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  1. Last week
  2. Welcome! About time we had some piccies? 😂
  3. @STImulation and @ccrien Thanks I just didn't want anyone to die of boredom . The car is coming off the road Saturday and ill be taking off the old and try to make sense of the new, if any one has any pointers …….. any at all will be welcome .
  4. Yes please, keep posting. Pics of the installation into the engne bay, as it happens part by part, will be interesting. Never tire of photos of well engineered stainless and polished parts!
  5. Hi Tom, good to see you over here in a UK based forum. No chance of getting your threads getting moved for the greater good. And the meets here are cracking
  6. Sup buddy, lots of Fozzies apearing over here now. Andy.
  7. Thanks, first ever track day and loved every second of it!
  8. Welcome to the SIDC! That's a cracking shot of your FSTi in action!
  9. Yes, please do! Full dyno print out once complete 0-60 mph test & 1/4 mile run on a drag strip Recording your G's on a skidpan Calculated theoretical top speed & braking distances, or better yet an airstrip!
  10. Evening all, Just thought I'd say hello, @Lockheed tells me that this is the place to be! Been a member on sf.org for a number of years but I thought that I'd broaden my horizons. I'm also looking for a second car to avoid putting too many miles on the FSTI and I'm trying to convince myself that an old WRX is a good idea...
  11. well is this a worth while thread ,should I keep posting this progress ?. any suggestions to how I can make this more attractive to member's . just as type I have an email from scooby net saying ….. explain the meaning of time . what the ****
  12. Earlier
  13. So this turned up last week its an external waste gate , dubbed the hyper gate . the turbo turns up Monday .
  14. Maybe postcode related. I did put down it was worth 8k. I had to call them though and explain all the mods and how much the ICE and alloys were worth too.
  15. That’s a great price. Perhaps helped car value or postcode. 👍
  16. Depending on your age and NCD ; directline was the one for me at only £195 for fully comp, being an import with all mods, ICE and alloys declared. I am 46 with 8 years NCD though.
  17. Yo. What's happening!? SF.org is ok, but very little seems to happen in the Europe section... Looks great in Black. I think your choice of wheels really shows off the brembos. I've always felt the OEM high silver of the wheels kind of masks the gold brembos. But then once clean the wheels do look good. Not at all. I'd be well up for a revisit to the skid pan, but this time I'll wear the right shoes and not big hoofing Timberland's so I can feel the pedals and modulate the throttle better. It was rather a mash foot on or off affair...
  18. Thanks for the help gents, it's very much appreciated! All the best, Nick
  19. Welcome Supa. Great to see another Forester onboard! Would love to see a picture of the Classic Impreza Wagon too!
  20. Ha Ha it was @Supacool1 that I got the idea from over on f.org . im sure he wont mind ?
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