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    Subaru impreza 1999
  1. Just drove by Cockshot rd in malvern worcestershire😅.......🖒
  2. Hi leon77... try Upton upon Severn wr8 ols. just down the rd from me - MINGE LANE. classic cheap property there buddy 😄👍
  3. Hi floz Yes thay are a great looking car always wanted one now I have a cracker 😉 it is 5 door import fully sti converted...... just had 4 new yokes put on she is holding well😄 great example car....
  4. Hi its leon77 I'm interested in the brecon loop what a day 😊 not sure we're to post??
  5. No gutted!!! Will keep a look out. Ile sort my pick out when I get set up properly....
  6. Leon77...looking forward to the future with my classic 1999 scooby. Would be great to find meet ups will start looking hope to see you all soon...
  7. Classic 1999 silver lovely😍