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  2. Ok Don Thanks ,I’ve printed everything off from above and I’ll drop off at the guys house tonight to see what he’s saying
  3. You already have what is available in the posts above............ If it's fitted with the oem sigma alarm there is also a fuel cut circuit.
  4. Don, sorry for for the delay I’ve just been speaking a friend who’s a retired auto electrician. He will come and have a look but he’s asked for the following wiring diagrams ecu/engine management fuel system can you help ?
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  6. Colour pictures would be helpful to clarify what cut wires/connectors you are talking about. The nearest workshop manual to MY99/00 I have (in full) is MY97 with a few circuit diagrams for MY98. For MY99/00 there were some changes ( engine wiring changes EJ20G to EJ205) I would say that two of the blocks at the base of the A pillar are probably for the Door loom and the rear loom but without knowing proper location and a view of the wiring colours difficult to say for sure.
  7. Don, i thought my days of fault finding on these these had gone !! we restored my My99 uk classic in lockdown now my lad has gone and bought one !!! anyway... looking under the dash/steering wheel area for anything out the ordinary We have 4 wires cut as they come out the connector blocks it would be handy to know what these are so can eliminate them and try to understand why they are cut. The drivers side footwell Bottom of the A pillar there are 3 connector blocks any chance you can find the wiring diagram for these please
  8. Simplified version from P1 supplement
  9. Thanks for the above Don.. you mention this below what were your thoughts on this The only other relay in the vacinity is the blower motor relay which should have a clear/white connector.
  10. Attached are two relevant pages for the MY00 engine electrical wiring diagrams (should be the same as MY99??). Although for LHD model (MY99/00 workshop manual info difficult to find) it should give you an idea of the wiring layout (roughly the same for LHD/RHD) although it's possible wire colours could differ. As can be seen the fuel pump relay activating coil is supplied from an ignition circuit source (FB-10 fuse #11) and its output controlled by the ECU. The switch side of the relay, which also supplies the Main relay, is a direct battery supply (MB-3 SBF-5), and then onto t
  11. Where abouts in the engine bay is the noise coming from?? If it's drivers side rear of the inlet manifold, it could be the fuel pressure regulator passing fuel back to the tank as there is no demand. Primimg AFAIK is controlled by the ECU and pump is switched back on when engine starts. Has this just started happening or been there since you started restoring? Sounds like there maybe a wiring issue?
  12. Thanks Don Ball ache to get to but I found it... So....The issue ! There is a noise coming from the engine bay when the ignition is on but the engine is not running. The fuel pump is also constantly running when ignition is on and not just priming for 3/4 seconds. I disconnected the connector block under the rear seats to the fuel pump this morning. turned ignition on,obviously no fuel pump noise but also the noise in the engine bay had disappeared. so we’ve narrowed down the noise in the engine bay to the fuel pump constantly running when just on igni
  13. For a RHD MY99 i believe it should be up under the drivers side dash on the bulkhead outboard of the pedals and have a green 4 pin plug. Next to it will be the main relay with a brown plug
  14. It depends how many wires are connected to the 3 pin plug on the Alternator. It also has the bolt on terminal, separate from the plug - main output to system/battery. Pin 1 - return feedback voltage to voltage regulator Pin 2 - charging light in dash/combimeter Pin 3 - connection to ECU - controls regulator output - the "smart" part. No load no charge. If the alternator is charging it should be around the 14-14.3v mark However it sounds as if you have a high battery drain issue for it to go "flat" so quickly.
  15. My99 Uk turbo where is the fuel pump relay ? and what does it look like ? ive done a lot of searching and googling with no real joy. it seems to be a bit conflicting,so now I’m becoming confused hence I’m here asking
  16. hi all just a quick question i only use my bugeye wrx at weekends and came to start it last Saturday and battery was dead so i purchased a new battery and got home Friday night and tried to start it again and battery was dead only just turning the engine over i have read a few threads on the tinterweb saying that imprezas are fitted with smart alternators so they only charge if something is turned on sidelights, blower fan, etc so is this true or not i cant trickle charge the battery as its parked outside my girlfriends house and no where to run the extension lead for a trickle charger and any
  17. Hello everyone am new to the group. My name is Angus but everyone calls me gus. Am from central Scotland.
  18. Hi Alan, I know this is old but do you still have this Terzo?
  19. Hello, I used to own an impreza and the family owned Impreza Terzo number 105 and I'm looking to get it back if I can!
  20. So, I finally already found this article after doing a lot of searching on Google. I have solved my problem by applying a process mentioned there. I just repaired the registry keys with CCleaner. Now I can easily remove Bluetooth devices from my computer.
  21. Hello friends. I have not been able to solve a computer’s internet problem for the last 2 days, that is, every time I try to connect the Internet to my computer, the DNS server not responding, issue is showing. I am currently using the internet from my mobile phone. This is why I’m having so much trouble using my computer. Guys, I don’t know why this is happening and how to fix this issue. Please help me to solve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
  22. Any one been around long enough to remember this amazing event? I'll post the remainder of what I have after I find them on an old hard drive. Found this on Photobucket.
  23. The Don

    JAPFEST Silverstone

  24. The Don


  25. Not a fan of replicas. You can always spot them a mile off. Originals are two pice, have small covers under the outer edges and run a tensioned cable through them. Plus the O.E. brake light fits perfectly. I used Stiffi's on mine as they also have a tendency to crack the paint on the corner if your roads are nasty..... That upper vane Saj has is nice too. Improves the downforce from the main spoiler.. I put a fitting guide up on Scoobynet about 10 years ago.
  26. SIDC returns to Knockhill on 8th MAY 2021 as part of their  weekend track events at the iconic Scottish race track. This event will run from 9am to 1pm.

    The event will run on an open pit lane format, meaning you can join the track at any time you wish for as long as you wish.

    SIDC enforce a strict driving etiquette on track, to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable place to drive your pride and joy at all times. Aggressive and inconsiderate driving will not be tolerated. Driver attitude and behaviour on track is much more important than the make and model of car you drive.

    Also included is free instruction from a resident Knockhill instructor, who will go out as a passenger (or driver if you prefer) and give you expert guidance on improving your driving around the track. Both first timers and regular track drivers can benefit tremendously from expert instruction.

    The event is open to drivers of all makes and models of car, but note that the vast majority of cars on track are very well maintained and driven high performance models. There is no charge for additional drivers, and passengers (front seat only).

    The event is open to both SIDC members and non-members. Please supply full details of your car when booking (make/model/registration number & colour).

    Drivers should arrive at the circuit no later than 8:15am for registration and mandatory drivers briefing. A full information pack will be emailed to all drivers 2 or 3 days before the event.

    Please ensure you have read and understood the Track Day cancellation policy

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