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  2. I think you should update your wheel colour bud .
  3. Welcome to the club 👍 There are a few Scoobs on the Isle of Man 😎 @t5nyw we went to the Isle of Wight 😂
  4. and welcome. Would love to see some pictures of the Rex!
  5. Hi all... Based in the isle of man and stoked to be part of the group. Drive a gc8 import wrx as a daily.
  6. Welcome Andy. That's a very tidy Foz you got there 👍 What brakes do you have on it?
  7. Welcome Adrian. I love the way all the STI logos pop on the darker colours!
  8. Welcome Matthew. Loving the look of your Hawkeye, can't wait to see more of it!
  9. Earlier
  10. Hello Mathew.... Looks like some great work being done there👍
  11. Welcome Mathew Looking forward to seeing some more pics
  12. Matthew Welcome to the SIDC 👍 tony
  13. Hi Matthew, Nice to see a scoob getting some love and some RCM love as well 👍 Welcome to SIDC and I hope we see the hawk sometime soon.
  14. Hi all, The car I have now is a 2005 Hawkeye, JDM 2.1 stroker, wide arch conversion. Since I purchased it about two months ago it’s been at RCM being worked on. Almost a full under chassis resto. Nitron R3 shocks, Alcon six pots. I still need to do some work to the car to get it right. It wasn’t in the best state. Previous work wasn’t done to a great standard. I intend to keep it for the foreseeable so I’ve spent at least double what the cars worth. This is the 3rd Impreza I’ve owned, a classic uk2000 (I regret selling that), a blobeye WRX STI styling kit 280bhp (a lovely car but not an STI) and this Hawkeye. once it’s done to how I want it I’ll do a full post.
  15. t5nyw

    Members XMAS Dinner

    looks nice place. Tony
  16. This is a Members Only event. Full details here.
  17. ScoobieFloz

    Dyno Day 2019

    This is a Members only event. Full details here
  18. You liked the colour aswell Tony .... 😁
  19. I'm not "upgrading" my Hawk anytime soon.
  20. Don't do many miles on them to be honest. They showed absolutely no wear after the 5,000 miles to Turkey and back though. Lots of high speed runs in that lot too. They're about to come out of the box (garden storage box round the back) where they've sat since April. I'll report back then. They were absolutely fine last winter though. Edges still sharp and worked perfectly on the snow we had. They live on a spare set of O.E. alloys and are cleaned/polished and tyres cleared of any stones and silicone sprayed before storage. Pampered.....
  21. Aye until you get yours out 🤑
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