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  1. You can also leave all the stuff in place and disable the system on the ecu, as long as the valves are all closed there will be no issue........
  2. Yeah and you still drive like a pussy.......
  3. You still a member lol.......
  4. He's a pleb
  5. Can't believe they let you back in......
  6. Very nice
  7. Merry Christmas
  8. I work on them everyday I know they are different lol
  9. Pmsl, it's a shame g1983 isn't here
  10. I refer to older vehicles, I never said I was referring to a 2016 sti. You jumped to the wrong conclusion .......
  11. Ah mctwit fancy seing you here
  12. The sti and wrx have a different hub on the front so they won't even fit on. The rears will match up but fronts won't
  13. Same as a 12 on saloon actualy
  14. Coilovers are far cheaper than struts and springs...........
  15. 10 years later I have revisited the first club I joined. Where is all the chat and banter?? This club needs serious revival. STUM450N and his true grip, Kim and her cronies, where has it all gone? All I can now see is The Don...... still posting pish microfiches up that don't help anyone. Hardly any posts in years. This forum used to be booming and brilliant. Get it back on track or it will be gone soon enough...............