillar pods

    Nice set of triple pods floz I've got one pod on the pillar which is my boost gauge with a 3 bar light system but bulbs keeps going and now the light have stoped working!!! my triple pods are in my centre console = oil temp/engine pressure/exhaust temp due to my twin scroll turbo set up... but would love all lights to be the same or change them from dials to digital display??
  14. New A-pillar pods

    Scoobyworld have some new A-pillar pods @stano4130 http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=203_68_456&products_id=4632&osCsid=k4igqf335d8b75udddti8ms6q0
  15. 2015 WRX STi

    Will be on Ross on Wye for a couple of days, but not until July! Glad you will not be losing out on the repair costs.
  16. 2015 WRX STi

    Thanks - the driver was my mothers neighbours son, so the family are paying for repair, hes got form so they asked to keep the police and insurance out if it £4ks worth of damage! Ive seen a few videos of the H&S system and they sound the dogs! Im the other side of the country, Cardiff
  17. 2015 WRX STi

    Very pleased with the H&S straight though centre section - five previous Imprezas have had their products fitted, but must admit that a wide track STi with straight through and Afterburner back box was too much for popularity in our village and probably most of east Herts! The current STi with OEM back boxes retained gives a purposeful likeable sound, without major problems in the cabin. Unlike 2.0 flat four rumble, but tick-over lovely! Are you miles away from SG11? Sorry to hear of your problems - sadly when caught, uninsured drivers get off lightly...
  18. What's happened

    Not the same day then, as I recall the RB5 was not introduced until 1999. Most embarrassing part of our day was when Richard came out to the car park to see our heavily Prodrive breathed on RB5 (385bhp) and within a short space of time pointed out that both front P-Zeros were almost devoid of inside tread. I guess that Prodrive had adjusted to excess negative camber - tyres had only done 8,000. Being told by and Essex traffic cop in the car park of Essex Police HQ was not good. However, didn't get nicked and he managed to sell us a full set of EBC grooved and cross drilled disks and pads!!
  19. What's happened

    Looked at my certificate and it's dated 31st October 1998........... Skid pan was interesting as Chris Coulson tried his wagon on it as well and couldn't get it to break away even with the tyres pumped up....................
  20. 2015 WRX STi

    I like the look of the H&S exhaust, I fancy making my 15 STI purr a bir louder. Whats your thoughts on it? Ive had mine since June and its in the garage for a 2nd time after being hit by an uninsured driver in xmas eve
  21. What's happened

    Well, what a small world - my wife and I were there too in the RB5! If it was the same day, do you recall my wife attempting the skidpan in the ex Sierra patrol car with the welded up diff - hilarious! Kept in touch with Richard for many years who serviced and did many mods on our various Imprezas - especially upgraded brakes. His standard of workmanship was superb, but as you probably know, he was also a qualified motor engineer. Sadly lost touch since the sad loss of his wife.
  22. What's happened

    Yes I remember Richard, - attended one of his driving courses at Essex Police driving school Chelmsford back in 1998 or there abouts.
  23. 2015 WRX STi

    Of course! Thanks for the vote of confidence...
  24. What's happened

    It does make me chuckle, yes it is quiet compared to the ‘old days’ but I have lost count how many people who say they haven’t logged on for ages and then wonder where everyone is. I know I am relatively new to the club and wasn’t around when everyone seemed to have a fallout but everyone is still welcome, everyone’s opinion is welcome, we don’t all have to agree with what everyone says, that’s the whole point of the forum. I hope people will continue to find the forum useful and long may it stay running.
  25. 2015 WRX STi

    I assume white decals? Will look great behind black wheels
  26. What's happened

    I believe that a pop at Don is rather unjustified. From a personal point of view, his knowledge, experience and and advice has been most helpful over so many years...
  27. 2015 WRX STi

    Soon to book the STi into Cambridge Subaru to have the new Eibach springs fitted - will have minor suspension adjustments dealt with when new Dunlop Sport Maxxes go on soon afterwards. Will report back with an opinion as to whether the Eibachs are as successful as the Prodrives fitted to our previous PPPs. Final mod is to have the calipers repainted in Ferrari red with Brembo decals. Have never been keen on the STi's near black alloys and black calipers! Will post an image for opinions. And that is definitely it so far as mods are concerned... Watch this space.
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