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  3. Hi All Im looking at a 2016 wrx sti that was origionally registered in the Uk. Reg plate BV66LGJ. Its a long shot but wondering if any members owned it and had any history on it. Thanks for reading Neil
  4. Hello, I'm glad to have found this group. I've always loved Subaru Imprezas and recently spent Covid $$ on a used 2010 Impreza wagon. Nothing sporty but it definitely has potential. I love it! I heard the 4spd transmission has issues. Can anyone tell me what I should look for and if there's anything I can do to prolong its life? Thank you in advance for your help
  5. I'd have a long think about that. The 6 speed has the front diff built in- different drive shafts and hubs and uprights ,etc. The rear diff is matched to the gearbox ratios, again you'd need the driveshafts, hubs etc, etc. The 6 speed is a close ratio box and the top ratio isn't really any longer than your fifth. You're buzzing like crazy in an STI on motorways. If you wanted to swap to a 6 speed, with all the extra stuff you'd need, even if you avoided a later DCCD box, you'd be economically better just buying an STI. I didn't just say that because mine's still for sale by the
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  7. MarkJHarris thanks for that mate im on the look out for a 6speed conversion for it as I do a bit of motorway driving
  8. Hello All I have browsed these forums for some time, but not posted much. I had an very fun modified Accord Type R for many years, but have always wanted a subaru I am now a super happy owner of a 2005 WRX300 (i hope). I has had an engine rebuild 6 months ago and lots of parts replaced so hopefully reliable for a while. I have sooo many stupid questions πŸ˜„ But firstly, can anyone reccomed a known trusted subaru specialist near Glossop. I would just like a speciaslist to do a full check on it and the first oils change to have a base ownership. And i have a new
  9. 20201223_114500.mp4 20201223_114500.mp4
  10. Missing our get togethers Hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoyed Christmas Best Wishes everyone for a safe and Happy New Year πŸŽ†
  11. Hope you all had a good Christmas πŸŽ„ Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone for 2021! πŸŽ†
  12. 15psi is about 1Bar. That's what a 2.5 STI puts out O.E map and should give about 280bhp. Temp dependant. It's about as much as you'd want to put through a WRX gearbox though! Any more you'd need the STI 6 speed. Mine is stabled at 1BAR and gives 285-300bhp depending on temp, runs slightly leaner as it's mapped specifically for V power. On Map2 it gives 1.5BAR, 23psi and that settles at about 360bhp and 400ft/Lb of torque. Frankly I only use that once in a blue moon. Standard is more than enough for normal road use.
  13. ScoobieFloz- sorry for the late reply only just seen your reply its going in for a remap and health check in the new year so just been getting the front mount fitted and changing the up pipe an cats, I've got 2 stickers in the rear windows so does that mean I get 20 extra or is it still just 10
  14. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all lets hope next year is a better one and if santa brings you anything shiny for your scoobys post it on here lets see who gets what πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Merry Xmas everyone πŸŽ… Tony
  16. T5nyw you mean 10 min job which turned into a 6hr job haha
  17. There are always issues getting correct parts and fittings, as like all cars. they are not the same some are obvious some not so. Number plate is no guaranty of Model year changes & revision between years Big differences between STi $ WRX EU/JDM/UK differences 16 year old cars can be modified Tony
  18. t looks like the 30min job took longer!!! LOL
  19. Todays job was fitting the front mount intercooler I bought in the black Friday sales luckily managed to get it finished before the rain passed down but a job for tomorrow or Wednesday is to de tango the lights and paint the insides black Does anybody know the size of the pipe for the recirculation part of the dump valve as im not happy with the old pipe an want to order some longer pipe in silicone
  20. I spent a fortune fitting Dynamat all round mine, quality speakers on adaptors, amp, sub, the lot. You know what. No matter how you try to quieten an impreza it just doesn't work. The car's glass is too thin. Wheel arches too thin and road noise and wind noise will stil lruin any attempt at decent sounds. There. glad I got that off my chest.
  21. Yes a great Christmas and a new year..... to everyone........ Hopefully a better 2021 ????? All the best LeonπŸ‘
  22. Hi guys, am in the same predicament only I am trying to change the 4 door speakers in my 99 classic Impreza. I bought four 5.25” speakers and they where to small. So I then went on to Halfords and bought what they had listed as vibe 6” speakers and they arrived only for me to find out they are actually 6.5” 😫 do any of use know if 6.5” will fit in the front doors with spacers and what about the rear doors. Think I seen someone say they are 4” will I get 6.5” in the rears ?
  23. And all the best to you too Dave. Here's hoping for a more normal 2021.
  24. To all SIDC forum members Have a good Christmas and all the very best for 2021 Lets hope its a better year all round All the very best Dave 33dne
  25. Finally let loose today, good run to Inverness and back, nothing silly just getting used to the car and a little job out that way, hopefully see some of the northern members out and about
  26. Does anybody know who owns the Yellow new WRX around Inverness, seen around the Fairways roundabout at lunchtime today very tidy looking machine
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