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  3. Debsp555 it cost a £60 manicure for the boss an a lot of sweets for the kids for a 2 day job just glad removing them didn't damage the paint work which the previous owner paid £340 for the sticker an fitting
  4. Nice one! I had to take crappy graphite stickies off the spoilers, a new roof spoiler, brakes, a legal exhaust ......, remove the pink STI Subaru logos but left the little blue lights that were in the grille but disconnected 😉
  5. Insane clown bloody hell thats not good about the forester never a good thing seeing your old car in a poor state I wanted a blob sti but just didn't have the funds for one an seen the wrx300 cheap so went for that, the missus calls it the mistress the amount of money an time ive spent on it since owning it but she doesn't moan when she's out in it
  6. Yes mate spent a fortune over the years modding, repairing and maintenance!, first one was a my96 UK wagon turbo, back in 2004 to 2008 got that running 311bhp. Sold it as it was taking over my life!! 2009-2010 had a my94 WRX then 2011-2012 had a Forester s-turbo...... Which I bought back july 2019!, was a mess and only got back on road 22nd Aug this year. Dont regret it, it was sentimentla. Has a prodrive upgrade from new too.
  7. My plan is to get it running around the 400 mark with a 6 speed conversion but not going to rush it I know they are temperamental as its my 13th one don't know if its stupidityor what keeps drawing me back to owning a scooby, it has its issues but don't they all so want to get it looking and performing well its been looked after there's just stupid little bits thats not been done right im the 2nd owner. Shows an events this year have been messed up due to this stupid virus roll on next year 😄
  8. Welcome mate, sounds like you have a plan!, looks nice👌 Yes hoping next year we can get to some events, was hard to do a few year ago as I was employed, but been self employed for 7 years now and loving it... Time to play😀 Although driving a 21 year old forester!,
  9. Thought while the sun was out i would swap the gauges the car already came with an oil pressure an boost gauge but they were in bar so swapped them for some gauges in psi (they were straightened after the photos were taken), also ripped out some dodgy wiring how the car has not gone up in flames I don't know live wire from the battery to the gauges rubbing on the body and random wires going from the radio, cigarette sockets bare wires going to know were so spent 3hrs rilping wires out and rewiring the car
  10. The wheels are outlaw wheels thats all I know about them name wise
  11. Yes Debs the car is in your face with the exhaust so didn't want it to be even more in your face with the stickers so they came off with some help from the wife an kids, they loved pulling them off an kept saying makes a change from you telling us to stay away from it haha
  12. Last week
  13. Look tile Team dynamics 1.2 wheels. I had some on my hawk years ago tony
  14. Cool to hear from you Floz! Don’t forget me! Would be fab to catch up with y’all but with BoJo’s announcement yesterday we may be on Teams or Zoom 🤬
  15. Hiya and welcome! See you have made some great changes to your Scoob! Did same when I bought mine including Prodrive wheels! Debs
  16. Hey all, yep I know I am a newbie and sadly still haven’t been able to meet any of you, but I am starting to look to 2021 and wondered if there’s any provisional events already pencilled in for next year at all? Working abroad I have to plan my return around things I would like to match up with so I would like to try match my trips home to include a club Knockhill & a Club Crail event if possible. Any help if possible would be great. thanks in advance phil
  17. Hi! Hope everyones dodging Covid successfully! 😄 I'm the proud owner of a WRX Hawkeye which due to change of circs I'm looking to sell. But! Before I do I'd really like some advice first and pointing in the right direction as to which forum thread would be best to start the convo off with? All the best
  18. Sadly Andy no, COVID still has me trapped overseas and still not seen or driven the car yet 😢 however it has meant a cheeky valet from Highland Valet so the car is looking fabulous just awaiting the chance to get home and finally be introduced to her! possibility in December but might now be after the New year has rolled in sadly 😔
  19. Standard flywheel just skimmed Dave 33dne
  20. But took the stickers off fitted a set of 18s, tein coilovers and spoiler stiffies Next to fit is the GFB blow off valve, k&N off my previous impreza, afterburner exhaust and get it mapped
  21. But It was a standard flywheel Too ? Just been skimmed is that right ? cheers Gaz
  22. thx for ya help m8 much appreciated 👍👍 Gaz
  23. Yes was a recon one already done Dave 33dne
  24. It was a shock when i first Drove it It really shook when i pulled away Was gutted at first a few weeks of frustration then bedded in but know how you feel was quite a judder. Hope you get it sorted At lowest cost to yourself Good luck Dave 33dne
  25. Thx bro I’m just lost at min it’s in garage again now thinking of buying new flywheel £450 genuine but don’t know if this will work !! how bad was yours ?? Can u describe it to me plz ?
  26. Hi Gazzawrx Had an excedy clutch fitted to My wrx blob. Juddered a bit bedded in after about 500 miles this sounds a lot worse maybe ring Scooby clinic see if this is how it should be. Not a mechanic so need a second option from Scooby experts All the best Dave 33dne
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