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Dyno run graph help

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Hi guys

my car went on a rolling road today and it has under performed in my estimation.  

Could someone take a look at the graph and tell me what’s gone wrong please. 


The car car is a 2003 blobeye sti PPP. Apart from the cosworth panel filter everything is stock. I was expecting something in the region of 300. 




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I see you went to the M-SOC rolling road day. I assume Jase was doing the power runs today, didn't he offer an explanation? It is hard to tell just from the graph, it would be good to see the boost curve and A/F ratios. 

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agree with flozz 

but looks like a boost spik3 in begining so eiher cut boost or retarded timing.

what fuel you running ?

lots people find uncrupless petrol garages scam 95 ron in 98ron pumps. 


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