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  1. Ill be there
  2. Add me ill be there .
  3. time for me to break my fling cherry that's me booked in for Saturday night. ill be driving up to inverness on sat morn. whoo hooo cant wait roll on the weekend.
  4. hello and welcome. PICS?
  5. i,ve got one of them bluetooth adapters works great with the torque pro app for android phones brill for finding fault codes and data logging.
  6. some good pics there davey and scouk. looks like yous had a good day.gutted i missed this day out.
  7. Had another good day at boyndie, deffo looking forward to the next time we are there. Hopefully we can get some track time with our cars or the karts they look fun.
  8. 1. Davey L WRX 2. Scottish Taffy 3. brum j 4. 5.
  9. new roof box fitted ready for family holiday yee haa !!!!!
  10. cheers ill be gettin some of that deffo need to keep it looking new.
  11. cheers. yeah fitted myself i was surprised how easy they was to fit.
  12. cheers and i know you should of seen the state of the old back box that fell apart when i tryed cleaning it lol.
  13. got them of ebay. easy to fit came with printed guide.
  14. heres a few pics of my new mud flaps,back box and spoiler sticker.
  15. Thats some nice pis you got scouk