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    Supercar Fest

    Ticket purchased. Looking forward to this πŸ‘
  3. I'v booked tickets πŸ‘
  4. You didn't get far enough into the headlines... Japan's Subaru plans biggest-ever global recall over brake lights https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-subaru-recall/japans-subaru-plans-biggest-ever-global-recall-over-brake-lights-idUKKCN1QI3DL
  5. So it appears that Subaru is recalling millions of cars in America due to a faulty brake light switch and have had several other recalls in the past year or two, I was wondering if their quality control was really that bad these days or are they just being extra cautious in the states for fear of another lawsuit? They don't seem to have that many here in the UK πŸ€”
  6. MOT passed today. So, that's insurance renewed, road tax (Β£540 ouch), legal expenses and breakdown cover sorted, all on this month's credit card bill. Oh, and new Redstuff front pads... Looking forward to a less expensive April!!
  7. πŸ‘
  8. So, yet more "mature" Subaru owners. Excellent!!
  9. Wow! My car passion started with a β€˜71 MGB roadster when I was 21 but my Scooby love came about several (ehem) years later watching McCrae and Burns on the tv (and working in Banbury) when I bought a β€˜99 2.0 litre Impreza Sport, met the hubster at the pub and got talking as he had just bought one too! The Sport was soon followed by bug eye Jap import Sport with a WRX body kit (got a very good story about how the bug eye came about from an ex Prodrive employee) and then a brand shiny new Hawk WRX import from Malta. By this time the hubster got green eyes and swapped his Sport for a Blob WRX wagon - both of which featured in our wedding pics! We were then Scoobyless for a few years having both got company cars; dabbled with a Hawk wagon for a short while and now have an 06 Black Hawk, which we believe is an ex interceptor and she’s the one with the β€œnaughty” exhaust 😁😁😁
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  11. this Is ****ing nuts used to spend days on here.
  12. Hi Debs, Our involvement with fast cars goes back to 1975 when we took proud delivery of hand built Ford Escort Mk 1 RS2000, no. 25 from Ford AVO. Soon it was fitted with a Janspeed four branch exhaust manifold and extractor system! Following were various performance saloons, including two Ford Scorpio Cosworths. Interest in Subaru commenced when the Legacy began winning and then the subsequent success of the Impreza WRCs. Our Subaru ownership began in 1998 with a new Impreza 2.0 Sport, soon equipped with Turbo suspension, WR back box and almost every extra in the brochure! Then a 2000 Turbo, a heavily breathed on RB5 (heavily breathed on by Prodrive- 385bhp), the Hawk WRX PPP, the WRX STi PPP and now the 2015 WRX STi. I'm now 71 and Mrs Mac 68, but can't imagine driving anything else! Do Subaru manufacture quick mobility scooters? John Meant to say, we have visited Prodrive on three occasions, including as part of the Lands End to John of Groats Richard Burns memorial relay. Met Richards Dad and Dave Richards...
  13. Thanks John! You way more savvy on scoobies than me! I have just always loved the Impreza living near Banbury and the Prodrive factory! Me and the hubster have had 7 scoobies from classic through to hawk as work horses but now opportunity to have current one as a β€œtoy” and a keeper so thanks!
  14. For interest, our 2005 Hawkeye WRX PPP only had a H&S straight through centre pipe with integral sports silencer and Prodrive back box. Improved sound without being too intrusive in the car. Being greedy, also running a 2006 2.0 STi PPP with H&S desilenced straight through and afterburner 5" Jap style box. Ridiculously loud. Being thoughtful of neighbours, replaced it with retained Prodrive box. Current 2015 WRX STi only has H&S straight through centre with OEM quad pipe back boxes retained. Perfect combination. If you need helpful advice, speak to Ian at Haward & Scott. John
  15. Thanks John - appreciated 😁
  16. OK folks, a quick update to the visit to Caffeine and Machine. It appears they have now started charging Β£10 for parking bookable in advance using this link. According to the site you do get a free beverage with the parking. If you still intend to join us don't forget to click the link and book your parking for the 30th March.
  17. Hadn't thought about that!! However, a quick resolution I wasn't expecting.
  18. I agree Floz. I was expecting some resistance, but "boss" Rupert is a really top guy at Cambridge Subaru...
  19. Yes Tony, that's some old fashioned customer care. Apparently the young "technicians" involved have been given some meaningful advice, like listen to old geezers who know a little about Subarus!
  20. Definitely recommend H&S. Have fitted their systems/part systems to our last five Imprezas and current WRX STi.
  21. πŸ‘. Maybe they were following your thread John?
  22. Think we’ll have to give Cambridge Subaru a shout out. Anyone can make a mistake but they accepted it and paid up.
  23. I’d have a look at Haywood & Scott, they do very good exhausts including cats. https://www.haywardandscott.com/subaru/impreza-new-age.html
  24. To be fair thats suprised me, so well done Cambridge Subaru Tony
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