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  1. Dear all, Just over 3 years back I purchased my 2007 Impreza WRX from Subaru approved used. At the time, as this was my first Scooby, I was somewhat apprehensive, even though I had a 12 month warranty from Subaru. Well, over 3 years have passed and I have to say I have loved every minute of ownership. In all that time I have never even changed a bulb. Runs beautifully and a real pleasure to own. Honestly, I could wax lyrical here but suffice it to say I am proud and privileged to own this Subaru and I love her Now looking forward to another Autumn and Winter where I can laugh at the weather forecast and pray for Snow ! Subaru... the horizon is closer than you think Cheers Dave
  2. Hi guys,white type r from today's buddies meet

    Hope to catch up at the next event and get to know you all a bit better, Cheers Dave
  3. Peterlee Scoobs ?

    Anyone on this forum live in or near Peterlee ? I grew up there back in the 1970's and looking to head back for a visit this year, be nice to meet any Scooby owners up that way. Cheers Dave North Blunts primary.... Shotton Hall comprehensive !
  4. Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you all ! Hope to get to a run or two in 2016 Cheers !
  5. Hello and a hearty welcome to the " clan " Well I noted some discussion and comments re the 2.5 liter Hawkeye's, but for me the 2.5 is a belter of an engine. Never had a problem, goes like a Typhoon fighter and smooth as you like. Buy a good one, service her properly... your laughing. Enjoy
  6. I Be A Bit Mad...

    A brave man indeed, best of British on your quest, I have a notion to take mine on a run to a Nordic country, in Winter naturally
  7. New Member

    Hello Watford and welcome ! Anyone from Watford is OK in my book, do you follow the footy by chance ? Nice to have you here, Cheers Dave
  8. Avatar5

    She's a beauty !
  9. Whats The Best Track?

    I would love to have a few laps of Spa or Monza, it's one thing driving them on a simulator, but having a day to howl your Scoob around there... quality
  10. Wr1

    While I was at Adams bros ( Subaru ) Aylesbury on Tuesday, they have a WR1 for sale which I thought to mention on here. Just because it is about the nicest model I have come across, almost mint with less than 18K miles. They are asking a lot, but she is a beauty. Number 485 of the 500 built, I believe. If your'e passing, well worth a look. Cheers Dave
  11. Which Type Of Fuel Is Cool?

    I only run Shell V power Nitro +, if you join Shell's driver club you build points and eventually end up with money off vouchers. I am defo seeing better MPG running Shell. That said, to obtain best performance/MPG you also need to be using high quality oil. Cheers David
  12. Dear all I had the above engine oil fitted at the end of April and as yet have not had to add a single drop to top up. Prior to the Petronas, I had run Fuchs Titan and used a little, but I have to say very impressed with Petronas. It is not the first brand you think of when considering an oil change, and if I did not already have 5ltrs of Eneos Sustina at home for the Winter, I would definitely continue to run the petronas. Just wanted to share this with you David
  13. MIJ Exhaust

  14. DSCF7951

    From the album MIJ Exhaust

  15. DSCF7953

    From the album MIJ Exhaust