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  1. I wish i could join mate unfortunatley i dont think a shitroen deisel would keep up.haha. plus its not the same.
  2. It has been far to long.
  3. Love love love. Wagons are pretty as hell. You are a very lucky boy.
  4. I am aiming to have her back on the road and ready for trax october. We shall see.
  5. Brilliant my 5 year old just sits in the back and shouts faster faster.hahaha.
  6. Not seen it yet. My so wants to so might look for it on sky.
  7. If you dont want to add any more grunt then weight saving is your only option. Better tyres may help but that depends on if your getting wheel spin during gear changes or not. Leight weight alloys, ditching the rear seats, and a ac bypass would be a start.
  8. What made you sell up the first 2 times?
  9. That is a very beautiful example.always had a soft spot for these models. Is it the same colour as the terzo model? Either way, you have a very good example and hope you have fun giving her some tlc.
  10. All depends on afew factors. Rust underneath, accident damage?, personal taste in the car, service history, milaege, and could go on. Myself, i personally dont like the wheels and prefer to see the classic shapes standard and original but everyone is different. With low milaege and a good service history anywhere from 3-5k, as i said it all depends on the persons looking for that car and apearence. Beat bet is jump on the wonder that is ebay which will give you a general idea. Type r, type ra, rb5, p1, etc will always grap a higher price however the classic is now getting rare so you never know.
  11. Cheers lads. Contumplating upgrade time and looking at closed deck machining and forged internals. Always wanted a 600bhp scoob. Maybe now is the time to the way the failure was on 1 and 3 bank. Pretty bad one plus piston one looking like it was close to ringland failure. So could of been worse......spose.
  12. Coild it be something that we squeeze into next years calender as i would be very interested. However it can be very costly if you hit a barrier, a friend of mine goes every year in his m3 and last year one of the people who went along scuffed a barrier and had to pay 1000 euro for the damage.
  13. See you guys later today.
  14. Nice one buddy.
  15. A knock is always an expensive fix and you could end plowing ao much money in to it could of been cheaper to have a respray and buy a second bumper in style you like but it all depends on which one grabs you. Sometimes cost and hastle are worth it if its set in tour mind ''i want that one'' Personally i would buy the blue one as you say it has what you want from a subaru impreza and the looks you are after. Plus no better way to know how your motor works than taking it to bits and putting back together. Ben