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  1. Hello mate, Thanks for your reply. It's due for the 15,000 km service following the installation of the new half-engine so I will ask them if they mapped it themselves (Emil Frey, Subaru Dealer in Prague). I was lucky that Subaru CZ are based in the same building and the guy there has been so helpful. Mine sounds like that engine in the video, it makes other noises too when driving cold and although it improves when hot I am convinced it's just not right. I will try and record it and post the clip. Andrew D.
  2. Hello All, I live in CZ and have a Subaru Legacy 2,0 D Kombi JF1BPDLY38G104783 (07/2008). I am looking for info on two issues: 1) Would my car benefit from re-mapping? 2) Rattle/raspy noise from engine, particularly when cold but still strange noise when driving even when hot, despite this being a new engine in 2015. (it was replaced by Subaru CZ as a good will gesture as the "big-end" had failed and wasn't replaced under the original recall) Thanks for any help or guidance you may offer! Andrew D.