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  1. Spotted

  2. Spotted

    As it's an SG****** rather than an ST****** part number you should be able to get it via a Dealer.....................
  3. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Whether they are still available or not and current prices may differ.......... http://imdomino.imgroup.co.uk/IMGGB/WWW/Subaru_Accessories.nsf/WebInternetAccessories/1A4DFF82135584068025758300575FBA?Opendocument Different to that shown by SJAR - just a splash guard http://imdomino.imgroup.co.uk/IMGGB/WWW/Subaru_Accessories.nsf/WebInternetAccessories/3707A7A65460763080257582005183A5?Opendocument They seem to be available from Japanparts https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/45324 https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/40017
  4. MOT time

  5. Weekend camping

    Bin there done that Kit1.wmv
  6. WTF moment

  7. STi Bilstein upgrade

  8. John MacDonald

    Probably more common than you think John There are 18 2014 onwards models listed in the members database.
  9. Octane Booster

    Take your pick http://www.opieoils.co.uk/search/go?w=octane booster
  10. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Lets hope it's all systems go stop
  11. Rear drivers side brake caliper

  12. The ECO Gauge seems to be totally electronic http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Legacy Outback/2008/Legacy 2008/