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  2. the front bumper, bonnet & wings look V5 classic 97-98 STi
  3. Last week
  4. There was an EG33 in the SVX but a Twin Turbo EZ30 in a justy sounds much more exciting 😎
  5. My bad ( should have read Wikipedia again πŸ˜‰ )
  6. Good luck to you both. Hope it turns into a great LONG weekend πŸ‘
  7. How about a 3.5L F1 Subaru 1235 B12?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_1235 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiotto_Caspita
  8. Ah @The Don Ive also done a bit research on this and would absolutely love that engineπŸ’•
  9. Was think more along the lines of EZ30 πŸ€”
  10. Ok I suppose you want the Arrow Rods, Arrow Crank, and omega pistons to go with that block . if I win millions ……. consider it yours πŸ‘
  11. Although this is not a compound turbo set up , the image kept coming up when I was researching the subject .πŸ‘
  12. It would appear to be a SF Forester of some description, resprayed in WR Blue Mica with a Blobeye STI hood scoop, Bugeye headlights and a customised/aftermarket front bumper. Those are some awesome Scoobs Floz!
  13. https://rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk/store/product/736-willall-racing-subaru-ej20-billet-block
  14. What was the cost and how much the shipping?? I see they are about $150 so Β£123 On that alone you would pay Import VAT @20% so Β£24 for starters
  15. I spoke to 2 mechanics today and they said the alloy arms do work. One said they have done it in the past with no issues but since you have the rock items ordered ill just leave this here for posterity. Why Did I get charged Β£20 odd import tax for my gauge pod from Ortiz?
  16. I count myself lucky I caught it befote it broke! Shouldnt be like this though, your point is a good one, they should have done a proper replacement job at the original recall. .
  17. ok mate, understand you want to avoid subaru. mine were replace last year as part of recall, they tried to rip me off for new hubs and wheel bearings, messed up the alignment and stabbed a cv gaiter. Guess i was lucky they replaced mine.
  18. Passed the recall inspection back in 2012, a long time ago! They were also looking fine just a few months ago when i had a good look underneath, but have rotted from the inside since. Only spotted when I had the wheel off the other day, and part of the arm looked dodgy, soon opened up when tapped with a toffee hammer and poked with a screwdriver! Replacement arms on order from Rock Auto as suggested by Don, u cradle bolt set ordered from ICP, and trying to get through to the nearest dealer for last few bolt/ nuts. Trusted local garage will fit once Ive got all the bits. take your point about talking to Subaru, but honestly cant be chewed arguing with them or dealers, rather make my own arrangements. Guess I should inform them though. (p.s. Luke from ICP reckons the alloy wrx arms would fit but may need washers on the front bush delending on subframe.)
  19. him mate, was this inspected by subaru and arms passed? or are these replacement arms that have rusted? Personally after having an arm on my wrx wagon 03 snap on me at thank god low speed id be speaking to Subaru UK. There is still an active recall on these arms so Subaru if passed ok where wrong....any mot inspection will fail them as dangerous to drive. Id be speaking to Subaru mate asap and i wouldnt drive it...sharp jolt in a pot hole and it will snap.
  20. This one suggests the steel GX arm isnt suitable for the WRX - -. "Without wrx," in the description But doesnt necessarily mean the alloy WRX arm isnt suitable for the GX? p.s. The pic shows the bracket for the plastic bushed bolted droplink, not the balljoint type, so doubtful. looking like either ICP alloy arms or more probably the correct part no. Reference from Don's RockAuto steel arms from US, decision and place order tomorrow before the US wake up. New Steel arms would outlive the rest of the car.
  21. brake it down for me . im not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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