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  2. OEM one is ultra expensive. For example just change the $ sign to £ and you have an approx UK price Have seen some equivalent ones on the bay for example this is for the GDB (blobeye) You could try
  4. Posting them out by email ???
  5. If you've had everything below removed and the heads blanked off, you can map out the secondary air system completely, either by yourself or by a mapper. The thread link below is a very useful for the DIY option
  6. Part number for 2.0NA
  7. In the tank "swirl pot" is a pressure pulse damper
  8. Yes, the Hub carriers and driveshafts are different so something else the OP would need to take into consideration
  9. What are you referring to? KYB's - none listed later than GD/GG KYB2016_Shock_Absorbers-Version_A.pdf
  10. Some spring and Damper Part numbers for reference STi WRX - 6MT WRX - CVT
  11. Where would you get those for the OP's 2016 WRX STi ??
  12. Yes, but this thread is about someone (the OP), who's after ways to soften their suspension because the ride is too hard, not specifically about lowering the vehicle and coilovers are one option to make the damping and spring rates different/variable.