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db scoob

Bodyshop Paint Repair Spoiler Attack

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Hey all

I recently got my wings replaced and quarter panels welded and the paintwork done due to rust which I was completely happy with on collection of the car from a reputable bodyshop.

Ive been on holiday for a week and on return washed the vehicle as I normally would ... Ive noticed the spoiler is now uneven looking on the top and underneath and am wondering if it could be the heat from the oven or something else.  The spoiler had a good shiny paint surface before the other work was done.

I intend to contact the bodyshop but just wondered if anyone had experienced anything like this before. 


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That is not what you want to come back from holiday and find. If it was heat I assume it have affected more than one area. I wonder if it is overspray from them not covering the spoiler properly? 

I am sure they will sort it if they are a reputable body shop. Fingers crossed.

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Hi again 

I went in to see the bodyshop ... and most of the guys who worked on the car came out to inspect it !  It seems I had an unusual problem.

Turns out it was most likely heat from the oven that did it as it was rippled over the top & underneath the spoiler.  It was added to the car and painted back in 2006 and the equivalent of taking the car out in the desert ... shit happens!

I did get an apology but they reckoned it would never fix up the same again.  RIP spoiler, it looks ok from certain angles and still did me proud in the Subaru parade at Knockhill recently.  

Still living and learning with my scoob ... 

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