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  3. they do look good though. about£375 delivered in uk. cheapest usa i saw was £300 +vat p&p and import duty Tony
  4. Ending up importing a P3 vent multigauge from the States. Pricey, but keeps the factory look, no messing about tapping into anything.. plus it reads/erases codes. Pretty sure it will hold it's value pretty well if I ever resell over here also.
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  6. but that's standard on my car, lol if you want 400 it costs you more to get there, or you buy a car that has it anyway?
  7. The 330S was alway made good torque as shown by this one at a 2013 RR day ar Powerstation. A different type of rolling road (Maha) compared to Scoobyclinic (Dyno Dynamics) which has always gives lower read outs when compared.
  8. The map on the early STi Hatches was refreshed by Subaru due to top end fuelling problems. The 330S being a Prodrive upgrade was AFAIK not refreshed. The 340R upgrade for the MY11 on cars, not being a Prodrive product (possibly done by EcuTek ?? who knows) had a few glitches for some.
  9. I thought they did a Prodrive map refresh on the 330s years ago, not sure what the refresh would have done. Beef at SC said all looked good with the graph and was very happy with the way the car's ran on the rollers.
  10. good result, boost control is very accurate on 2008+ ECU. Although they struggled for ages sort out a few 2010 340R's with poor power results. They would run 340bhp ish in sport but ran lumpy and under 300hp in sport# Tony
  11. yep, happy with that. Jo's happy too...no need for me wanting a re map lol
  12. The more significant figure is the torque (approx) 380 ftlb @ 4000 rpm.
  13. pleased as its all a standard car just with a ProR air filter. I've had a ss centre pipe.. but that will make no difference. and the numbers we all want to know...
  14. Stock pistons and head studs and gaskets 350 max stock turbo 375 Max’s out 400 About £6k to £8,000 tony
  15. Well I did indeed end up buying the car. Seems great and has been really well looked after. No sign of any issues at all. I would however like to get the car to a reliable 400bhp. and add that peace of mind. What sort of cost do you think I would be looking at for this? I would be looking at RA Motorsport in Perth to carry out the work. Thanks.
  16. Very interesting and reassuring!
  17. With the EJ 2.5 it really depends on boost. If left standard, it really will last a long time. Providing you stick to service schedules. It seems the O.E 1.0BAR is spot on for this engine. If you go above 1.2BAR boost, it lifts the heads causing head gasket failure. Above 1.3BAR and it's virtually guaranteed they'll blow. Ringland isn't too much of a problem if you let it warm up first. Other than that once the gaskets fail, the No 3 gets too hot and then the ringlands can go. The 2.5 is NOT a competition homologated engine. Not, your Hatch and later cars aren't strictly EJs I believe, but FB engines. My EJ257 had been run at 1.3BAR and it had done the gaskets when I bought it. I could smell it immediately before I bought it and the sale was mutually agreed on condition. It had 36,000 miles on it. Alan Jeffery got it, forged pistons, rod and balanced crank in the rebuild, with 11mm studs and Cosworth gaskets. It now runs 1.5BAR absolutely reliably all day long... Not cheap, but peace of mind..
  18. ScoobieFloz

    JDM Combe 2019

    !!! DATE CHANGE !!! Due to the clash with Japfest, JDM Combe will now be on the 1st June.
  19. ScoobieFloz

    Rallyday 2019

    More details to follow.
  20. Most go wih the Cosworth version although was more expensive but was more reliable. Are they keeping it low on purpose so it doesn’t out perform their WRX STI like Porsche seem to do with their cayman? No keeping it low like MX5 format, more grip than power = safer Tony
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    02 Change My Mind - No more power for BRZ

    I know Litchfield did their magic with one but did Subaru ever release the supercharged version? And why not? Are they keeping it low on purpose so it doesn’t out perform their WRX STI like Porsche seem to do with their cayman?
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