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  1. New saloon owner

    Advice? A bit off topic, I know. colleague of mine is trying to shift his Legacy GX, which is an interesting - albeit slow - Subaru. Any ideas for best marketplace? Metallic mustard mica. Certainly stands out! http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C917760
  2. New saloon owner

    Just fitted Perrin boot handle so I don't have to grab lock, wing or boot panel to close it. A nice easy mod to kick off with...
  3. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    No it's the additional bit behind each wheel arch, one kind of over the front of the sill and the other planted onto the side of the bumper, colour coded. Might be hard to get them now but you may find someone producing pattern copies. Doubt HT do 'em. DIY fit. Just makes it sit better, visually
  4. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    HI Pete I never took the plunge with the suspension setup because like you I found it quite compliant - more forgiving than an STi. Horses for courses. But Whiteline ARBs which I think are beefier than OE are well used, bushes and droplinks... maybe your rubbers could do with a refresh. this was my wagon just so you can see the. Tints, Vortex and OE splash guard combo.....also the Prodrive gear knob and flap DIN pocket under stereo. Memory's got to me on some stuff I'm afraid.
  5. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Hi Pete great car. I am a newb too but used to run a Hawk WRX SL wagon. Before I went for turbo swap I made. Few minor changes such as PIAA wipers and fitted roof rails for their utility - pretty easy bolt on with a dropped headliner. I also fitted the front splash guards and bumper spats which is a more OE alternative to a bottom line kit. I think they came as standard on the GB270 wagon. I had a black Prodruve shift knob which had a great weight to it but I reckon they have canned all their Subaru march. Agree with high level spoiler only, never liked the waist spoiler. As for back boxes I had an afterburner vortex from scoobyworld whih I loved. Same boat as you; just want to personalise my 340R a wee bit... thinking about it a lot. Enjoy! PS I personally liked darker tints from b pillar back and fitted the lower single din storage pocket under the stereo as it matched the trim panel and hid my iPod. Oh yes - speakers? Fronts are godawful but you need shallow fitment for window glass clearance, I used alpines with spe-17sf suffix - sorry can't remember full code. Also an alpine plug and play power module....
  6. New saloon owner

    As expected I bloody love the car. It is 'me' unlike the BMW. And now I get every white diesel M Sport and S Line after my tail. A few styling bits to complete (Zunsport, black fender badges etc) and now fully OK with head unit. Saw a 2014 STi at main dealer today with engine out (HG failure). The tech told me if I serviced and fuelled the car right and didn't abuse it it should be fine. He's not seen many failures. But it does play on my mind so I still think I'll go for the HG preventative package at Scoobyworld. Hopefully with an oil and filter change now and only 11k I'm fairly low risk. so happy to be back in a Scoob!
  7. New saloon owner

    Hello all. Very glad to say I've P/Xed my mapped 335i in for a near mint 2012 WRX STi 340R with only 10k on it! Enthusiast owned, but I do want to obtain all the servicing printouts, and organise a health check. The car is already much better than the 335i on anything other than a motorway cruise. Toys I can do without - that's not why I love Scoobies. Previously owner of a 2006 WRX SL 5dr with VF35 & Racedynamix. New car has all of that character and then some, and is much more planted and eager. The noise i LOVE. As do my two eldest boys. Of course I have read much about the 2.5 unit, but had zero issues with mine and will for year 1 at least keep it within mfr. specs. Will be using Scoobyworld in Loughborough, who I really liked last time around. It's pretty well sorted with bits & bobs but I do need a new lanyard for the filler cap. OE is £31 from local main dealer for new cap & lanyard. Seems reasonable(ish). Having a bit of teething trouble paring phone & iPhone with the Clarion double DIN but I did at least find some 'beefing up' hidden menus on a Youtube video... Here's to falling in love with Subaru all over again - there are some cars that just get under your skin!