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  4. ScoobieFloz

    Alan Healy Memorial Rally

    A few pics from the Rally held at Cadwell Park 8th April 2018.
  5. johnmacdonald

    WRX STi

  6. ScoobieFloz


    The view all EVO owners see in the distance
  7. johnmacdonald


  8. johnmacdonald


  9. johnmacdonald


  10. johnmacdonald


  11. ScoobieFloz

    2018 WRX STI Reveal

    Photos provided by Subaru UK from our visit to their HQ for a special Reveal of the new 2018 WRX STI.
  12. where do i go to add a profile pic or do i have to be paying subscriber 

  13. how do i have a profile picture or delete anything ive uploaded

  14. Hi Floz, am I to late to get a TRAX ticket ???


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    2. conrod


      Thanks I will sort it ASAP

    3. conrod


      Hi Floz, all sorted paid for rallyday and trax.

      all the best see you  there , stay flatout.

    4. ScoobieFloz


      Good Lad :thumbup:

      I cant wait


  15. t5nyw


    Looks great day. Sadly couldn't make it. Tony
  16. leon77


    Great pics ? had a fantastic day really enjoyed everyone company and the cars so looking fwd to the next time..... ? can we do one over crimbo break??? ?
  17. The Don

    STi Bilstein upgrade

  18. scoobro

    STi Bilstein upgrade

    Some nice looking suspension there Mr. Don
  19. Hi Floz, do you want to meet up Saturday evening when you get to newbury.

    let me know mate.         James

    1. ScoobieFloz


      Hi James, I will have to sadly decline. I will not be getting to Newbury til late so will probably have an early night ready for the early start in Sunday. Sorry.

    2. conrod


      no  probs floz, see you sunday morning for 7.30 kick off.

  20. ScoobieFloz


    Took me a few seconds I thought I was high
  21. stano4130


  22. scoobyjoff


    A random pic of my wrx hatch
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