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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi paul good to have you on board
  3. I plan on doing some braking hopefully not breaking . the foz is a heavy old barge so I thought it deserved some more of my wage packet . I find new parts happiness is only transient , particularly when you look at your remaining bank balance.
  4. Beautiful πŸ‘ Planning on doing much braking? πŸ˜‚
  5. 😁Got some new rear brakes in time for jdm coombe
  6. Last week
  7. hi and welcome to the club i dont know the car either. But if i was after a 2.5L Hatch the ad and supporting2 mods would appeal to me. Although with track work, i would look for a 2.0L jdm version but normaly 15-20% more money. buying a scoob lowest miles most service history owned by enthusiast, even reciepts for air fresheners LOL be wary of multiable recent owner avoid 2.5L engines!! Tony
  8. Hi and welcome, I don't know the car personally but it looks great in the pics and the specs are good. A bonus is it has already been forged πŸ‘
  9. Evening all, Just sold my e46 m3 after 3 years of incredible ownership. M3Cutters was a wealth of knowledge and hoping SIDC is the same. really enjoyed SIDC track nights at Knockhill which gave me faith πŸ‘ always wanted a Blobeye since I was a kid although I’ve always had a soft spot for a hatch (I know, I know, please don’t hate me too much) Been eyeing up hatches for a while, this one popped up on PH today. Opinions welcome. If the owner or previous owners are on here πŸ‘‹ (mods if this is against the rules, I’ll happily deleted the link) https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/subaru/impreza-sti/2008-08-subaru-impreza-hatch-sti-type-uk--forged--cosworth--fsh/9705715
  10. Well after missing last year due to my girlfriend not being very well!!😑 I'm thinking of trying again? possibly staying over?? Any one interested? Mybe hire a camper or mobile home!? I'm going to check some prices......πŸ˜‰.....
  11. Pioneer range seem to fit ok if you have an iphone look, try get apple carplay dab230 if steering wheel control input req dab130 if not. otherwise for andriod with mirrocast.
  12. Thanks that's not too far from me (Mansfield Notts) I see from the web page they only have 93-96 classic on for wheel alignment, I take it they do newer Scoob's and this is just an example lol
  13. Give Carnetix a call they are based in Melton Mowbray, brilliant service and have only ever heard great reviews. http://www.carnetix.co.uk/
  14. Much appreciated guys will do just that got few cosmetic bits to do the fella who had car before me proper beat the wheels up so thought I’d get them done and maybe get callipers done and brakes at same time! Also is anyone good with head units cause I’m having trouble trying to fit a kenwood dmx7018dabs into car! If someone recommends a different one that is easy to fit I’m all ears! Thanks karl
  15. Good morning Hi iv been away from Scoob's for a while and after some info, does anyone know here I can get 4 Wheel geometry done in the midlands? im presently trying to descale the underside of MY 53 STI and taking all suspension off so il need it doing when I put it back together also does anyone have the "fast road settings" that TSL used to do before they closed down?
  16. Nope other scoob gone bruv no the maf isnt new but it starts better than with the old maf and no CEL light comes on
  17. Take the Oil filter cap off and try (It's magic 😏) Is the replacement MAF faulty? I assume is was not new. Have you still got the other scoob? can you scavenge parts from that to do a test?
  18. If i leave it on idle after first starting it dies after about 30secs but if i keep my foot on the throttle atnabout 1500revs it runs but a bit lumpy and as soon as throttle released it dies
  19. I was wondering which of them you were messing around with πŸ˜„ I assume if you keep it running using the throttle for a few minutes it dies straight away or does it always cut out after 30(ish) seconds?
  20. Hi don i did a ecu reset amd the CEL light is no longer on it fires up atraight the way and runs on choke for about 30secs then gives up ive made no adjustment on the idle control valve as this is the other classic i bought since selling the v2 ive only changed the maf on this one
  21. Could the adjustment made earlier to the Idle control valve to lower the tickover, now be against you, and thus require readjustment to bring the idle speed back up....................... Could also be the ECU needs to be reset for the new maf. http://www.scoobypedia.co.uk/index.php/Knowledge/ECUReset
  22. It does mr floz if i keep me foot on the loud pedal its seems ok
  23. Does it stay running if you keep your foot on the accelerator and keep the car at about 1000 RPM?
  24. Well orange maf arrived fitted it and car starts no problem it idles for about 30secs then just dies any ideas before i get a gallon of V-POWER and a match !!!!! And send it to the great subaru gods in the sky
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