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  1. Hi and Welcome
  2. Hi Welcome to SIDC hope to see you at some events
  3. new

    Hi DJ welcome, hope to see you at some events.
  4. Hi very nice looking car. always loved the Scooby in blue
  5. Put me down for this
  6. I got mine done earlier in the year. Should of gotten a letter in the post.
  7. Merry Xmas to everyone, and have a Happy New Year
  8. Welcome Benz66 There is no better feeling than driving a Scooby, after chasing it for 20years. Ive also been waiting years, and finally managed to purchase 1 about 1.5 years ago, and haven't looked back since. Hopefully we will see you soon at one of the meets in your new classic
  9. How About the Crawford Gymkhana Exhaust. As was used by Ken Block
  10. Hey Joff I have the 2.5" Cobra on my car with the sports cat. For me personally it is not too loud, But gives a really nice sound when you take off, I had a 3" catless on before but was too loud for my liking you will be down on Sat for the xmas do, and can hear it for yourself.
  11. Hi Mr Lowery If you gna go Subaru, you have to go for the Turbo.Nothing beats the roar and the power of that Turbo charged engine The only benefit of a non turbo would be that it still comes in 4WD which is nice I have a 2006 WRX with 56K on the clock, and I haven't really had any problem to date There will always be stories regarding certain issues with the car, but any car you buy will have its own series of issues. I have heard that the EJ25 engine is not as robust as its predecessors, but if you look after your car, you should be fine. Running costs is fairly, with an oil change every 6months, There is no need to go to a Subaru garage, Depending on where you live there are a few Specialist Subaru mechanics that will probably do a better job I never knew how much it was till I owned one, But if I had a choice I will choose Subaru every time. Its a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it
  12. Floz USC - Ultimate Street Car @ Santa Pod. This does look like an interesting event. With all sorts of track events, as well as Run what ya Brung For those looking to do 1/4mile runs.
  13. HAHAHAHA Tell me about it. I let the Wifey drive my car a few times. Edge of your seat stuff
  14. I will be up for tuner fest south and any Silverstone event. the wales weekender sounds interesting,
  15. Hi Adsh, I am currently looking at doing a remap myself, and been quoted roughly £350 from FB Tuning for a road tune, so depending on who is doing the tune that is fairly cheap the 2006 wrx only has 1 cat, and that in itself leads to endless trouble come MOT time To avoid the headache I would stick with the original cat, and just run a cat back exhaust system, I've been told could easily achieve 270bhp with just a filter, cat back and remap. There are loads of places that sell exhaust systems H&S, scoobyworld, G&J motorsport, Scoobyparts the list is endless. I would stay clear of the ebay deals, unless its from a reputable dealer, or you confident on the source. there are a lot of fakes floating around on ebay.