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  2. Was a good day, managed to see the BRC through Dalbeattie twice and then the SRC trough Dalbeattie & Black Loch, due to the delays didn't wait for BRC to come through Black loch as we had a 4 hour drive home. Pictures are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kevin.money.5/media_set?set=a.3037934572943172&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/kevin.money.5/media_set?set=a.3037815952955034&type=3
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  4. Probably £107 +VAT Item E3610FJ800 You could get them from Partsouq for US$82.77 but after Import VAT and any admin charge would be about the same. https://partsouq.com/search/search?q=E3610FJ800
  5. We have a couple of space left Secure Store NI Safe, Secure & Pest Free Indoor Car Storagehttps://www.securestoreni.co.uk/car-storage
  6. Hi Davie, £107 sounds about right and quite a good price for genuine items. I am sure I paid more than that for the blobeye.
  7. Good idea Lockheed 😁 thers another 3 to find starting from 1996.... thay did great job with the sovereigns 😃...........
  8. Hi guys..was looking to see if anyone is selling wind deflectors for my 2014 sti..Subaru want 107£ but thought I would try you guys first Cheers davie
  9. Cheers lockheed, but one is grandson. Im getting old. Yes DB deserves a bit of recognition for being so approachable and friendly. It made their day prior to the 3 hour drive home. Great atmosphere at the rally and we went to the finish of the Scottish rally rather than wait to see the BRC cars going through. Best of all there was a bit of a delay on a later stage ( like 2 hours) so the kids kept themselves amused running around the hill like haggis's ( you know those little rabbit like creatures with right legs longer than the left legs to make it easy on the slopes) and unsuccessfully trying to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together for half an hour, to keep warm like Bear Grills.
  10. That's great buddy , I mean him taking a bit of time with you and your boys . When I was about 10yrs I asked Nick Faldo for an autograph at the open championship …… he told me to naff off !
  11. Great day out on Saturday, good old fashioned forest rally feel to the Galloway Hills Rally, with open access to the service area, free access to a couple of the stages and a nice souvenir for the boys courtesy of a real gent, Davd Bogie, who came up for a photo at the finishing ceremony and "presented" them with his ( empty) winners champagne bottle. Jock Armstrong' s Impreza came second in the SRC part of the rally. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-49714396n http://gallowayhillsrally.co.uk/news/
  12. Ill have it , ill turn it into a ring
  13. Anyone still looking I just got the 1999 one in my change at the local boozer
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  15. Others on Scoobynet seem to like them. Will you have something to cover up shortly??
  16. Hi All, I noticed Scoobyworld are advertising these covers, has anyone used these or can recommend any? https://www.cover-zone.com/products/search-results/?make=84&model=Impreza+with+factory+boot+Spoiler&year=2004&trim=Saloon
  17. Nice one ryn004, I would import that rust free forester in a flash, if possible!
  18. I've revisited this place earlier this week and the same cars are still there with a few more sprouting up - https://youtu.be/qklDSeQhDOI
  19. Cheers Jeffers,yy Sure you will enjoy your new car: they used to do a fair amount of business/ turnover of WRX and Sti's but unfortunately Alexandra closed down a few years ago. Their mantle seemed to be then picked up by Subaru Newcastle (based in Wingrove Citroen) at the time, but they didnt last long. Was just wondering. We still have a dealer in Northumberland, but what was a small independent and rather specialist outfit where for example you walked straight in to talk part numbers and details to the parts guys in their den, has now moved after being absorbed into what's primarily a big vauxhall chain with typical glassy showroom and a little front parts desk with a bell to ring! Sign of the times.
  20. Odd version i,d seen i think route for intercooler pipe!!!!! or old age moment Your saying the clutch fluid needs to be replaced because it will be closer to the turbo? yes, giving large can boil and peddle stops down Also would I need a out of tank fuel pump . not sure but dont think so, athough upraded Pump and Pressure regulator as minimum. Injectors depending on IDC on remap. Also depnd on previous set up upgrades and new mods for power or new Turbo etc. Would a gt35r be laggy on a 2.35 or should I go for a gt30r ? iffy 50/50, i`d prefer less lag over bhp pub figures, use bum dyno, so gt30. But better to ask on scoobynet, as more peeps have been down this route. Tony
  21. Yes you’re right ccrien, it’s showing as North Shields, Alexandra Cars.
  22. As I said a pal of mine went on holiday and parked his car where I sometimes park, right outside my house. So naturally I did the decent thing and put a nice sticker on his Honda.
  23. Thank you Tony ! the oil lines come with the kit (ive been doing some research)and the air in side of things is no longer under the manifold unless your talking the hot air which I have seen routed under the manifold. Your saying the clutch fluid needs to be replaced because it will be closer to the turbo? Also would I need a out of tank fuel pump . Would a gt35r be laggy on a 2.35 or should I go for a gt30r ?
  24. bar from having ro much room LOL. length of Turbo oil pipes I assume you have to raise/space up the induction headers. You might need to upgrade clutch fluid mutol RBF600 still dot4 but better boil points than dot 5 or 5.1 lag and or heat sheild. Tony
  25. looking good, seems like youre be a very happy bunny now
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